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  1. Good news: I've gained 3/5 Sygna Suit Steven (Deoxys) in Pokemon Masters


    Bad news: I'm broke lol

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Congrats on getting them regardless😁

    2. Oscarus


      That unit is truly broken

      While 'tech'nically a Tech, they can be either Strike, Supportive Tech, Offensive Tech, or Support. 

      My favorites are Attack and Defense Forms, with Attack functioning like your average top tier EX Strike, and Defense be like: https://youtu.be/mFpks7EvkQY


      I've had a lot of fun using him... But unfortunately, unexpected Crits can really ruin the experience. 

  2. I wanted to create an potential Pokemon Masters character for Oscar (my OC/avatar) and CHRIST! I've never realized how many Passives are there! Some of them aren't even used... 


    Still, at least it's gonna be interesting to figure out what moves, stats, passives, grids, etc. to give in order to make the unit viable and not broken at the same time. 


    If there's a PM expert here, they are allowed to help me if they want to. 

  3. With Pokemon Presents already presented, I can say a few things about Paldea Region.

    First, let us acknowledge that fans were just joking about Legendary Pokemon being rideable... And it turns out to the true?! Th'fuck?
    But at the very least this is a truly unique usage of box art legends.


    Also, the name of the schools are "Naranja Academy" and "Uva Academy"...?  

    Welp, at least the logos are accurate, as 'naranja' and 'uva' are 'orange' and 'grapes' in Spanish. And those logos have those. 


    About characters, some of them are interesting and I'm intrigued in them, like Principal Clavell (who I wouldn't be suprised if he was the main antagonist with ulterior motives, under the demeanor and appearance of old, intelligent man; and that the 'Treasure Hunt' is to have students help him in his plans), Arven (Spanish Brock and probably the other rival), Grusha (Ice Leader of Paldea League; i think she's usually shy, but in battles she tend to show fangs) and that yet unnamed muscular man with mustache and a big ahoge (I don't know his name, but judging by appearance he might be Gym Leader or League Chairman). Of course, I also have interest in Nemona and Sada/Turo, but we know them from previous trailer, so I skipped them.

    Plus... We didn't get to see the Grand Champion yet... Which is surprising; by that time we've been presented to the Champ of a new region, and it's not like Paldea League is fresh off the oven; it's apparently quite old. Maybe the Championship spot is vacant, like in Uranium, and we have to get all 8 Badges to get to the League Conference and win it. And I hope that there'll be an Elite Four in the game - we don't necessarily have to fight them, but at least they should exist. 


    We didn't see many new Pokemon, except (I think) Poison-Ground Wooper, Normal and/or Fairy Fidough, and Ice or Ice-Steel Cetitan. The last mentioned is my favorite from Paldea so far, with Sprigatito and Wooper behind them.

    Perhaps the biggest relevantion is the "Terastar Phenomenon", which appears to be a 'tad downgraded Mega Evolution'. According to the trailer and the website, Terastar Phenomenon works on every Pokemon, and can give them "Tera Type", which is one from the 18 different types, and replaces the original. It can be once per battle and last the entire match, just like Mega Evolutions. And that moves with the same type as Tera or originals are said to be "extra powered". I don't know how much, but I bet it's gonna be a x2 boost - bigger than STAB, but not ludicrously overpowered. At least I hope; I don't want every attack falling under those categories to be as deadly as Black Hole Eclipse on the New World Field. 

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Grusha is he 



    2. Oscarus


      ...i've fallen right into a trap...

    3. Oscarus



      That was completely accidental, I swear! 

  4. I've finished Pokemon Masters' Main Story on Hard Mode. Basically after completing the Normal Mode, I "spedrun" through Hard Mode... Well, not quite as I didn't use my strongest Trainers, but those with whom I have won the PML Championship (and went through the entire tournament): Partner Pikachu, Professor Oak and Lisia.

