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  1. Post your save file and I can move you.
  2. If you post your save file I can give it a try with your Pokemon and let you know a strategy if I find one. Here's how to find it:
  3. Its 50% I think. The changes mostly just affect Pokemon that you get from various options. So while the wild Pokemon chance is still 50% any gift Pokemon (or called Pokemon in Gen 7) are always the same nature. Technically the chance of getting Pokemon of the same nature as a leading Synchronize Pokemon is 54% (50% from Synchronize + 4% from the random nature selector (1/25). That's the main games at least, not sure if Reborn's is different, but I doubt the chance will be lower.
  4. wcv


    You’re far enough into the game to do the Beldum event. Metagross is great against Adrienn’s team. https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Beldum_Special_Encounter You can also grab a Drilbur from the Tanzan Mountain entrance available from Tanzan Cover (you need to surf there). on general team thoughts: Serperior really needs different moves. Lead Tornado and Leaf Blade should go. Replaced with either coverage or substitute plus leech seed for stalling. Arcanine should be taught Flare Blitz over Heat Wave. Rain dance on Ampha
  5. Place this file where you got that one, overwriting the old file. Game_2.rxdata
  6. Okay, so if you can't overwrite the save file at all there is one last thing we can try. Specifically a mod: What you want to do is set it up as directed, and enable the ability to walk through walls. That will give you the ability to walk across the water to where you need to go. Don't mess around with it too much unless you need to though since it can screw your game up if you walk somewhere you shouldn't be yet.
  7. wcv

    Metal Coat

    Unfortunately Reaper Cloth isn’t available for four more gyms. It’s on Route 2 and you’ll need Surf to get to it, as it’s just past the cascade.
  8. wcv

    Metal Coat

    The first one I can think of is in the Tanzan Depths, near where you are. Its in the entrance right next to the Meteor Base's entrance. Go down the stairs to the area you traveresed to fight the Steelix. Head straight north and you'll find it at one of the dead ends. I can't remember if you need to fight Noel first.
  9. The last update said they were nearly finished with the Night Club, so hopefully the smile means its now done.
  10. I have an extra. I don't care about what you send over in return, I'll be releasing it. Just quote my message with a good time (and your time zone) that you'd like to trade today.
  11. Are you doing a monotype run? Gardevoir wouldn’t help much since psychic is weak to bug. A good counter for her though are either Swift Swimmers like Seaking, Floatzel, and Lumineon to abuse the field right back; or Castform to counter her rain with Sunny Day and get a Rainbow field up. With that in place you can use special attacking Normal moves from Lourded and Castform’s Weather ball to solid effect. With some shard you can also teach your starter one of the pledge moves, which get a bonus on the field. Half her team is also flying or water types as well, so you can
  12. Did you delete the trap file?
  13. Has a solid niche of being one of the best mons for catching Pokemon. Since it learns False Swipe and Spore it can both inflict 100% accurate Sleep and reduce the wild Pokemon to 1 HP every time. Definitely terrible for battling trainers, but still has a solid niche that few other Pokemon can fill. For Stantler...hm...it does get two good abilities in Intimidate and Sap Sipper. But yeah, probably not worth using.
  14. I believe that was quite useful in the Hardcore mod since it had Hyper Voice. It rapidly ceased being useful but still... I don't know if that's still true since I haven't played the Redux mod. Used it once in a rain run against Ciel due to Swift Swim and Head Smash. I think it got off like two attacks before fainting. Would not recommend. Never used any of the others.
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