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  1. I used the Walk Through Walls mod from Aironfaar's Mod Box [E18.1][Updated: 2018-12-12] - The Mod Market - Reborn Evolved, sadly the owner of this mod seems currently inactive...and it's when I face an issue with stupidly attempting to use waterfall in Route 4, the script forced me to save and logged me off... Now every time I get on my saved file, it makes me walk through walls, I'm unable to press CTRL to turn it off as well. I tried to delete the command and redownload it, even tried to reload my old saved files but ever since I moved the Pokemon Reborn file to Reborn.18.4 which is the main folder, it stopped saving my backup files since May 22, the current game save is also listed as May 24. Please if there's any mastermind or keyboard wizard out there who can help me. you'd save me so much time. Thank you. (The blue haired guy in the new file is the custom mod that I made, which is why the avatars are different) this is what my saved file looks like, ill attach the old saved file to see if anyone gets this one, but i highly doubt it due to the saved date of game.rx.data... Game.rxdata
  2. Stuck in the scene with Victoria after leaving Kiki's room when I got here badge, pls help Game.rxdata Update: Nevermind, I used a backup
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