    ...but to be honest, I didn't complete ALL Hard Mode battles with them, as, well... they were just lv 100, with absolutely no investment whatsoever (only after completing Hard Mode I did realize I could get Pikachu and Mew to 5/5 Sync Level...oops). But I did all but one - the final battle of the Story Mode; in it I used SS Blue, SS Leaf and SS Red - my strongest squad as of right now. It was an overkill, however, as they were lv 120, with minimal Grid investment. 


    The story itself was great, especially Lear's development; realizing that even the mightiest might need friends and bonds to overcome the hardest challenges. Also, I love how he didn't do the complete 180 of his character, and still was an ass sometimes


    Especially when, at the award ceremony, he was bickering how we have 'postponed' his coronation due to the defeating him in the semifinals - it was golden XD


    Honestly... I kinda want to write an fanfic about Pokemon Masters story: with a bit changed plot, protagonist (Scottie) actually being a bit more talkable, and adding on a perspective of other teams - seeing how they meet, train, etc. (I mean they DO show that up in the game, but I want to show MORE of it!). Ah, and of course, more anime-like battles! Because while they are more anime than in the games with mainline mechanics, I wanna have the teams use a truly unique strategies, impossible to do in the games due to limitations (like, maybe covering the battlefield with smoke, and attacking from it, or having one member of the team to serve as a shield, and protect the more offensive allies). 


    But... I say that, but I probably won't do it because I'm either working, loafing around, having art block, or sleeping. So.... yeah, another fanfiction which I won't do. Add that to the list, alongside with Danganropa, Bakugan, One Punch Man, Future Diary, Saw, Swords and Sandals, and... even more. 

  5. I have an idea for Pokemon fangane, which may inspire some creators. 

    Basically, not your typical "go beat Pokemon League, and save the world in the meantime", but a plot more focused on adventures and goals. 


    In short, the game happens somewhere in the future (I don't know how far in the future, but when putting this on "universal Pokemon timeline", the game would happen at least 3 years after Rejuvenation). You're a member of foundation of sorts who executes various kinds of missions, and their goal is, as they say: "To cleanse our world". You, as beginner agent, are climbing up the rankings, while performing tasks given by your executives, and at the same time, you try to remember who you are - the player character has awoken one day in a abandoned, damaged building without any memory, except their own name (and basic human skills like speaking, walking, etc.). 

    But, at the same time, another mysterious organization is being founded, who openly oppose yours and sabotages the missions. While the characters in-game have no idea who the admins (executives/higher-ups/lieutenants/commanders) are, players do - the leaders of the organization are Champions of various Pokemon Leagues across the world, selected from different timelines; all being in their prime (so the characters might be in the same age as when they are seen in games, might be younger, might be older; also there's no need to worry about the time of their appearances, because as I said, they're being "selected" across time). But even if NPCs knew who they were basing on the name alone, all those Champions are using codenames/aliases and their appearance will be altered. In addition to that, they'll have also "number" assigned, basically serving as a 'ranking' of sorts; even though they are pretty much equal in terms of power within the organization, except #1 who's above the others. They are a mix between The Timeless from Pokemon Insurgence and Fatui Harbingers from Genshin Impact. 

    The story, as I said, wouldn't focus on journey through the region, but on performing missions, clashing with Champions across time, and trying to discover the true origin of the protagonist. Also, the truth about MC, and both of the organizations, might be much more shocking than you coulda imagine. 



    I... I do realize that this idea will be seen by a grand total of 5 people, if I'm lucky, but at least say if the idea at least is intriguing. 

