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Found 17 results

  1. I need a wingull for charlottes gym, any level will do any stats! i can give you shiny chingling or shiny bellsprout but i need a WINGULLLLLLL PLEASE HELP ME!
  2. how do i get unstuck from espon on wispy path please anyone help
  3. I'm currently stuck in Pokemon Rejuvenation behind an espurr in Wispy Path. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get unstuck or if they could help me.
  4. I like games


    My piloswine doesn't evolve. I used the move tutor to teach it ancient power but it didn't evolve
  5. Hello everybody i am playing pokemon rejuvenation so i have an evee which evolved into sylveon at lvl 39 but sylveon can learn moonblast only at lvl 37 so plzz tell me if there is any other way i could teach it moonblast or even dazzling gleam is okay. for now i have only fairy wind thats why i want you guys to help me . Thanks in advance.
  6. So I'm trying to get through this pyramid in Rejuvenation and it seems as though I can't really switch to Ren or Aelita. I clicked A and then I clicked every other button I have and yet it won't give me the option to select a character so now I'm stuck here... Any help would be appreciated, I really don't wanna lose all my progress in this game due to this bug Below is my save file if that can help in anyway to fixing the problem... Game.rxdata
  7. I made an account, how do I play???
  8. Ok so when I heard there was a second poison gym I was like, "oh cool this should be fine i can tank with this golem I have," but boi was I wrong. Before I rant here is my current and most successful team so far. Torterra - lv 45 Earthquake Crunch Synthesis Razor Leaf (Garbage) Swoobat - lv 45 Psychic Heart Stamp Air Slash Air Cutter Sandslash(Alolan) - lv 43 [Note I didn't evolve this I just caught it tonight] Ice Ball Metal Claw Defense Curl Slash Arcanine - lv 45 Flamethrower Fire Fang Heat Wave Crunch Zebstrika - lv 44 Spark Thunder Wave Discharge Charge Beam Golem - lv 44 Rock Smash Self Destruct Earthquake Smack Down Now heres the problem. I can take down Nidoqueen and Salazzle by leading with swoobat/arcanine and psychic/crunch through them. But then they are low and die from a sludge wave. Then with arcanine down I can't deal with venosaur easily due to it having stomping tantrum and wrecking my sandslash. Golem can usually tank everything except for drapion and his aqua tail. I'm currently going to go get a nidoking, and I have a lv 30 Hypno with psychic terrain in my box that I'm considering leveling up. I want to keep Sandslash alive for dragalge and I don't necessarily want to lead with arcanine but shes the only one fast enough to kill nidoqueen before stealth rocks gets set up. Please help.
  9. Vis32pro

    Suggest me

    Hello everybody i am playing pokemon reborn and i am in the part where i have to battle kiki. I dont need any help for the gym but i have a dewgong in my team which i thought it WOULD be a good water pokemon to the team but my dewgong has only brine as the water move and aurora beam as ice move. I am actually feeling that dewgong is not a good addition because it was not giving me advantage from the time it hatched from an egg and even it was not giving me advantage when battling with cal so i want you guys to to tell me what are the good water types i can obtain untill or after this point of game which can rock in my team. The other reason why i put dewgong is that i thought it can wipe out dragon types with aurora beam. So you guys should help me with this.
  10. Hello everybody i am playing pokemon rejuvenation and i want to know where can i find the hidden library book so that i can get a gothita. I got 8 badges so it is time for me to get into past with venam and melia. So i want you guys to tell me where can i find this book before going into the past because i dont wanna mess anything up . Thanks
  11. Hello everybody i am playing pokemon rejuvenation right now. Iam in the part where i defeated angie and i am in the valor cave battling the kyogre after getting the magma drift. Actually my problem is that it is so tough. One time i was lucky that it missed its whirlpool and i was able to land a thunderbolt on it which took it to red but was unable to KO it. so i need you guys to help me. Here is my team if any changes plz let me know:- 1.vikavolt lv 54 thunderbolt,x-scissor,sky drop,crunch 2.incineroar lv 53 flame thrower,magma drift,darkest lariat,thrash 3.empoleon lv 55 aqua jet , surf,drill peck,rock smash 4. Altaria lv 53 moonblast dragonbreath,dragon pulse,echoed voice 5.sylveon lv 54 moonblast,bite,shadowball,last resort 6.lycanroc dusk lv55 stone edge,rock slide,crunch,thrash plz help me and one more thing i am playing casual mode and the kyogre's move set is-thunderbolt,whirlpool,ice beam,(4th move- actually it did not attack me using fourth move). Thanks again.
  12. Hello everybody i have been playing pokemon rejuvenation lately i have 6 badges right now and i want to know where can i find an alolan grimer and i even missed one in the golden wood forest which is a shadow alolan grimer as i didnt know it's coolness and abilities. Plz help me find one . Thanks
  13. Hello everybody i am playing pokemon rejuvenation and i am in the part where i have to battle team xen and giratina in golenleaf town. I am sweeping all the pokemon except giratina during the battle with garea or you can say gregory. I need help and this is the team. If any changes tell me plz:- 1.Evee lv 31 take down,baby doll eyes,charm,bite 2.lycanroc dusk lv 35 stealth rock,rockslide, thrash, rocktomb 3.vanillite lv 33 uproar,will-o-wisp,mirror shot, avalanche 4.charjabug lv 34 x-scissor,spark,acrobatics,crunch 5.fletchinder lv 34 peck,roost,flame charge, razor wind 6. Prinplup lv 34 brine,bubblebeam,metal claw,peck Please help me guys . Thanks
  14. Hello everybody i have 3 badges now in pokemon rejuvenation i want to know when we can get the access to west garean city so that i can evolve my charjabug in the powerplant. Thanks
  15. I'm at the part of the game where I can change characters between Ren, Aelita and I. But I progressed through an area which pushed me back and said "you must wait for the others". I tried to change characters by pressing A but it didn't work. And stupid me accidentally saved over the game when I went to quit and restart. I don't know how to fix this... Ill add my save file in case someone knows how to fix it.
  16. Hello, folks. How are you? This is a different subject that happened with me and i don't know if this happened with someone else. I was streaming Rejuvenation in Youtube and i've received two flag alerts about some songs. One of them was expired and is about the song when the game tell us the Zoroark and Pangoro's tale. But another one is this below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaVf8MJiYo8 My question is how can i know stream or record a gameplay without this concern or is this impossible?
  17. Hi people! So it has been AGES since I have last played Pokèmon reborn (so sorry ame XD) And I remember in my last playthrough that eventually: (continued in spoiler) THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!!
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