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  1. Lorane


    Banned for having NO profile pic at all
  2. I'm FINALLY here oml lemme see lucario pls
  3. Hi! So I am on my third(?) playthrough of Reborn and I'm at the point where we come back to Reborn city, and I'm about to enter the Devon corp building to witness the..... horrendous thing that's gonna happen there. Before that, though, I just acquired a Ralts, and wanted to replace a team member, namely swalot, because it has become the weakest member of my team.. and in regards to the later gyms(adrienn, tittynia titania, amaria etc), swalot woudnt work so well because since samson, it has mainly become a healing tank, that is not so helpful... Anyways, here is my team! Please sugg
  4. Hey lucario, it's not baumina..oh well Anyways evi u dere?
  5. Oh dayun why Just nice to know I'm unlucky, but not nice is the fact that I have been constantly getting bad nature's on EVERY SINGLE POKÈMON except my starter ;( Well thank you everyone!
  6. Hi! So I just started playing Pokèmon reborn once more, and when I reach the part where you catch the minccino/espurr, I noticed that after soft resetting many many times that the natures Adamant and Jolly are simply not available on minccino...is this a glitch or was it supposed to go that way?
  7. Ohhh okay thank you so much!! I had another doubt, like I sometimes just don't understand the premise of what's happening...so what should I do in that case??
  8. Lorane


    Wait so im curious Cass What in the world would you even feed your weasel pets
  9. Cass is riiiiiighhhhtttt around the corner, she's just busy feeding dem weasels a piece of ai While we wait for her, Lorisaur should be kind enough to grace us with their pious presence.
  10. Lorane


    Banned for associating hell with hamsters
  11. YES LORANE IS HE- wat. Displaeyyyyy how cud u do dis I thought we were terrawrs *Cries in b00ty* ahem. Starry where you at? (and I see u evi I do )
  12. Hehehsheheheh... HEHE hOW DARE U THINK ME STARRY I HURT I- ahem. so. Hiiii me backkk~~~ evi crys crys you there?
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