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  1. Thanks, though I feel stupid for not thinking of that ._.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but whenever I try to start the game it stops responding then it says "The script is taking too long. The game will restart" I keep trying to open it and it just won't work :( @Shirokodaki I've merged your thread into the already existing thread for Floral Tempus
  3. I started a new file. I now have a furret named Walker :)
  4. So I ran out of pokeballs trying to catch pokemon in the forest but I need 2 pokemon for Connor to pair up with me... Help me ;-;
  5. Oh god no I meant Litleo not Litten. I'm an idiot ._.
  6. So I've been stuck on Marionette for about 2 weeks now. The closest run I've had was when I managed to take down her Stantler with Brionne and her Chatot with Raichu and her Girafarig with Litten but I can't get past her Bewear no matter how hard I try. I even tried using Mr. Mime to get a Reflect up but it just shatters it with Brick Break. My team: Brionne lv 30 -Bubble Beam -Sing -Icy Wind -Disarming Voice Pancham lv 30 - Work Up - Karate Chop - Slash - Cut Litleo lv 30 - Endeavor - Flame C
  7. I wish I knew that before I replaced Palossand's Bulldoze with Earth Power during Sigmund's fight ._.
  8. Thanks, I got stuck on her for 2 hours before I decided to quit for the day, I'll try that.
  9. Infernape lv 49 - Close Combat - Strength - Flame Wheel - Fire Pledge Emolga lv 49 - Agility - Acrobatics - Electro Ball - Volt Switch Palossand lv 48 - Giga Drain - Earth Power - Hypnosis - Shadow Ball Meowstic lv 48 - Signal Beam - Shadow Ball - Sucker Punch - Psychic Noivern lv 48 - Bite - Roost - Super Fang - Air Slash Drapion lv 47 - Venoshock - Night Slash - Cross Poison - X-Scissor
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