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  1. Finally, some new stuff :D Corey and Crobat Lucia and Corey at Beryl Bridge (2021) Lucia and Corey at Beryl Bridge (2022) Kuro and Solaris before the door to the Citadel
  2. Really? But then Sirius' dialogue doesn't make sense anymore... after all, we were not privy to Taka's last moments. We were just the last person to see him.
  3. Yup, you are on Lin's route.
  4. Thanks for checking so thoroughly! That's indeed puzzling... Hmm... it may be something that happened during the upgrade from E18 to E19. If I remember correctly, refusing Taka in the desert lead to a regular Zekrom route in E18, so I just assumed it would be the same in E19, but obviously, that's not the case. Hmm... I mean, it would make sense that refusing Taka in the desert would lead to his death as well. After all, he can't really go back at this point anymore. So maybe this dialogue really was never implemented... (though the dev team has been so thorough so far that I find it unlikely). Sucks that people trolled you!
  5. Hi Kirashi, I tried the same actions out of curiosity and wound up with the same result: Taka never showing up anywhere and Sirius referencing his death like on Reshiram. Since he uses the exact same dialogue, I'd say it's a bug...? After all, if we never saw Taka die, why would Sirius say we saw his last moments? But that's just a guess.
  6. Got some new art :3 Ace, Lucia, and Decibel were especially fun! The player (Decibel) visits the Beryl library Lucia has some blood on their hands Heather and Salamence Storm A Meteor Face-Off Ace & Delphox
  7. Uhm... were they really depicted as toxic? I also thought it was more jokes & banter than anything else... Also, I don't think that characters ending up in a similar place at the end of a story is a criterium of bad storytelling. Actually, isn't this called "circular storytelling"? A character can end up in a similar situation to the beginning but still learn a lesson or advance in character. "Alice in Wonderland" is all about Alice's adventures, but she still ends up in the exact spot she was at in the beginning. Dr. Stein from Soul Eater ends up exactly the same character and almost same spot, yet the story doesn't suffer for it. Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird ends up in the same place he started and has no character arc whatsoever, but that doesn't mean it's a bad story. Far from it. If we can take anything from these examples, it's that not every character needs to end up in a different place than before or a character arc. In fact, because Reborn has so many of both, it's actually quite nice if some stay static, like Daniella or Shade for example. So I don't think that this makes the Agate Trio an example of bad writing. Actually, I think the way they end up in the future is cute. It's way more lighthearted than other couples and less formal. And it fits the characters nicely. I agree, that happened VERY quickly! But I have to say, their dialogue was written nicely. You could tell clearly by the way they interacted that Bennett was quite taken by Laura's calm and graceful demeanor and her forgiving personality. He immediately showed his chivalrous side, which in turn was to Laura's liking. Now, yes, they immediately pair up for the Elite 4 battle, but if I recall correctly, they are taking it quite slow and don't become a couple immediately. Three months after the maingame, they are still planning picknicks and are not quite sure whether they are dating or not. So... yes, it happened quickly, but in an okay way, I think. Regarding his heel face turn, I agree: that happened a bit too quickly for my taste. I wouldn't say it came without repercussions because Bennett is still reminded of this by everyone he knows, but I didn't find it convincing in E18. But maybe that changed now? And at Labradorra, I became convinced that he had really changed. Radomus & Serra's banter is cool! I just don't see them ending up as a pair. Radomus is still way too much in love with Zina. Personally, I'm glad Taka x Luna isn't a thing. On Zekrom, there's nothing to suggest any of it, but on Reshiram, their reunion after all these years felt really awkward. Knowing Luna as a free spirit, I felt her devotion to Taka as a servant degraded her character. As it turns out, she's only like this because he literally ordered her to be. Once. A couple of years ago. So when she started talking about the fire in his eyes and saying yes to everything he suggested, I was like "please don't make them a ship"... ...so I'm really glad that didn't happen.
  8. I love the music so much! When I started Reborn, I did not like this type of music, but I've grown to love it and now I regularly listen to my Reborn playlist :D I don't think there's a single track I don't like! My favourite picks are: Atmosphere - Mirage (I could listen to this all day!) Battle - Elite (so good!!) Atmosphere - Splash Atmosphere - Tourmaline Atmosphere - Beryl (Black) Honourable mentions: Atmosphere - Fluid (the first Apophyll theme) Atmosphere - Jasper (Black) Atmosphere - Beyond Atmosphere - Sugiline If that is what you wish Atmosphere - Dark Crystal Atmosphere - Rush (the bike theme) Atmosphere - Reconnect Atmosphere - Findmuck (new) Atmosphere - Breathe
  9. Hiya! A YouTuber just uploaded a video that collects all of Lin's backstory.
  10. Mmmmmhhhhh, SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Currently at Lapis Ward in my first full E19 playthrough :3 Aaah, the early game is so good!! Also, I noticed something...
  11. Hi! Don't worry, it's easy. If your E18 save file is on the same computer you installed E19 to: ---> just open game.exe. That's it. If your E18 save file is on the same computer you installed E19 to and it's not called game.rxdata: ---> rename it to game.rxdata If your E18 save file is on a different computer than your E19 game: ---> copy your save file and paste it to your E19 save folder (make sure it's named game.rxdata) You can find your save folder if you click on the save folder shortcut in the E19 folder where you find game.exe
  12. Hi! I was wondering this, too. As far as I understood, there is no separate option for NG+. Instead, if you have a save file loaded in which you have already completed a puzzle (or all puzzles), new save files automatically detect this and let you skip these puzzles if you want to.
  13. My impression was that they're all dating each other/it's a three-part relationship. Sadly, I can't help you with the first question since my postgame playthrough didn't have Ace in it...
  14. Both endings/routes are very satisfying and heartwarming. Here's a detailed list of most path differences: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/60298-true-ending/?tab=comments#comment-964611
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