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  1. manifesting a madame meganium battle in which she uses a level 125 shiftry
  2. the sky looks menacing today omg

  3. Does anyone know where to get a prism scale for that feebas?
  4. alternative title: HOW TO KILL YOUR PLAYERS FROM HYPE 101
  5. you can download a hotfix for that, check the download links above.
  6. Okay so I just checked over to the dev blog. The Devs can't do anything about it because it's a problem from the app's side. Sorry for bothering you, Devs! Thank you for the amazing game so far
  7. Has anyone tried opening v13 with joiplay, on Android? I tried, but it doesn't work....it just can't seem to find some files...
  8. Hello Zumi! So I just downloaded and extracted v13 on my phone, but when I open it (using joiplay) I get this: this is a fatal error and I've double checked everything, including re-downloading as well as re-opening, but nothing seems to be working... (Also, just in case you didn't know, joiplay is compatible with mkxp as I tested it with reborn.) (Also-Also, I checked the file mentioned below, and it's there. It's not missing, and i don't know why this error keeps coming up..)
  9. im just imagining them dropping a clown emoji at the time and laughing at us for going above and beyond to crack the code
  10. Lorane


    banned for trying to defend me ^^
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