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  1. g r e e t i n g s, my fellow rebonians, I come bearing g8 news, we got a party going down soon, WOOOOOOOOOOO. For those of you who are new, firstly, welcome, how are you? you good? okay, now, every year here we host two main events: the summer party and the winter reveal. Given that it is summer (for those of you in the northern hemisphere anyway, but massive shoutout to everyone from the southern hemisphere) this is gonna be the summer party!! This event will happen on The 25th June! So mark it in your calendars because it is gonna be HYPEE. Theres gonna be music, movies and games all taking place in a dedicated server, so trust me, you don't wanna miss it. Below (only if Ik how to properly attach files, but you can't miss it its the only image I'm gonna attach here), is a listing of all the events that are gonna take place! This year we have got not one, not two, but three movies taking place for our main event!!!! These being: The Princess Bride Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind I Want to Eat Your Pancreas I have attached the trailer links for those movies so give them a watch if you're interested. So aside from those movies we also have the Reborn Royalty. That is where we will create a list of categories where you, the party people can nominate members of the community to win those titles! Nominations will be a separate thread that generally comes out about a week before the party and voting and announcements are done on the day of the event, so look forward to that, it's always very fun. Now, we also have Game Room!!! Here are the games that will be taking place this year and the basic synopsis Curses Y'all know this game I aint gotta explain too much, but if ya don't know imma give u da rundown. This is the game where u basically add a bunch of restrictions and rules to what people say. This is always one of the highlights of the party and it gets wild and whaky! Mad Libs In this game you take a paragraph/exerpt/quotation from any sort of medium and you have people give you nouns adjectives and verbs, throw those new words into what you said before and viola, humour! This is always a fun one so tune in! Party Quirk Battle Royale In this game u are assigned a quirk (I call dibs on All for One, if you know, you know) and you have to act out your quirk, if someone guesses it you're out. Becoming the last man standing has never been so important, so come on down and win! Never Have I Ever This is the reborn version of being huddled around the campfire and just chatting with friends. Never have I ever is a personal favourite event of mine and ik it is the same for others so be sure to stay up for that and remember, what happens here stays here! And of course we have Free for All!! This year we got slammin jams, aka MUSIC!!!, jackbox games, some cards against humanity OwO and the esteemed Reborn Hunger Games!! These will be taking place throughout the entire duration of the party so feel free to drop in. So regardless of whether you're an OG here in the community, a newcomer or a silent lurker come join us on the 25th of June, this is a great opportunity to meet people and some well deserved fun. Look forward to seeing you all there!!!!!!!
  2. Sobbing rn, I’m so happy for you and the whole dev team. Celebrate Ame, you made it to the finish line!!!!
  3. Currently my zygarde is staying in perfect form outside of battle and at full hp. Im pre sure that is not normal. Game.rxdata
  4. Thank you Ame, wholeheartedly. This game has proved to be such an integral part of my life. The game itself has been such a ride and allowed me to meet and help so many amazing people. Reborn has proved to be so much more than a simple Pokémon game for me. I look forward to attempting all your future endeavours. Thank you again to not just you but the entire development team for making this masterpiece of a game!!!
  5. This thread has been active for almost 4 years. And in just a single week its gonna be closed, what a journey and what a game. Thank you Ame and all the other devs who worked on this masterpiece, looking forward to the community release!!!!
  6. Yea suff like chomp is generally not counted as part of the nuzlocke.
  7. Nuzlocking reborn is not as challenging as it seems, as long as you don't do it on it your first playthrough anyone can do it
  8. heyyy fernip where u from uwu
  9. There are just no words to describe this feeling rn
  10. While it is true that Sirius is a lil evil you gotta remember who sent him down this path of total destruction. That being the true villain of Reborn so far. Good ol Rado. It is was said during glass that Radomus has a jeweller embroid the 4 keys to into jewels. He also said, iirc, that this "jeweller" was betrayed by Rado and then sought to get the extract revenge. Obviously none of this justifies all of the horrible stuff that this "jeweller" as done, but like don’t let Rado get away with starting all of these problems just because he wanted a castle for his crush.
  11. Idk i feel like Trick room will just hurt Linn sm, the speed cut plus its extension on new world is just asking people to use it. Its definitely the most viable strategy heading into ep19
  12. This hype train is approaching warp speed!!!
  13. yeah every starter is available at some point through an event
  14. With the 18 people losing to a regular grunt, imma have to say doubt to this statement here
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