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  1. Technically we have a testing Discord. Probably going to make one later once I'm done with the tests.
  2. Testers Needed! PM me if you're interested in beta-testing testing. Schedule for May/June will basically be something like this. Phase I: Episode I+Episode II(Badge 1 and Badge 2) Phase II: Episode III + Episode IV(Badge 3 and Badge 4) Phase III: Episode V(Badge 5) Phase IV: Episode VI(Badge 6)
  3. Cam's Interviews II: Thor Olafsson Cam: Good evening, again! It’s time for the second of Cam’s Eighteen Exciting Interviews! We’re going to interview… eh, I forgot. Let’s check the notes… Cam: Oh, right. We’re at the Pollux Power Plant in the Pollux District, and today we’re interviewing the one and only Thor Olafsson. Good evening Thor. Thor: S’up? Thor Olafsson, the Electric-type gym leader and head engineer of this power plant at your service, y’know? Just let me finish my cafe au lait and I’ll be with you. Cam: Hmm, not the kind of person I expected. I thought that you’d be more muscular and ripped, you catch my drift? Thor: Ahaha. I get what you’re saying. Most people expect some kind of viking warrior when they hear my name, not a pasty white as latte nerd like me. Cam: Pasty nerd? You do seem to be quite smart, though. Kind of like me. Thor: Well, I don’t like to brag, but I graduated valedictorian in electrical engineering back at Equinox, y’know? Cam: Oh, very nice. A hard worker as well? Got any secrets that I… I mean, the reader can use to help them succeed in life? Thor: Yep. Drink loads of coffee, y’know? Cam: …what? Thor: Slowly roasted beans to perfection from an exotic and ancient land, mixed with just the right amount of water and milk, all resulting in the perfect flavor and aroma. Nothing else can keep you awake and productive as coffee can. Whether you’re drinking a cold frappé, a sweet mocha, or a classic Americano you’ll be guaranteed to have success. Cam: So the secret to success is… caffeine? Thor: Precisely, y’know? What are we without energy and willpower, and what gives us these two key ingredients for success? Sweet and bitter coffee. Cam: Uhm… how many cups of coffee have you drank today? Thor: This is my second cafe au lait today. I’ve had three cups of mochas, two cups of lattes, two cups of marochino as well, alongside four cups of espresso. To add, I’ve also drank a frappe and either four or five lattes, I can’t really remember. Cam: …is that even healthy? Thor: Yeah, I need my caffeine, y’know? Cam: Err… anyways, how do you think your personality is like? Thor: Eh, I’d say that I’m kind of very laid back nowadays, y’know? My job right now, outside of being a gym leader, is to keep and maintain this power plant up and running. It may look small, but most of the city’s power is generated here. We also used to have a few hydroelectric plants underground that ran off subterranean rivers, but because of safety hazards they aren’t operational anymore. In other words, I’m like the city’s morning cup of coffee where they’re effectively reliant on me to run properly, y’know? Cam: Damn, that’s pretty awesome. You’re as important to how the city’s ran like I’m important to cleaning out its corruption. But could you tell me more of this district? Thor: The Pollux District? This here’s the industrial heart of Gestalt. Most of the factories in the city are found here. I like that the proximity to the power plant attracts plenty of Electric-types here, but sadly there’s also the downside of the smog output, y’know? Patch has a point where the city does need to be more environment-friendly? Cam: Patch? Thor: Patchouli, the Grass-type gym leader. We’re fairly close friends and we frequently have coffee together being that we’re both lower-ranked gym leaders. Plus, the Pollux District borders the Izar District so her place is just a stone’s toss away for me. Cam: Oh. Do you have any other bonds with other gym leaders? Thor: Not really. I have some dealings with the Dragon-type gym leader since he’s the owner of a major hardware company in Gestalt, but we kind of are mostly just partners rather than friends. Cam: Can you tell me more about him? Thor: Eh, nothing much other than what you can research about him online, y’know? Dude’s fairly successful being both the richest man in the region and the strongest gym leader in the league. Though I don't really have that much of a connection with him. Cam: I see… can you tell about that Pokemon you have there? Is that a Pikachu? Thor: Um… what? That’s a Manectric. Two completely different Pokemon despite being the same type, y’know? It’s my ace. Cam: Oh, I knew that. I was just messing around… mostly. So what’s your battle strategy? Thor: I like double battles. Using multiple Electric-types synergize extremely well if you have the move Discharge, and an A-Graveler’s galvanized Explosion lights up trainers as if they’ve just taken four consecutive shots of espresso. Cam: Sounds painful. Yikes. Thor: Though my team frequently gets shut down by Ground-types, so I kinda need to add some variety to my strategy, like drinking mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos instead of only drinking Americanos, y’know? Cam: I see. I’ll be heading out now. The next gym leader is in the Sirius District, right? Thor: You’ve already interviewed Patchouli and me, right? So yeah, the Normal-type leader should be there. Just watch out for- Cam: YOWCH, NOT AGAIN! Thor: -the wires that I still need to clean up… Cam: I’m fine!
