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  1. 100 pages of pure hype This final ep is gonna be wild
  2. Personally I absolutely love the void and the following cutscenes (they rlly are the best part of the game lmao). Both events provided deep insight into characters that we had not seen in a while; rado, sera and luna and their relationship with each other. We learned that Anna and Noel are Rado's kids, we learned about gardevoirs relationship with rado, about how the keys were distributed and about Rado's connection with Sirius. Like bruh we watch a pokemon make a whole ass black hole, thats fucking sick! "Unacceptable" is just an objectively incorrect word to use to describe something you personally dont like and smth that lasts 1 min if u hold x lol.
  3. oh so we r gonna throw hands with Solaris again in ep 19. i assume in reshi path it will be because we lured his son into a death trap lmao
  4. yea i always found that a bit nuts, like shouldn't that kill her, its superpower from a freaking tyranitar
  5. My God did you say 2500 icons, smeargletail thats nuts. Ik i speak for most people here when i say the hard work, effort and time you guys put into this gem of a game is something we truly appreciate
  6. Ok this has usurped all of ep 19. Ame, Cass, devs, please, please leave the MAN plaque, in titania's castle
  7. oh yea i saw that, kinda sucks. do u have a timeline for when it may return tho
  8. Idk how people can see this new, dope, looking character, old areas getting redone and the quality of the story itself improve and still be mad. Bit of a bruh moment.
  9. We already got to see Malchous' glow up, we saw the new characters glow up and now Mosswater looking clean AF too. Ame and co, you guys have totally outdone yourselves here and I for one am hyped to see all the changes to this game!! also *Luffy voice* AAAAAACCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE!!!
  10. Its actually quite poetic, this ultra genius freaking AI having to compensate for my dumbass clicking stupid moves and trying to attack flobot in fiore mansion because she sucks as a partner is truly a sight to behold. Oh btw that new title screen be looking hot af too
  11. Honestly, Ame and co could not have provided us with a better new years gift if they tried
  12. What if its all a ruse and Ame is just flexing the fact that she successfully collected all three god cards?
  13. She played Radomus and tricked him into her buying a mansion, she played cards and tricked us into thinking these cards were Lin or Julia. Makes sense.
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