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  1. You can also stock up on EV-reducing berries. I believe they all boost friendship by 10 points.
  2. It could just be Snow Cloak in tandem with bad luck.
  3. It's GlitchXCity's "Burned Tower" remix played at different tempos, iirc.
  4. The event is that you can realize you just spent a scary amount of time catching useless mons.
  5. Happy Birthday, you homosexual mad lad. 


    1. BIGFriv


      no u, and thanks : P

  6. It would probably help if you gave context to what kind of design you'd like.
  7. That is never a good idea for a game that's highly customized, as you'll more than likely break everything else. I assume this is because of an oversight on the Rejuv Dev's part for not factoring Alolan-Forms breeding mons that don't have a form-1 (There's no Alolan-Pichu and because there's no data set for Form 1, it doesn't evolve because the evolutions aren't defined.), so there's no simple fix, as you would have to manually edit some of the PBS files as well as change the way forms are handled. You could also change the scripts if you have some knowledge of programming in Essentials, but all of the mentioned fixes require far more effort than just changing the form to 0 in Debug.
  8. The font folder is in the base game, named "Fonts.", you literally cannot miss it.
  9. "kinda forced to expect the worst for us at this point, I finished my first run through this game like last summer but based off of previous posts it's entirely possible caz is just logging in to keep hope of a update alive, or maybe hes just playing someone else's fan-game. i'm not exactly too familiar with how this site works so as far as I know that may be a possibility." If I recall correctly, he's a medical student, which is a field that requires a lot of diligence and dedication. Also, he's a grown adult with his own life, I'm pretty sure making a Pokémon fangame isn't high up on the priority list.
  10. I dunked her 6-0 in Doubles with Milotic/Goodra/Araquanid.
  11. Scyl

    Exp Share

    Outside of getting someone else to trade you one, no.
  12. https://prnt.sc/rdht7x Rip the '.
  13. No one knows when Episode 5 comes out, and no one knows if there will be an Episode 5 release.
  14. I wouldn't care too much about Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution should more of a bonus than an actual requirement. Pokémon like Garchomp, Tyranitar, Salamence, Gallade, Gardevoir, etc. are consistently useful without their Megas, compared to something like Beedrill, which is complete trash without it. You only unlock the ability to Mega Evolve around 14+ badges in, which means that your preferred Mega isn't even a variable for a large portion of the run; additionally, most of the mons that are actually good without their Megas, like Psuedos, are also locked to pretty late in the game.
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