  4. Cam's Interviews I: Patchouli Schulz Cam: Good evening, everyone! It's me again, the next-gen newsman, the great intrepid journalist Cam A. Rah, and it's time for us to interview... eh, lemme check my notes real quick. I did memorize it, but I just want to make sure all my t's are dotted and i's are crossed, right? Cam: So today I'm at the Izar Greenhouse and I'll be interview Patchouli Schulz, an environmentalist-slash-florist who happens to be a Rank I gym leader and is usually the gal who most new trainers face at the beginning of their journey. You must be... Patchouli, am I correct? Patchouli: Yep, that'll be me, Cam. I'm the Grass-type gym leader of the Gestalt Region and I usually face challengers in this Greenhouse. Cam: So... let me check my question list for a moment. Aha, what do you consider yourself like? Describe your personality for me? Patchouli: Well, I'm frequently told that I'm quite mild and friendly, though this is mostly because people expect me as a gym leader to be something different. Cam: Something different, you say? Patchouli: Most of the gym leaders here tend to have a pretty type A personality. In our rooster of gym leaders we have the richest businessman in Gestalt, a professor of the prestigious Equinox University which I believe you met earlier on, a respected electrical engineer, the high priestess of a local religion, leaders of multiple other social and political organizations, and a former admiral of the Gestalt navy. I'm just a florist and someone who wishes to make Gestalt a greener place. Plus, I tend to focus more on helping new trainers rather than raising my W-L ratio to ascend ranks unlike my peers. Cam: Seems noble, like how I forgo glory for the sake of uncovering corruption in our government. Patchouli: ...yes, let's it put it that way. Cam: So what exactly do you do in your spare time? Patchouli: Well, I garden. I also take care of the park in the middle of the Izar District. I also am a good friend of D'Oscura and we frequently undergo projects to help the region's environment together. Cam: D'Oscura? I think I've heard that name before. Patchouli: D'Oscura was the previous Dark-type gym leader who retired a few months ago and he's also a Senator and a member of the Gestalt Progressive Party. I'd be surprise if you haven't heard of him considering your line of work. Cam: Uh... yes. I know all about him. Of course I do! So can you tell me about your battling strategy? And what's that Pokemon you have there? Patchouli: This is my Breloom. My strategy main revolves around a focus on defense as while I do try to win I don't like overwhelming new trainers with too much offense. So for trainers who plan on taking this league on expect tactics such as negative Fire-types with Rain Dance and utilizing Leech Seed for sustain from my end. Though don't think that just because you picked a Fire-type starter that I'll be an easy badge, you know? Cam: Fiesty. I like that. So you live in the Izar District, right? How's the neighborhood? Patchouli: It's okay, I guess. I dislike how we're located right next to the industrial disctrict of Gestalt so a lot of smog just blows over to my area, but I like the neighbourhood. Plus, I have a really good friend who's also a gym leader in this place. Cam: Huh? Two gyms in one district? Patchouli: Yes, she's the gym leader at the Aeterna Temple. You'll probably meet her sooner rather than later. But yeah, the people around the Izar District are friendly. We may not be as luxurious as the northern districts but we do have this sort of kinship between us since we're technically the smallest district in the city. Cam: I see, I see. So how many other gym leaders are you friends with? Patchouli: I get along with practically all of them. Many people in the league don't get along with other leaders as like I've said, we have a lot of type A personalities in here who tend to frequently clash with each other. Cam: I see... don't you sometimes wish for higher aspirations? I've always been trying to rise through the ranks of journalism myself. Patchouli: Not really. The environment in this nation is improving and that's all that I ask for, and I enjoy the current position that I'm in. I don't really care to be number one. Cam: Do you have siblings? Are they just like you? Patchouli: Uhm, yes? I do have a brother who's a bit more hyperactive, but he's just an environmentalist and doesn't really care about the league. *BZZT* Cam: Yikes! DId the TV just turn itself on?! Patchouli: Uhm, no. That's just Yorick. Yorick: Sorry to spook you. I'm just trying to make sure that the Gym Comms system is still working. Cam: Gym... comms? Patchouli: Yeah. There's a two-way video communication system inside every gym that trainers can use them to ask Yorick for advice for the battle against the gym leader. So in a way, he's kind of an advisor to trainers who plan on taking on the league. Oh, and he also helps out with gym puzzles as well. Cam: You guys have a person specifically for this position? Yorick: Well, yeah. I'm also the reserve Ghost-type leader. Patchouli: Hey, despite our league being known to be more difficult than average we don't let greenhorns hanging. Yorick: Yeah, we try not to make our badassness go into frustration station territory. Cam: Ah, right. That'll be all. I'll be heading out now. Thanks for the interview, all! And you're welcome for having the opportunity to be interviewed by someone as myself. Patchouli: Sure, just make sure not to- Cam: YOWCH! Patchouli: -trip on the Carnivine vines on your way out... Cam: I'm okay.
