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Found 14 results

  1. So yeah, i'm currently stuck before the final battle, well to be precise the final 3 battles. I don't use items in battle and somehow managed to find a way for each battle, but now i'm out of ideas. My team currently: I know this team is kinda boring, but when you try to do the postgame fights itemless, especially the last ones you kinda have to use pokemon like these. To get through the first fight i kinda have to sacrifice my Landorus-T, and in the second fight i will loose 3 or 4 more teammembers. I also have to use Xerneas Geomancy. So for the 3rd battle (which hopefully is the last!!!) I'm almost out of pokemon. I really wish to not use a Sacred Ash or something, because it would leave a sour taste, so if someone has any ideas, which can me through the first two battles relatively unscathed, please share them with me! :)
  2. In preperation for the inevitable e19 release i did a rerun of ep1-18. right now i've beaten hardy and wanted to do some of the sidequests namely the aqua gang job appl quest. i've finished all restorations howerever archie never seems to appear in 7th street for me and i don't know why. is it a glitch or bug or is there something i'm missing to trigger the quest? Game.rxdata
  3. Does anyone know if there's a way to get a second Type:Null in the postgame? Got the one from 7th street and evolved it already, but I'd like to grab a second one since I am going for a full living dex. Just OCD things, ya know.
  4. I just finished the darkrai quest, and smeargle ask me to go help with "the door in the stinky wet place". I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find it. Edit : I find it.
  5. Ok so after removing the tier 7 anomalies I'm stuck as to what to do next.
  6. Well, my apologies if this has already been posted, but the game keep crashing upon receiving Darkai. Lin Route.
  7. I've made a quick video showing the issue: Description: You don't get darkrai after finishing the quest. 19.01 version save file tranfered from EP18 passwords: easyhms
  8. Currently my zygarde is staying in perfect form outside of battle and at full hp. Im pre sure that is not normal. Game.rxdata
  9. So I'm doing the anomalies and where is the portal for the one on route 2, Zero says its in a cave on route 2 I searched the entirety of ametrine mountain and can't find it even looked in Celestine Mountain nada, please where is it am I blind ?
  10. So, do you even wander about how we will encounter the legendaries in the post-game? Personally I would see well some sidequests involving Team Meteor (or what is left of it) like the followings: -Mewtwo: Created to copy the original one (leading to another sidequest to gain its mega stones) -Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza: Invoqued in order to be captured and dominate the world with them (succesfull at first, with battles against the legendaries) -Ultra Beasts: Brought into Reborn to cause chaos, they would roam around the region. -Xerneas/Yveltal/Zygarde: A little bit like the weather trio, but this time, Zygarde will assist you at stopping Xerneas and Yveltal at breaking the balance between life and death. Any other suggestion?
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