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  1. Hi! Don't worry, it's easy. If your E18 save file is on the same computer you installed E19 to: ---> just open game.exe. That's it. If your E18 save file is on the same computer you installed E19 to and it's not called game.rxdata: ---> rename it to game.rxdata If your E18 save file is on a different computer than your E19 game: ---> copy your save file and paste it to your E19 save folder (make sure it's named game.rxdata) You can find your save folder if you click on the save folder shortcut in the E19 folder where you find game.exe
  2. Hi! I was wondering this, too. As far as I understood, there is no separate option for NG+. Instead, if you have a save file loaded in which you have already completed a puzzle (or all puzzles), new save files automatically detect this and let you skip these puzzles if you want to.
  3. My impression was that they're all dating each other/it's a three-part relationship. Sadly, I can't help you with the first question since my postgame playthrough didn't have Ace in it...
  4. Both endings/routes are very satisfying and heartwarming. Here's a detailed list of most path differences: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/60298-true-ending/?tab=comments#comment-964611
  5. Oooh! That would make sense!
  6. Haha, yeah, you're right, it's a dream! And eh. I'll probably start a new run anyway once my Pokedex is full :) Can't wait to meet Ace!
  7. Yeah, I messed up I have a clean copy of the game on my laptop and a modded version on a second device. I had originally only installed it to check whether you can obtain this awesome Crystal Aegislash, but then I won against Eclipse and didn't want to do that on the clean file, too, so I just kept going And now I'll have to EV retrain my favourite eight Pokémon again... or just beat Eclipse a second time.
  8. I DID IT I DID IT YOU ARE BEST PERSON!!!!!! Edit: I used Sticky Web Ribombee, Garchomp, and Magearna. Also, I realised that due to the new way IVs can be gained through EVs, I had essentially crippled all my 252 Pokémon into completely muddled EVs because I had no idea that was happening. (Like, I saw these phrases pop up that some Pokes gained speed, but I had no idea what that was all about... until today.) ... Good, I'm just so happy I can continue postgame!!!
  9. Hey-ho! Yup, this is a bit embarrassing, but... And I'm struggling. I wonder whether some people found a good, reliable strategy to carry them through the pavilion battles. (I have found that I rely WAY too much on Revival Herbs and battle items, and since they are banned there...)
  10. *glances at the Reborn Wiki timeline post that's heavily based on character ages* ... Well, sh- ... ... ... ... This is fine...
  11. It's strongly hinted at that this is her real name, yes. (I am currently also at T6, so I don't know whether it will become more explicit in the last part of postgame.)
  12. Oh, now it makes sense! Thanks for all the info! Mmh... I hope it becomes available at some point, maybe as a mystery gift or new game plus thing or a reward for Anna's path or something :)
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