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  1. Im coming through that city guns blazing. All members of meteor are eligible to obtain this smoke.
  2. Yea it makes sense no?? Honestly the new world, personally is the aspect i am most hype for. Like what the hell is it, where is it, and why do Lin and meteor want to create it so bad. And just from reading field notes i know that fighting Lin there is gonna be painful.
  3. Im gonna assume that the camerupt food, menu, nutrition thing, means that we will end up fighting the pulse camerupt some time in the future.
  4. WOAHHHHHH. These fights are gonna be mental.
  5. Oh was it, idk i just saw the post from a while ago. Regardless, its confirmed that there will be a lot of gauntlets in this final episode and prepping for these battles is pretty much impossible.
  6. Woahh i think that would be a dope concept, it would add a whole different dimension to the difficulty of getting our last badge.
  7. it really seems like everyone has some pretty viable strats for Shaphira, but this tournament in Labradorra seems like its gonna be much harder, as I think it will be unlikely that we will be able to change teams between fights, making it one hell of a gauntlet.
  8. its in the room where you can fish for dratini.
  9. I still think best bet is getting rid of dragons den, either through ice z move or something like misty terrain.
  10. Im not sure if this is known issue but for some reason when I have a pokemon with the ability prankster, trick room will not go first even though it is a status move. Idk if im dumb or if there is something wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Ahhh ofc, chlorophyll. Im actually quite goofy, i had no idea that nature power was a status move lmao. Ill for sure try that, cheers.
  12. The custap berry onix is actually quite a big brain move (i may also borrow this idea), but im confused with how u plan on sweeping with exegutor. Like dosen't it have base 45 speed, i think almost everything on her team will be able to out-speed, but i am just guessing. My main strat, similar to that with your feraligator, was to just get rid of dragon den. I dont normally like doing that becuase it feels cheap but man, the boost she gets from that field is pretty nutty so i might try a few times with her normally but otherwise im using prankster whimicott setting up misty and sweeping with 5 other fairies.
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