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  1. A question... Is peace and harmony in life too much to ask for? 


    I know this is not quite the place to ask, but I honestly can't find a better place, especially since my "friends" are apparently defending the bullying-and-toxic kind of behaviors everyone around me loves to present in public and in private life. 


    I honestly could write down an entire article about my life situation... But right now I'm feeling under the weather (and not even Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - perhaps the best canon Pokemon games in terms of plotline - lightened my mood), so maybe one day, one day... 

    1. NeoBolt


      It is a really tough question to answer; but what could assist would be journalling.  Journalling can help quite a bit in dealing with hardships and helps you to strategize on what route to take so that you can tackle a situation.  It can assist you to chisel you into the person you want to be one day.  A suggestion is also to use a self-coaching model (you will see on google) to assess the situations, so you can form strategies that are suitable to you and what feels right to you

  2. The games' not out yet... And many websites, including YouTube, are full of spoilers. 


    While I don't mind spoilers like: "Oh, this Pokemon's gonna get a new evolution/form", or "That plot-irrelevant characters will be one of the Gym Leaders", or just soundtracks, the spoilers about plot, ESPECIALLY those including end-game twists... I HATE THEM WILL ALL MY HEART


    So imagine my reaction, when I listen to Scarlet's & Violet's soundtrack (which, side note, it slaps (at least to me)), only for a brief moment when one OST switches to another on the playlist, when I was awaiting to see what OST it is... and seeing top comment with a MASSIVE, MIND-TWISTING END-GAME SPOILER ABOUT MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS! WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!! 


    And it's not like I entered the comment section to see comments, it just popped up with the OST.

    I was completely NOT prepared for this... And I'll never see them in the same light ever again...

    Which is, is, I... I wanna have that person's fingers cut off and mouth stitched! 



    ...i don't think i'll recover from this disappointment till christmas, I'd say... 

    1. SolareInferno


      Even if it comes from Serebii.net?

    2. Oscarus


      ...there are spoilers there? I had no idea. 

      Maybe that's for the better

    3. SolareInferno


      They will come maybe after tomorrow. Just like always did. But not everything at once.

  3. Spoilers to Scarlet/Violet 


    After hearing that Tyranitar will have a Paradox form (either Past or Future Form), I couldn't resist but to see it, and... and... 


    Oh, my, GOD. 

    It's so BADASS - looks almost like Armored Tyranitar from Insurgence, but with more armor, and green spikes. 


    If to trust the leaks about typing and stat spread, it will have Rock/Electric typing, the same HP, Attack and Defense, but only 70 Special Attack, 84 Special Defense, and 72 Speed. That means its' BST is only 570, which is by no means bad, but it's not the 600 BST normal Tyranitar has. Yet, seeing that all Paradox Pokemon have 570 BST, including those based on other Pseudolegendary and Legendary Pokemon (like Salamence, Hydreigon, Suicune, Virizon), and likes of Delibird and Jigglypuff, I think this was to be intended - they would be an equivalent of Ultra Beasts (but cooler) 


    And about the typing... I think Rock/Electric is a bit better defensively than Rock/Dark:

    • Rock/Electric has 4 weaknesses (one of them being x4), and 5 resistances
    • Rock/Dark has 7 weaknesses (one of them being x4), 6 resistances and a immunity

    Offensively they fare rather similarily, with Rock/Dark having a slight edge in "how well they fare against Pokemon in general". 


    Whenever Paradox Tyranitar will be better than Johtonian Tyranitar will depend on the Ability; Sand Stream helps normal Tyranitar being more bulky specially, and makes it a necessary stable of Sandstorm teams. 

    If Paradox Tyranitar doesn't have Sand Stream, it means that specially it's gonna be quite fragile by comparison. Plus all Psyhical Electric moves which are widely accessible... suck. 


    But the Pokemon looks badass 

    And that's what matters 



  4. Quote

    If you are to settle things right

    First use words, and then swords 

    ~ Oscarus 2k22

  5. Obviously they have different one. But what do you mean by "how do I switch between them"?
  6. One question I have, to which I have absolutely no logical nor satisfactory answer, and I wish to know if it even exists.

