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  1. Hi! After starting the game on Intense but still allowing items to be used in battle and for shift mode, I decided to switch to normal mode for a few battles & then back to intense mode. However, now I am back in intense mode & locked out of using items in battle and the mode is set. Is there any way to fix this myself in the game? I will attach my save file and if anyone can troubleshoot outside of the game, I would be incredibly grateful! Thanks so much. Game.rxdata
  2. Has anyone been able to apply the patch on mac ? It appears to be an issue with the scripts perhaps but it won't work.
  3. Wrong game. My question pertains to Rejuvenation, not Reborn.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a prism scale to evolve my feebas? Thanks!
  5. Little tip for everyone: go back to Melia's Room in Gearen Laboratory and read the letters on the side table...you're in for a cute surprise.
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