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  1. That wouldn’t really count though since you’d still be alive at the end of Episode 19. And it’s not good for drama in any case for death to be something you can walk off.
  2. If it happens to Fern doesn't that count as a happy ending? Same with Sigmund, Sirius, Zero, or Solaris. The player can't die during the events of the game, because if they did there wouldn't be a point in doing a post-game. Bit hard to take part in the Battle Tower or chase down the legendaries if you die or blink out of existence.
  3. So...17th gym IIRC. Its a megastone.
  4. Meanwhile doing a quick google search for TemTem bans shows they banned a bunch of people for cheating, and nothing about overly draconian TOS or banning people for criticizing the game. So far I’m leaning more toward the counter argument rather than your claims, which seems to amount to “people should be able to say anything they want and never suffer consequences”. Which frankly is a terrible policy for any community, let alone a game trying to build a sustainable one. Meanwhile everything else I’ve read shows a promising and solid game that is fun to play.
  5. wcv

    What if?

    I reset games if I accidentally make someone upset. So joining up with mass murdering terrorists is right out.
  6. It should be noted that a 90% accurate move hitting twenty times in a row actually isn't that odd. It will happen approximately 12% of the time. As for the confusion, eh that's just a Pokemon thing. Confusion never EVER works if you are the one using it, while working every single fucking time your pokemon are confused. Similar to how freezing always wears off immediately if you freeze the opponent, but your Pokemon just sits there until it faints frozen solid. And of course the accuracy of Rock Slide being about 10% despite the displayed number being 90.
  7. I sometimes have it. Just kind of assumed it’s an RPGM thing. It happens more often if you play at the fast-forward speed (which I do).
  8. I've looked at it a bit. Might get it when the problems have been ironed out. It would be hard to be worse than the last two years of actual Pokemon's content regardless of problems in the games. Might not though since I really am not a fan of the forced multiplayer aspect. I despise multiplayer games, and try to avoid them. If that wasn't a factor it would a definite game for me to at least try out in the future.
  9. Check the permissions of your saved games folder.
  10. This file loaded me up in Julia's gym about to fight her. Is it another file? Should be fixed. Game_4.rxdata
  11. You can grab a male Nidoran from the Game Corner, which if you fully evolve it will learn Earth Power at level 43. And it will get a boost off of Sheer Force. You can also grab an admittedly weak Numel in the rain if you haven't already. It gets Earth Power as well, and also has Lava Plume. Aya's Toxapex has the ability Merciless, which is always active under Wasteland terrain.
  12. Plot Twist. Its actually the MC saying it in their first, and only, dialogue in the entire game.
  13. Pokemon at its core is a heavily offensively focused game, its reflected in how the stats work, how damage is calculated, even looking at the move variety points to it. Attacking is in general a better idea than trying to tank. Yes there are tanks, no argument there, but each of them has to serve far more niche roles than heavily offensively oriented Pokemon. The last mostly defensive generation of Pokemon we've seen was Gen. II, and that was a vast number of mechanical changes ago. Its pretty natural that as such the fields would mostly be offensively oriented. And just as a note on gameplay, when you do get into a stall vs stall battle in Pokemon its a freaking nightmare. Toxapex vs Toxapex (which has happened to me once) is basically the single worst experience I had in Pokemon. For the four turns until I just gave up and moved on.
  14. Hidden Power's typing is determined by your Pokemon's IVs. You have to change those to change the Hidden Power typing.
  15. wcv

    title required

    Hmm...Saphira herself. Puzzle of the gym involves working out how to unlock the box so you can actually fight the gym leader. Perhaps requiring that you clear away the piles of gold. Presumably without just taking it all.
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