    To warn you, this is about the latest episode of Pokémon Journeys


    I've seen SO MANY comments where others were whining and crying about Ash's Lucario being defeated and that now Ash won't defeat Leon for sure... All their "opinions" and "analyses" are more pathetic than political campaigns and public discussions in Poland. And trust me, I know what I say. 


    Does the entire Pokémon fandom, like, share a single living braincell, or are they actually that stupid? Everyone that pays just a little bit of focus on plot and anime rules knows that Ash's ace was, and still is, Pikachu - even in situations with him having objectively stronger Pokémon, namely Charizard and Greninja. And he's currently Ash's strongest in PCS; defeating Steven's Mega Metagross even without Mega, and almost singlehandedly putting down Cynthia's Gastrodon and Spiritomb, and he could take out at least one or two more Pokémon was it not for Destiny Bond.


    And even if Lucario WAS the ace... does no one know the one unwritten, fundamental rule existing in, like, almost every sport event? That nothing is certain until the very end? As someone who was watching Inazuma Eleven from years to come, even before knowing what "anime" is, that rule has been engraved in my mind and soul; telling me every time that as long as there's even the slightest of slivers of chance, the tiniest amounts of time left, you should try to pursue winning, no matter the circumstances. 


    I wish to know what the more, ekhm... "human" part of the fandom has to say about the incident. I say that Ash still has a chance - 4 Pokémon left standing against Leon's 3, and Pikachu is completely healthy (I know, he has taken Libero-boosted Scorched Sands, but c'mon, it was not only at the very beginning of the battle and Pikachu is extremely tanky).


    So, If you have an opinion and wanna share it, do it.

    And, from the bottom of my heart, to all non-believers, a very sincere S.T.F.U!


  7. For everyone that've through Grusha has facial hair (hairy beard, goatie, Dali's mustache, or at least some stubble)... 

    I have some bad news. 



    He's clean shaven. 

    And looks a little less feminine when his full face is shown. 

    1. Oscarus


      Screenshot taken straight from one of the older Scarlet & Violet official trailer, so it isn't neither a leak nor a spoiler. Just saying 

  8. S-seriously... will Paldea have ANY new Pokémon which I can say are "bad"?


    Because as of right now, all I've seen are intriguing, badass, derpy in a funny way, or so cute I'm getting diabetes just from looking at them. 


    That includes the new Pokémon from the trailer - at first I thought it was a Paldean Litwick, but... it was an adorable af puppy... which unfortunately I couldn't pet because apparently playing with it causes the exhaustion, lose of consciousness, and even death.



  9. Why does this sound like something Radomus would definitely do? And why can I already see him with Luck's hat in his arms/on his head, laughing jovially and running in all possible directions with his Gardevoir, with Reju MC, Mr. Luck, Anna and Noel all chasing them, creating yet another Scooby-Doo chase?
  10. There's a lotta of opinions about newest Paldean Gym Leader - Iono. 

    Barring fanbase's whining and lamenting about character, design, personality and voice acting (which, in my opinion, are awesome... or at the very least unique; like c'mon - Gym Leader who's a influencer/V-Tuber? I don't believe that even in fanmade games I found such a combination), the main 'problem' (or should I say 'conundrum') is her... real identity 


    According to available news, Iono is a character/personality of sorts; a fake persona in fact, just like most (if not all) VTubers have. I don't know if she's just a cyber creation, or also the one with the role poses as her in real life (especially during Gym Battles), but for sure that look and personality isn't the true one, because:

    1. As I said, many/all VTubers and influencers of similar functioning have their public character changed, differing from their real one, more or less
    2. Iono's German and Spanish names, Enigmara and E-Nigma come from "enigma", meaning "unknown". And her Italian name, "Kissana" comes from  "Chi sarà?" - "Who will it be?". That signifies that no one knows truth about her, at least in the public sphere of things. 

    The question is... Who IS Iono actually? Who's hiding behind the mask/image of the most electryfing star of Paldean pop-culture?


