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Found 19 results

  1. So I made 16 sketches of Reborn characters instead of sleeping tonight. I plan to make more and make each into a finished piece eventually but for now this is it. So, my interpretations of Victoria, Cain, Fern, Florinia, Julia, Corey, Shelly, Shade, Kiki, Aya, Serra, Noel, Anna, Radomus, Luna, and Charlotte :> They're all in one cluster so beware a large file: Feedback would be nice ^^ I'll post more in this thread later when I've got more done.
  2. 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸 🕸Trapped in strong silk strings Gently wrapping around her Tightly, but yet with much care No harm, with good intentions A young creep's work for his His rejected little Butterfly🕸 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸
  3. After reading some amazing Reborn fanfics, it made me decide and encourage to write my own. But with a twist: It will be an AU one, where a few characters are alive and have changed a bit, but mostly I will stick with the canon as possible. It will take a while, bc it's much different, but I'll put my best My Avatar! Lucia for my story (back in 2018, I drawed this)
  4. Warning: This pic has some blood and other sensitive stuff. If you are not comfortable, then you may leave. My idea, that Lizzy has schizophrenia and paranoia, because people discriminate her for her powers. This causes her to hear hateful voices in her head and she freaks out, that she loses control over herself. She sees herself as a monster. A threat towards others and this drives her crazy. Poor Lizzy. Such a nice girl and she gets hated for being Sigmund's child
  5. 14 years after her death, Johanna's soul was absorbed by a mystical force, resulting into being linked in a crystal cave in Tourmaline Desert. After her soul got fused with a big crystal, she can appear as a spirit and be in the human world, thanks to the force. The ex leader is using her newfound powers to connect herself into her daughter and guides her through Reborn and her dreams. As the Steel Nymph, Johanna can summon any Steel Pokemon (expect for Legandaries) and control any metal source or growing steel wings and long nails as weaponry.
  6. I releaved her team on her profile... I made an artwork with Lizzy's Pokemon Team, during her time in the orphanage and before the Belrose Mansion raid. Also I gave her Alolan Raichu and Reuniclus custom shiny forms and edited some patterns on her Espurr. Elizabeth's Team Name: Reuniclus Level: 55 Held Item: Colbur Berry Ability: Overcoat Attacks: Psychic Terrain, Psybeam, Protect, Psychic Name: Alola Raichu Level: 56 Held Item: Suca Berry Ability: Surge Surfer Attacks: Electric Terrain, Thunder, Focus Blast, Electroweb Name: Elypgem (later evolves into Beheyeem during the Tanzan Cove Arc) Level: 58 Held Item: Twisted Spoon Ability: Telepathy Attacks: Zen Headbutt, Cosmic Power, Dark Pulse, Miracle Eye Name: Male Meowstic Level: 58 Held Item: Sitrus Berry Ability: Prankster Attacks: Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Play Rough, Miracle Eye Name: Female Meowstic Level: 58 Held Item: Psychic Gem Ability: Competitive Attacks: Psychic, Energy Ball, Charge Beam, Psyshock Name: Metagross Level: 60 Held Item: Metagrossnite Ability: Clear Body/ Tough Claws Attacks: Miracle Eye, Flash Cannon, Telekinesis, Meteor Mash Companions Sybyll the Espurr: The child of her two Meowstic; hatched 3 days after Elizabeth's "revival". Acts often as her sidekick and causing mischief. (Pulse) Abra: Team Meteor put the Psychic Pokemon in a Pulse Machine, who randomly teleported everything around in Spinel Gym, till it was shut down. Elizabeth took it, after managed to communicate with it and joined her team. It acts as a messager and as a vessel, by channeling her Psychic powers into it and see through the Abra.
  7. Here is a pic, who Elena would've look like as a child- looks mature for her young age... She had it more tougher than Heather, because she got at least the love of a mother in contrast to the former.
  8. Caring the child from Light and Darkness Caring heir to their kingdom Caring his son Caring her precious baby, that she must protect. My OC Selena being pregnant with Taka. She is also wife of Solaris.
  9. Elena is getting apprehended by Sirius's Seviper, which she fears greatly and the Meteor Admin is touching the belly, where her 2nd child is. Also she is possibly gets taking to the Meteor base on Tanzan Cove too instead someone else, maybe... Sorry if that's looks crappy, but I'm not good in drawing body backs
  10. Hello,I'm new here you can call me Sin. I started play Reborn about few week I really into this game >:^D and i love Vero and Cain alot so i decide doodle it! I'll try to draw more if i'm not lazy! (Please guide me if i did something wrong i'm rarely use forum.)
  11. I feel like this would be the right place to post this Inktober art, got lazy with the shading. I had to do a lot of hassle just to get this picture up.
  12. Tsune


    Hi, I've been a big fan of Reborn for awhile but I just joined the website today! I draw comics, and am working on a webcomic while I go to college. But for the last couple of days I've been doodling reborn in class... so I thought I'd share. I just beat Shelly's gym so no spoilers please! I've drawn the moment in the game that has moved me the most so far, as well as Cain, ZEL and Fern the Ultimate Chad. Feel free to give me feedback, or scream with me about the many good boy rivals this game has to offer.
  13. Hello friends,this is my new Artwork About Pokémon, i call The Brave Onyx. Is not my first job but i am still learning a lot. I Use Chalk and other simple materials. I am fan of Pokémons Grass as you can see in my signature. I hope you like,post your fan art too if you want,lets talk about best materials to artwork. For me is interesant know more about this. Here is the full fan-art step by step if is posible post, and the the sketch... https://youtu.be/Bhu3CtXd2Fo sketch:
  14. Hey Everyone ! how is it going ? I'm here today to post my latest creation as a Graphic Design Student ! it's 4 Artworks : Covers for Fan-Game, based on the 3 legendary birds of Kanto, plus one more W.I.P ... here is the link for my portifolio ! ( the images are to big to post here...) Hope you all like them ! https://www.behance.net/gallery/52865025/Pokemon-Titans-Unite-Fan-Game-Ideas-for-2019
  15. So, some time ago I did a fanart of Julia, but never got around to post it. So what better time wouldn't it be to post it now that I finally got around to making an account here Hopefully I'm doing the thread thing alright...
  16. ayy welcome to where i'll put some rough sketches before bedtime images will come out p big so as a general rule they'll be under spoilers! today's was inspired by the demon of a butterfly i evolved. reborn's shiny vivillon is kinda... scary also, i've only been really in the swing of playing reborn again for about a week or two but i'm already v antsy for them to bring in the dratini line. i just wanna see my noodle children save the world! #LetThemPlay it is 1:27am don't look at me
  17. Simple bust of my main Reborn trainer. I actually chose the grey-haired male trainer for my first run but I thought the grey hair looked ugly with all colour combos. XD So I made him blond instead. He's 'technically' called Dynne, but I've given him the name Kairo as a separate character. I just wanted to draw him as he is at the end of episode 15: DONE. someone please give this poor child a break. he needs a slep. and .... he turned out looking like Joey Wheeler. Why did I do that.
  18. I'm gonna go ahead and post what fanart I have for the main characters and maybe a few of my OC here. Note: If anyone wants to color a drawing, let me know! I only ask that you credit the original sketch and let me see the finished product. To keep the posts small, I'm using a spoiler cover.
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