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  1. What do you mean by the mod doesn't work? Is the option not there, or does it not change the weather? If the latter, did you make sure to go inside and reset events? Do you have the mod installed correctly? You should have created a Mods file in your Data folder, then put the mod there.
  2. Kay. I'll be sending a trade request momentarily.
  3. Just give me your online name and I'll send you a trade request. And I don't care what you offer in exchange. I'll be releasing it.
  4. All Pokemon sprites can be found in the Battlers folder of the game, under graphics. If you find a compatible sprite you like better you can overwrite the Pokemon with it I believe*. In Alolan Raticate's case that would be 020s_1 and 020sb_1 for the front and back respectively. *I have never done this, so can't say for certain how it works.
  5. ? Phanpy isn’t an event it’s just a random moon you find in the grass at Beryl. You can also just catch a Donovan on Route 2. They have a 1/5 chance of appearing during the day. IIRC Donovan also appear in restored Beryl.
  6. wcv

    Route 1 SUCKS

    Knock out a Bouffalant, hop on a Tauros and head east. That will take you to the Vanhanen Labyrinth. When you need to go back just go the other way. If you need a log removed look around for another Boufallant which is facing the log and in line with it, then knock out the Tauros its fighting. Route 1's pretty straightforward.
  7. The repair has been moved in the rebuilt city.
  8. Fixed. Also you'll really should post these in the save file fixing thread. Game.rxdata
  9. Playing with your favorites IS a self-imposed challenge. Because there's no reason to expect that your favorites will be the best option for any given situation. Like I said, Pokemon is a numbers game, and some options will always be better than others. Not being able to get through a playthrough with awful Pokemon is not a flaw, Glaceon is my favorite and I virtually never use her because her speed is just so awful. And saying its encouraged by GF and Nintendo honestly isn't much of an argument considering what direction they've gone with the franchise.
  10. But...that's a self-imposed challenge. You're going to have more trouble, that's just how it works. Pokemon is a numbers game, and some options are just outright better than others. Honestly at this point I kinda feel like the Gauntlet could be buffed a bit, as could a fair few of the gym leaders.
  11. Game.rxdata Paste that into your saved games folder, and make sure to overwrite the old one.
  12. Dragon. Dratini Drampa Gible Axew Deino Bagon 1st gym. The challenge is that they all know Dragon Rage. And there are no fairy types available beforehand.
  13. wcv

    an apology

    The thought is that when Episode 19 is released and the game is "finished" (post-game or no post-game) the odds of Nintendo issuing a DMCA go way up. So by releasing the whole thing at once we're more likely to actually get the content if Nintendo's hammer comes down.
  14. The first battle with Victoria is the start of the game. All the mix variables are set to 0 when the save file is created, and only get filled in when you go battle her. All the random values are set at the same time IIRC.
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