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  1. nope, I'm here, waiting for Corso as well
  2. Hey guys, most of you won't like this announcement as do I. Reworld is on hiatus. I kept on trying to work on Reworld for months now but I just can't. My focus, motivation, etc is on a lot of other things atm and not on Reworld. Before you ask, Reworld is not canceled, I just really need a break from it. I'm sorry and thankful to everyone who supported me until now and I hope you'll still do it when I'm back at Reworld. You guys are awesome!
  3. There are a lot of fangames lol. Yeah, I'm not proud of myself using only recolors. That'll change in the next update tho.
  4. Happy {belated] Birthday Raion! I hope you've enjoyed some yummy food :3

  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

  6. Hello everybody! First of all, Reworld is not dead! There's progress but currently pretty slow. What have I been doing? Well, Covid-19 took my motivation for like anything, it was very boring and I neglected Reworld. But now I'm back with new news. You might expect something about E2 but no. Instead of developing E2 I'm remaking E1. New tiles, new graphics, new maps, polished dialoges, etc. Most of the updates happen on Discord though. So, you working again on Reworld? Yeah, but Germany doesn't care much about Covid, so school is back and sport activities a
  7. Animes I'd recommend are: My Hero Academia, Rent A Girlfriend, Re:Zero and Date A Live.
  8. A wild Raion appears Hopefully I'm not fighting a fire gym leader
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