  5. (Oh, and meanwhile we're waiting for the release I'll be putting out weekly interviews between one of Gestalt's most infamous journalists and the league's gym leaders. It's going to be a teaser/lore tidbit that will drop every few to few days, so enjoy.) Hey there. Name's Cameron. Cameron Aaron Rah, or Cam A. Rah for short. You probably already of me being that I'm known to be Gestalt's legendary journalist. The paparazzi prodigy and master muckraker himself. Even if you're not native to Gestalt you should still have heard my name, right? ...Right? No? Well, there must be a mistake around here. Maybe you misheard my name in the past? Or maybe you aren't that tuned into Gestalt News? I mean, come one. You must have heard of me, right? Rochelle: Cam, can you give it a rest? You do remember what you're doing here, right? Cam: Uh... I kinda forgot. Why am I at Equinox, again? Didn't I finish my journalism degree a few years ago? Rochelle: Sigh... you were working on a special project where you were supposed to interview all eighteen of Gestalt's gym leaders so people unfamiliar with our league would learn more about them. You spoke with Yorick about it just last night, remember? Cam: Oh, of course. I mean, yeah. I was lost in thought. You really need to plan interviews this thoroughly that you often lose your train of thought. It's fairly normal for journalists at my level. Rochelle: Right. Cam: Like, you have to spend hours upon hours not only deciding what questions you should ask, but in what order and in what manner in order not to bias them, you know? Things like this may seem easy to the layman but any journalist, especially those at my lev- Rochelle: Cam, let's get to the point. Cam: Right. The point is... let me just get my notes so I can begin interviewing you. Rochelle: Sigh... you aren't interviewing me today. Cam: Huh? But aren't you a gym leader? Rochelle: You're supposed to be doing them in the same order of their ranks. So tomorrow you'll be interviewing Patchouli, then you'll be interviewing Thor, and so on. Cam: Oh, that's something so elementary that a reporter at my caliber would find difficult! I mean, err... I'll do it! Rochelle: Today you just need to ask me questions if you need help getting started, and by the looks of it I guess I'll have to put in more time helping you than I originally thought. Cam: Not really. I've already got everything planned out, from- Rochelle: Then tell me the name and rank of the Water-type leader? Cam: Uhh... I can't recall now. It's normal, though. My head is just so full of ideas that I put basic and simple information like a leader's name in the back of my mind. Rochelle: ...Uh huh... Cam: It's Watery, right? Rochelle: Firstly, no. Secondly, who the hell would name their child Watery? Cam: Yeah... you have a point. Rochelle: I feel like at this point it'd be easier to just give you a cheat sheet about the gym leaders, though. Cam: That'd be great! Rochelle: I'll have them e-mailed to you by tonight. You do know your e-mail address and password and have not forgotten them, right? Cam: Sometimes I forget. How did you know that I had trouble remembering them? Rochelle: Intuition. Cam: Well, either way I'm off now. I need my beauty sleep as you can't interview people without charisma. Bye, Roxanne! Rochelle: Bye... and it's Rochelle...
  6. Probably around this summer. My plan's to effectively wrap up EP1-6 which includes six badges and send out the first version ASAP. The next episodes should come fairly quick since much of the spritework and mapping have been done in advance. 4 of the 6 episodes are complete. Mapping, sprites, sidequests, and the main storyline are all done. Most of the work that needs to be completed falls on the Vega District map. While it's only one District that needs to be completed, the issue is that I kind of overdid here and this district is pretty much the largest urban map that I've ever seen in a Pokemon fangame. For comparison it's size is roughly x2~x3 the size of the entire Peridot Ward, and to add it's also the home of probably one of the most excessively large dungeons as well, so despite this being just one area it will be composed of multiple maps and have a lot of content. Like, I expect players to spend a lot of their time in the Vega District as it's going to be a fairly early marathon level in the game. So yeah. Basically four of the first five episodes are completely done and I just need to playtest them and then I just need to finish this cursed district and finish up the sixth episode.
