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  1. I have a problem, what is the npc in the starter room? I don't know what this means frankly, is the starter room where you choose the starters? If so, its the npc Ame?
  2. To give you an idea of my current progression through the game, my latest gym battle is Samson at the Agate circus, and my latest team meteor battle was a duo with aya versus aster & eclipse. I'm in Calcenon City. My main team rn: (pingu) Empoleon [lvl 67] Ability: Defiant -Bubble beam -Hydro Pump -Metal Claw -Drill peck (BFG) Golurk [lvl 69] Ability: Iron Fist -Iron Defense -Earthquake -Shadow Punch -Hammer Arm (doge but red (I had a stoutland which I called Doge)) Arcanine [lvl 69] Ability: Justified -Crunch -Close Combat -Flamethrower -Flare Blitz (Budew) Roserade [lvl 69] Ability: Poison Point -Giga Drain -Petal Blizzard -Extrasensory -Toxic (Eshay) Scrafty [lvl 67] Ability: Shed Skin -Crunch -Brick Break -Flying jump kick -Dragon dance (electrosheep) Ampharos [lvl 67] Ability: Static -Thunder Punch -Dragon Pulse -Discharge -Thunder Feel free to comment any improvements to my team Extra pokemon that are worthy to replace: - Silvally [lvl 66] (maybe not *worthy* but mediocre) - Meowstic [lvl 63] - Bibarel [lvl 53] - Drifblim [lvl 60] - Emolga [lvl 61] - Mightyena [lvl 60] - Toxicroak [lvl 56] - Absol [lvl 72] (very poor movepool and over the level cap, caught in the wild) - Clefairy [lvl 30] (Can evolve into Clefable, good against dragon types) - Carbink ([lvl 46] - Dustox [lvl 52] - Hawlucha [lvl 51] - Karrablast [lvl 47] (can evolve into escalvier, or idk how to spell)
  3. oof then ty. someone lock this forum
  4. ty for the explanation, but wdym "teach any level up move". Is there a move tutor that teaches level up moves of some sort or
  5. I've recently got a silvally, (before going into Iolia Valley) and I went to the move relearner. The move relearner doesn't learn re-teach parting shot. I've noticed pokemon reborn teaches moves at different levels than in the pokemon database website. Any help? fuck me if type: null learns parting shot but silvally doesn't
  6. nvm sorry for the late reply I got it to work, just needed to re-download reborn. I retrieved my save file prior, just so you know
  7. alr thanks, and also I beat mimkyu by paralyzing it wiith toge mouse pokemon thingamajig that its name I forgot
  8. Um bump I need help with gym leader Shade I can one tap 3 of his pokemon with x attack + sucker punch from toxicroak, but I can do half health on doublade, and then defeat doublade using scrafty. The mimkyu is the hardest part. In the guide it recommends nuzzle, which I replaced with another move because im an idiot, and also my friend suggested drifblim using ominous wind (because it raises all stats including speed) and my drifblim doesn't have ominous wind as well
  9. ALRIGHT NEXT GYM I NEED HELP sorry for asking so much from you guys I have a level 39 toxicroak that knows sucker punch, I can put an X attack on it for that more dmg I'm struggling with mimikyu because yk... its mimikyu I require assistance once more! Info on pokemon above, haven't updated or caught any new pokemon except croagunk from corey
  10. alright in what order should I bring out my pokemon, I have lvl 33 seaking (with swim swift), lvl 35 hariyama, lvl 35 emolga, lvl 35 empoleon, lvl 35 bibarel, lvl 35 growlithe Edit: LETS GO I BEAT THE GYM ty for the help, the seaking didn't do a damn thing and got one shot, absolutely adored the 4 hours of grinding for 2 seaking and finding out it was a waste, lets go
  11. alright its okay, I have aqua jet, I think its 80 power move too
  12. thanks for these tips, and sorry to ask so much from you, but I recalled I required blue shards for water pledge. I've already found 1, if you can remember can you give me the locations of two others? I've searched everywhere and I've asked my friends for any locations but I cannot find any at all
  13. Okay update on the gym: I have a level 35 empoleon with prinplup and water pledge Seaking doesn't seem to sweep and rn it gets one shot by masquerein's grass type move WAIT FUCK IM TYPING THIS AND I JUST REALISED I GRINDED SEAKING WITHOUT SWIM SWIFT ABILITY NO Edit: Got a lvl 11 goldeen with swim swift :)) a bit demotivated after finding out 2 hours wasted leveling up my previous seaking, now named thanks to the name-rater "Failure"
  14. thanks for replying to my long assed description of my position, you can defenitely see my desperation Wait I heard theres a rod you need to catch a seaking and the only rod I have is an old rod. what is the name of the rod and what do I require for its acquisition?
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