    And, a very popular theory says that Iono is actually... Penny. Yes, you heard me right, the 3rd, shy and timid "rival", being one of the most extravagant and flashy Gym Leaders in the entire Europe? I'd lose my shit if that turned out to be true. But, still, that would be one hell of a plot twist, and a very positive one, because the last mega plot twist GameFreak gave us was a bit... heart-breaking, not gonna lie... 

    At first I thought since Nemona would lead us through Paldea League, and Arven would "hire" us to help him gather Herba Mystica, Penny would be a key character in hunting down Team Star... only to be revealed as one of the Admins, if not The Head Boss of all fractions. And now... I don't know which would be more sick from story-telling point, but I sure know that I'd rather be proud of her... rather than feeling the urge to break her back in three pieces. 


    But that'd mean that our passionate chef Arven would be the only "rival" to not have any plot twist/sudden reveal to his character:

    • Penny being the one behind the persona of Electric Leader Iono (or Team Star's Head Boss) 
    • Nemona rumored to be one of Paldea League's Champions
    • Arven... has nothing

    I, honestly, don't want him to have some super mind-breaking twist (like... using the power of Herba Mystica to turn his Pokemon into Titans and, by controlling them, conquer Paldea Region, and then the entire world), but something as impactful, but without breaking immensions. Maybe have some other important character, like some truly competent Trainer, be revealed as his relative, and then reveal that his lack of talent in battling has caused them/his family to reject him, so he decided to use his cooking skills, and gathered Herba Mystica, to show his value as a human being. 


    Why do I say it...? Maybe 'cause I love theorizing, and story creation? And I wanna talk about it? So... @SolareInferno, @Evi Crystal, @Q-Jei, anyone?

    Anything? Any ideas? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Oscarus


      If there is one... I'm betting on Clavell. 

      That old man is weirdly silent and peaceful... 

      I believe that his "Treasure Hunt" is a way to garnet great power in order to accomplish vile goals. But I may be overthinking 


      Also... What do you mean "beyond my understanding"? This isn't complex, is it? 

      This theory is but a fast one. 

    3. SolareInferno


      I might be relieved if your guess might be right but I'm scared when you might go into wrong conclusion.

    4. Oscarus


      Why? If I was wrong, but the actual concept was even better, then that means I have to hone my prediction skills, but I get a new trope to analyze 

      But if the actual concept was objectively worse, then that means I'm better than I thought. 


      It's a win-win, sorta. Panicking and blaming won't help - just pushing toward the future. 

  11. I swear to all what is dear to me - if you ever call a character like N, or Taka "villain", I'm gonna come to your house and snap your fucking neck by 360 degrees! 


    How come people still cannot get the fact that not everyone who's fighting the main protagonist is villain? Those are antagonists, because they are anti-protagonists; it's THAT simple! 


    Not every antagonist is villain. Villain is a creature which commits vile (evil) acts. There are antagonists which aren't villains, like afromentioned N and Taka - they are actually friendly toward MC and, in some cases, create a bond between. But purely because of their association with evil teams and the fact both them and MCs have different, contradictionary goals, they are forced to battle each other. 


    But, in the same vein, not every villain is antagonist - some of them are PROTAGONISTS. Perhaps the most known examples are Light Yagami from Death Note, Momonga from Overlord or Frisk/Chara from Genocide Route Undertale. They all commit acts cruel and evil, while having either little to no remorse about their acts, have no actual, tragic or sympathetic reason to act that way, or both. Because of that, they are classified as THE EVIL, despite being the main characters of their journeys. While the main antagonists (in those cases, L and Sans especially) are the defacto heroes - the good guys fighting the bad guys. 


    I'm ranting about it, because as writer and creator, I'm getting mad about that cardinal, in my eyes, mistake. I know that people might not know about anti-heroes (characters, usually morally good, doing bad things for noble reasons) or anti-villains (characters doing bad things for causes they believe to be noble, yet those are far more complex than one might think, or the true cause is obscured from their sight), but for Arceus' sake, STOP CALLING NICE, KIND CHARACTERS "VILLAINS"! 