  6. On one side, this intrigues me and fascinates. On the other, it terrifies me. Devs should've predicted that by not giving us the chance to date and fall in love with fellow characters, fanbase will find a way to do it. And they did. I probably won't play it, as romances and ships aren't... my cup of tea... But I shall observe and analyze the project itself, as it does seem both creative and legal. About it... I think both Amaria and Titania should be date-able, but if you have brain, and a will to live, you won't do it. Otherwise, you're gonna sleep with the fishes... literally. Also, I believe two characters on the "You can date" list shouldn't be there: Radomus and Elias. Radomus is the more obvious one - he himself confessed that he isn't going to take a wive nor date with anyone, as his "soulmate has danced away", and I doubt he is willing to have another one; especially when his attention goes to his children now. And Elias is, far and away, the OLDEST major character in the game, by a sizeable margin. Of all the characters you can date, only four are confirmed to be over 30: Adrienn, Elias, Radomus and Serra. But since Adrienn is psyhically and mentally in xer 20s, and Serra may want to meet another 'charming male', seeing her lovers' list, they aren't a problem, in my eyes. Radomus - I've explained the situation. But Elias, as I've said, is the oldest of all of them. While the actual age is unknown, the estimated age is: Elias is at least 55 years old! And may be even older! And for a reminder, MC's age is between 18 and 21. He could be their grandfather! O-okay, in real world there are couples with much bigger age discrepancy, so theorically~ it could be possible... But let's not forget that Elias is a devotee; a faithful servant who follows Arceus' rules of existence and commandments. So while possible, this would be so cursed... Those, however, are just my thoughts, and the 'wrongdoings' are minor, and subjective. Even if you disagree, I won't protest or anything, but see how your project comes to a fruition. I, personally, would love to date Saphira, but... this might be difficult because after our Gym Battle she might have gotten PTSD Post-Tyranitar Stress Disorder
  7. After... I'd say 2 years I've returned to Pokemon Masters. I was thinking about it for some months, but I couldn't pluck up the courage as I have a... "complicated relationship" with gacha games. It's complex (but it isn't about money; I'm pure F2P)

    As complex as new system mechanics, my Arceus, back in the day it was far simpler!


    Of course, it's not like I had trouble assimilating to it - I have been watching many challenge videos by likes of Zinfogel, skippingmud and a few others, so I know the basics of new building systems. But... easier said than done. 

    But I think I'm capable - as I was able to defeat The Third Trial against Sawyer, with just levels 75 against his 100, without losing a single Pokemon. So that's impressive, I think. 


    Of course, as this is gacha game, the biggest part of the game is summoning new Trainers. I've grinded up a bit in order to gain some precious diamonds, and rolled a few times - one free x11 Anime roll, and three x11 rolls on Synga Suit Pallet Trio. 

    And, must say, the loots were impressive, for someone as me. I've gained quite a few 5 stars, some of them being able to be EX'd, and even more units upgradeable to EX status, but I think the most super gains were Lisia from Anime roll, SS Blue from first SSPT roll, and SS Leaf from third SSPT roll. I'll get SS Red from Championship Stadium. 


    To be fair, I have some vouchers and gems so I could roll more... but I wanna save them for later. 

    Still... I think I'm gonna need help in Grid Building... 

  8. #linisinnocent

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal


    2. Q-Jei



    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch
  9. I think this quote perfectly sums up the plot of Pokemon Reborn, both figuratively, and literally: 



    "In this war, not even a single pawn may be spared...

    Because on this chessboard, "checkmate" is not where the game ends"

  10. After watching "Spheal sweeps Saphira" video, I've noticed something truly pelicular... And not in a good way... 




    The only thing that saves her is the Field, which halfs the damage taken from Ice attacks. But if you change or destroy it, and have strong and fast Ice type like Weavile, Ninetales or Choice Scarf Mamoswine, or simply a powerful Pokemon with powerful Ice attack, Saphira's gonna get smashed like raw, undercooked salmon served to Gordon Ramsay. 

    And if you also bring Stealth Rock... Basically that makes her battle an even bigger joke that Luna could have ever been.


    Seriously, her team is perhaps one of the worst in terms of type-and-role balance of all major Trainers... AND SHE'S THE LAST GYM LEADER! 3 Dragon-Flying, 1 Dragon-Ground, 1 Dragon, and 1 Fire-Flying/Fire-Dragon, and all are Fast Sweepers. You don't need to be Wolfe Glick to figure out something's wrong... To think we were laughing at Hardy for having terribly unbalanced team. 


