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  1. @Cuddly Lopunny You don't have Psychic Memory for Silvally, I assume? Strength gets boosted by the field, so try using that. Nature Power is also really good, as it turns into Acrobatics. You don't seem to have many mons in your team that can learn Nature Power, so you might have to check your PC. If you need to train new mons, you could give Rufflet/Braviary a shot, you can catch one in the route with the Crustle puzzles. Psychic or Ghost-types are few and far between this point in the game, so if you haven't caught any beforehand, you're out of luck in that regard.
  2. @Shoki What are the moves on your Meowstic and Emolga? You can consider teaching Nature Power to as many of your mons as possible: it turns into field-boosted Discharge. If I were you, I'd use Graveler's Bulldoze on Gengar now that it has Cursed Body and not Levitate, then you can just use Mightyena for finishing it off and getting your Moxie started. If/when Mightyena is KO'd, you can use Blaziken against Dhelmise and Skuntank against Mimikyu.
  3. When you can't feel your stomach, it's called the absence of abbs-sense

  4. I gave you both Turtwig and Drilbur. I had to change your controls to default because the ones you were using were too much for my simple brain to handle. Game.rxdata
  5. If PULSE Muk was used more than once, do you repulse it?




    Pulse / re-pulse, get it?


    1. NullCat


      Hahahah well mabye they just made another one.

    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I'm personally repulsed that this joke even exists. You already drained its spirit out, can't you just leave a poor slime boi alone?!

  6. Your Larvitar is now Adamant. game.rxdata You now have Breloom with both Spore and False Swipe because Breloom with both moves is legal. Game.rxdata @DerpyDragon I'm afraid generating those eggs is something I can't do. What I could do is generate all mons in your Pc, which you can then trade away for eggs.
  7. In Melodic Mines, "interact" with the wall while you're standing on a grey panel.
  8. Did you change the files name or anything? You can play only files that are named exactly Game. So files named Game1 etc. won't work and it says new game.
  9. Do you want physical attacking, special attacking or mixed nature for Riolu?
  10. That's not your save file. If you have trouble locating it, use these instructions: http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/
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