  12. Me: sees the art of Mr. Luck and laughs Others: Why are you laughing? Me: Oh, nothing. My brain: Aevian Radomus
  13. Not uncommon. Despite her type speciality, Shelly's a common wall for newer players. And for quite obvious reasons. Shedninja against Water specialist, huh? Savage would know something about it XD In my opinion, all three of Belrose sisters are so reliant on their Fields that if you delete or transform them, then... well... They'll be as defenseless as after Connal's electroshock therapy. Samson is the very definition of "hyperoffense" - 6 powerful strikers with high attacking stat, one good Status boosting-move and powerful, field-boosted attacks. It could overwhelm any normal opponents. But the flaw of only having Psyhical strikers can really knock him down a peg. The same goes to Solaris.
  14. With V19 existing for... almost half a year, I think it's safe to assume that vast majority of Reborn community have at least completed the "main story" and become Undisputed Reborn Grand Champion (either in old V18 save, new V19 save, or both). But, as in every journey toward the top, you had to cross both shallow paddles on the road... and deep seas of the unknown. Inspired by one of Michael Groth's videos, I've decided to find out which Gym Leader in Reborn Region is the toughest to defeat in a game, in their initial Gym Battle, where you're given the Badge as a reward. And by 'toughest' I don't mean 'strongest' because most people would mostly select, due to different definitions of the 'strength', Samson, Titania or Saphira. 'Toughest' means the hardest to defeat at that particular spot in the game. So the one you've struggled the most with the Pokemon, movesets and items you've had access to. So for example; when analyzing Julia, one must take into account very limited Pokemon roster choice that early in a game, especially since the only (probably) Ground-type Pokemon available that early is Marshtomp... but you HAVE TO select Mudkip as a starter in order to have one. Or when analyzing for example Radomus or Charlotte, one must think and break down their rarely-seen-yet-effective battle strategies, which are Chess Board Trick Room mishmash and burning down every single living cell in your body. Sounds easy and clear, right...? Ha! Wrong. Pokemon players aren't equal - some are more experienced, some more talented, some more lucky, and some more casual. Plus we all have different favorites, which we'd love to use in a playthrough. Add on our habit of experimenting and creating new strategies and teams, and all... It's safe to say that if I was to create a tier list or ranking of toughest Reborn Leaders, much more would disagree with me rather than agree. And that's the point of this post: I want YOU, THE REBORN COMMUNITY, to decide who's the hardest to defeat, and who's the complete pushover. I know I'm not exactly in place to do such things as I'm neither dev nor mod nor someone vaguely important... But I have a feeling they wouldn't mind such "event" transpiring here (I, on their place, wouldn't), as this would be a fun form, showing what kind of strategies and where bring the most pain to the players. I'll be making TWO POLLS, however: one for Gym Leaders specializing in Singles, and one for those specializing in Doubles. I do so because Singles and Doubles are existing by different rules and the style of battling differs between both, and I'd be unfair to have them participate in one shared poll... plus, let's be honest, Doubles' Gym Leaders would wipe the floor with Singles lmao. Here are the polls for both polls where you can vote for the Hardest Gym Leader to defeat! relax, you'll be 100% anonymous to everyone on this forum; vote like your heart desires This poll will be closed automatically after midnight, 1st December of 2022 (West USA Time Zone). After it, I'll pick the results and show them, and analyze the ones who've gotten the most amount of votes, saying if I agree with you, or not. Remember also, the more of you vote, the more accurate the results will be. A standard rule followed by any self-respecting statistician. Oh, and also you can comment down here which Gym Leaders was the hardest to you, and why. I'll eagerly read and probably respond to every your comment. And if wasn't obvious, everyone can participate - both those who have just registered here, and legends of this forum. The more, the merrier~
  15. In that battle she only has two Fairy-type Pokemon. Which, to my system, simply isn't enough. There's an unwritten rule in Pokemon that Trainer with a specific specialization has to have at least 3 Pokemon of said type (plus eventually some that could be that type). Like in all of his initial battles, Lance has 3 Dragon-type Pokemon (and 3 Dragon-like), or Champion Iris and Mustard having 3 Dragon and 3 Fighting type respectively in their first battles against the protagonist. That rule is applied to Pokemon Reborn as well, all Trainers with type specialities have at least 3 Pokemon of their type in all *story* battles (so no Umbral Battles nor Nightclub Challenges).
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