    Maybe that's just me, but I think devs thought that players wouldn't get out of the way to create a special strategies to defeat her... But after revealing the 99,2% win rate on Dragon's Den, they've practically dug their own (and Saphira's) grave. 


    I ain't team-creating expert, and I'm not trying to sound like one, but... You can't ignore that Saphira's Gym team can make her either the most challenging opponent thus far... or a total pushover. 


    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I saw the video and I couldn't believe my eyes. It does reminds me of how I swept Bennett in the Cave Field.

    2. Oscarus


      You too used Stealth Rock on Baton Pass team? 

  11. Now I've just realized how little 4 MB of attachments are. 

    I've send designs of a few characters for my fanmade game to Evi, and that took over a MB. How am I supposed to show her the remaining 50+ without forcing to delete the other ones? 

    And also why that limit is so low? I get that in order to not trash the place with scraps, they put it, but... 4 MB is so little... 

    1. Aphelli


      Actually, 50 MB is well above the usual attachment size limit for email as well (including gmail).

      This being said, I agree that 4 MB of storage are easily spent when pictures are involved… and I don’t know why. Maybe something with the company hosting the website (if there’s even one)? I don’t think the terms offer unlimited storage and 4 MB times many thousands of people becomes quite a lot… but that’s still in the range of a single (good) external hard drive, so it shouldn’t be expensive…


      For your specific problem, I recommend using more specialized (free) cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. I know that on Google, you get at least 1 GB (maybe 10? I don’t remember) of free storage, which you may organize however you wish – and you can share access to certain folders with other people. 

  12. Okay, I now see my problem with creating characters' designs - they're as simple as those of NES games. 


    And by that I mean colors - like, except biological structures like hair, eyes, skin, etc., so basically outfit... Their clothings are simple-colored; with one palette. Usually different shades of one/two colors, but sometimes it's even worse; being almost completely monotone. 


    The designs themselves aren't bad, I think (and hope), but I can't force myself into more... crazy color pallettes. My friend, Nike, knows how to do it and make unique designs with many colors and decorations so it all matches. But me? 3 colors and their shades at a absolute maximum. In some cases, that's a good thing, but it some they look... boring. And also I have a problem with creating a super design that doesn't scream their type speciality. Or I'm being paranoid. 




    ...i can see why everyone thinks of me as lamenting...i cannot shut my mouth and stop complaining about myself...

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Don't be too harsh on your yourself, Oscar 🙂


      Just take your time with your character designs and try to experienment with the (basic) colours. Maybe a different clothing style for a challenge?🖍🖌


    2. Oscarus


      The clothes aren't a problem - I think basic designs are good. 

      But the coloring is sometimes dull; if it isn't a uniform of sorts, it should have some variety. 

      Maybe I'm gonna show you what's the problem. 


  13. Houses in Pokemon World: exist


    MC: https://youtu.be/4nFldvWS9RM

  14. Reasons for those characters to become our rivals:


    Victoria: "I have to hone my skills in order to protect those I care the most; be that fellow students of Apophyll or friends outside of it. MC is not only a dear friend of mine, helping whether I was in trouble, but also with a honest heart, they assist everyone who need help, be that ally or foe. They truly impress me, and I'm certain they'll help me reach new levels..."


    Cain: "I still can't find my place in the world. Unable to face the difficulties, I've been running away from problems and duties, covering my fears with jokes, songs and light-headed attitude. But MC... MC know their goals; they know what they want to do and where to go. And they're relatable, friendly, understanding and quite~ cute. I hope they'll help me in finding out where I belong..."




  15. Seriously, gender balancing is truly awful. 


    1. Aphelli


      Champion from the Future: “if I had wanted you to figure out who I am, I would just have told you my name.”


      See? It’s not so bad after all.😅

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