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  1. YAY!! I'm glad your game is back and I'm sorry for your loss man but at least now you can still continue. hope you enjoy
  2. can you send me 4050, 51 4052 does NOT work
  3. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! I got one of your saves to work
  4. I believe your Saves are corrupted and i believe if you cut and paste all of them into a new folder on your desktop and leave your save folder blank it should work. but your save will be gone. but lets just see if it even works And if it still dont work then it might be that you corrupted your entire game. to which I'm not sure how to fix. UPDATE disregard this comment.
  5. could you screenshot your save folder with all your save files in it?
  6. so much better thank you. now lets see if i can figure this out.
  7. also could you send me your game.rxdata file so i can see if its messed up
  8. should look like this after screen shot: no other programs showing
  9. to screen shot: make sure the game is the only thing on your screen press the function key(Fn), Alt key, and the Insert/print screen key(Prt Sc). go to a paint program and hit paste save the pic & post it here
  10. just different sites for the download that's all its just preference like I use mirror 1 cause i don't like google drive but others might like it as for mirror 3 & 4 i don't usually mess with them
  11. also could you screen shot the game error the pics you used are fuzzy and kinda far away for me to fully read them
  12. have you tried re-downloading the game maybe a file got corrupted.
  13. I ask myself this question everyday.. 🤔😕




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