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  1. Hiya everyone! I thought this might be a nice place to leave some Reborn fanart :) What I would imagine a cover art of Reborn to look like : Ame Saves The Protagonist (Train Opening) Ame & Alolan Ninetales I am also on DeviantArt and Instagram :)
  2. They all look lovely! <333 ...But... I have to say, I loved Lucia's old front sprite. (The back sprite was weird, but the front was really cool and badass!) With her weird bangs and braids, I hardly recognise her... :( So, I'm really glad that I can swap out her front sprite with the old one :) Again, all the other protagonists look LOVELY! I especially like Alice and Decibel (now we finally know what these front red-and-blue things are! :D)
  3. Lin's redesign looks great! I'm so hyped for the protagonists!
  4. I found Stonjourner in the tall grass next to the Wispy Ruins at Day. Regional Sandygast (Ghost/Fire) is a wild encounter in the upper parts of Valour Mountain (Magma) during the day. Galar-Stunfisk in Sheridan Wetlands (day encounter). EDIT: Is the PokéDex map broken or something? When I look at Stonjourner's entry - a regular wild encounter at the grass patch in front of the Wispy Ruins - it says "Area Unknown", though it should show the area of the Wispy Ruins, right...?
  5. I have a similar problem with speed-up: in some areas, it works, and in others, it doesn't. But I also have the problem that if I have speed-up enabled, the game freezes /is caught in a loading loop upon beginning a battle (be it wild or a trainer).
  6. Holy meow! Pictures! :3 ... For a minute, I was like "Taka LIVES!", and then I realised it's probably from Malchous Forest... T. T
  7. Hiya! So I am playing V13 and in Chapter 13, you fight I am at my wit's end here. How the fluff do you beat this thing?! EDIT: Okay, so I finally beat her. I used this strategy:
  8. Aww no... I hatched that egg ages ago! Does the PokeDex mention any other locations for Rookidee? You can find Morpeko in West Gearen City :)
  9. Sounds terrific! Hope you catch 'em all (naaah, joking - just the bad ones, there'll always be some glitches that slip through).
  10. Now, this may sound strange - but is there a way to view the full map of the Never After/Once Upon A Somewhere? I realise that it is a straight pathway and that there would be no need for a map to find the way... but I would love to see the whole area and which tiles connect to which (for example, how the tower connects to the castle). Is it somehow possible to view the full map? Or could someone be so nice as to upload a screenshot of it? Thanks!
  11. Nice sprite - he's a honey! So hyped for E19! Artwork for every character in Reborn sounds nice but also terribly tedious. I can tell because that's what I've been doing for two months now T.T (Why am I doing this?!) The artwork for this character reminds me of Zumi's art for Rejuvenation?
  12. EV item boost sounds great! I really loved the EV training feature in Rejuvenation - it made EV training almost effortless and was available from the start. I also love that you made the EXP all stop at the level cap - I'm looking forward to playing E19 with all these changes! :3
  13. Woooow, that sounds amazing! I'm so hyped :3 Your words are so kind, please take care of yourself as nicely as you wish it for others :3 I'm so glad you are making this game!
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