  7. Reincarnation Gestalt City, A city of dreams, a city of nightmares, A city of hope, a city of despair, A city of fortune, a city of perdition, A city of salvation, a city of damnation, A city that was made out of many, one, A city that shall be the genesis and the revelation of all we know, Against the threat of theft, Parting to the seven who left, Towards the starbound citadel, The miser's scepter was deeply held, Into the city by leviathan swallowed, The harlot's necklace followed, To the scholars and seekers of truths, The drunkard's orb was then sent loose, Deep into the lands of war and fire, The warlord's saber lies away from desire, For the lands of the cold north, The green-eyed mask was brought forth, Into the sands who twist and shift, The gourmet's knife dies deep in a rift, For the priests of most pure and vigorous soul, Was kept the lord's book and ne'er to be stole. What is Pokemon Reincarnation? It's simple. Reincarnation is a fangame that I've been working on and off and it's created in the vein of Reborn and Rejuvenation hence the Re in the title. In order words it's a story-driven game with a plot more serious and complex than official games while at the same time having an enhanced difficulty that is achieved via improving the AI, giving competitive sets to trainers, adding level caps, and more. In short, expect field effects, an enthralling story, a colorful cast, difficult battles, every 'mon catchable, multiple side quests, eighteen badges, and of course, Otherworldly mons, the game's equivalent to PULSE and Dimensional Rift battles. All presented in beautiful and clean graphics in the style of Gen 3. Welcome to the Gestalt Republic! A land which is bordered by the two seas and centered by the sprawling metropolis of Gestalt City, which in turn is composed of thirteen districts. The Republic is currently undergoing troubling times where crime is overrunning the city's poorer districts, there has been a damaging mutiny in its navy, and the land is on the brink of war due to aggression from the breakaway Gogmagog Province in the northwest. And to make matters worse, there has been signs of an old cult named Team Vita returning to the ailing land. Challenge the Gestalt League! A league composed of eighteen gym leaders, one for each type, each being fairly unique characters in their own right, awaits you. Each gym leader has six Pokemon all ready for anything that you may throw at them. In addition to these eighteen gym leaders you will also face the Elite Eight, eight individuals whose identities are top secret due to league policy, and the reclusive Champion of Gestalt. Obviously being highly inspired by Reborn and Rejuvenation the league isn't going to be the main plot and it'll be mostly a side-gig for the protagonist. But considering how many of the game's characters have their identities intertwined with the league this is something most certainly to keep in mind. Gameplay Information! - Mon availability will increase as the game gets developed. The endgoal is to allow the player to use all official mons. - Hardcaps will be added and will depend on the number of badges the player holds. - For the sake of convenience IV-increasing items alongside ability capsules and nature mints will be added. - Help Centers similar to Rejuvenation's will be in every town and/or district. Expect plenty of side-quests. - Mega Evolutions and Z moves will be added, but not Dynamax. - Field effects will exist in the same as other games of this style. Screenshots and Images! But that's not all. Here are some other samples of what you'll find in the game. A more in-detail screenshot from yours truly. This is the outside of the Aeterna Temple, the residence of the Ghost-type gym leader of the region, in the Izar District of the metropolis, and a few of the temple's devout priests strolling around the area. Meet the three characters that would be the closest thing to a rival or your own personal nakama. Abel, a tenacious and loyal friend who lost his memories and wishes to find his family. Cole, a relaxed and calm lad who grew up in Gestalt's slums and seeks a purpose in life. Alice, one of the three daughters of President Alexander Nevada who wishes to become as strong as her sisters In addition, meet yet another important character that you will meet in your quest. Her name is Dr. Rochelle Mitchell and she is a geology professor at the Equinox University while also being one of the organizers of the Gestalt League. In addition, she is also a very high ranking gym leader who specializes in the Rock-type. She fulfills a fairly deuteragonist-like role in the story aside from just being one of the later gym leaders. And do not forget these guys. Lowly underlings on the aforementioned cult-like organization known as Team Vita. Get used to these schmucks as you'll be beating them by the boatload. A treat for the viewer. The profile of one of the aforementioned Otherworldly Pokemon in the style of Rejuvenation. Good luck fighting these Pokemon mutated by energies of foreign worlds as you'll need it.
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