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  1. wcv


    I don't think you need Abra for a quest. The 7th street Pokemon for the quest later are Jigglypuff, Loudred, Roggenrola, Vannilite, and Makuhita.
  2. Go back to an earlier backup save.
  3. Rejuvenation has its own section of the Forum. This area is for Reborn issues.
  4. Apparently their minds are still melting from realizing that Gracidea is pronounced quesadilla.
  5. Probably a necessity since otherwise Grookey would completely break the entire system.
  6. An Amplified Rock will act on trick room the way the weather rocks work on their respective weathers.
  7. If you're to the Pokedex quest all three of those are available. You can just do the Magikarp sidequest to get that one, and there's someone in Agate City who will trade for Oshawott if you didn't get it from the gang quest. You can catch Natu at the totem during clear weather and without an ill-fated doll.
  8. If you're playing on Windows you can use the Saved Games shortcut in the Rejuvenation folder to take you to the location. Then just delete the old save and change your next backup to the same name. So if you last save was named Game_2 - 50 - Name - times - badges, you'd just delete everything after the 2. Final name will be Game_2 Just swap the 2 for whatever save slot its in. If its save slot one it will just be Game
  9. If you haven't advanced too far you can go back to a backup from just before the trade, if its not too far back and just reset get it back from there. Alternatively if you upload your latest save I can just give it back to you. Just make sure to quote me so I'll actually see the message. Also, here are instructions on backups: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  10. I actually hadn't talked to the cowgirl. I'd gone directly to the right and hadn't noticed the leftward path.
  11. Unfortunately the save file won't even open when I try to open it, so the issue with that save can't be fixed. If you have no backup files then I'm afraid that there's just no way to go back either.
  12. Had no issues. I've moved you into a different area though. Game.rxdata Moved. Game.rxdata Neither one. Game.exe is the game itself, not a save. LastSave.dat is just a text file saying which file you last saved to. Find your correct save file like so: If your save file is too big then my immediate guess is that you're trying to upload the wrong file. Saves aren't usually larger than three hundred kilobytes. If you've double-checked what file you've uploaded you can either try zipping and uploading it, or uploading to a third party
  13. Connor's Vulpix sets up sun, which cuts the power of water moves by 50%. It also boosts the power of fire moves by 50%. Additionally, you battle him on a grassy field, which when flame burst (i.e. his Vulpix's primary attack) is used transforms into the burning field. This further amplifies the power of grounded fire type moves by 50%.
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