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  1. Rejuv has something similar where if you press S in battle you can inspect a mon on the field Personally I like it better than reborn's cuz it gives a lot more info
  2. Me when rejuv update How do you manage to make this game more and more beautiful every single fucking update I'm AAAAAAA Very excited for 13.5!
  3. I guessed correctly that is was adam :)
  4. Sunlit Sovereign @Bearadactyl Ember King @lukatales Midsummer Queen @FelicityWivani
  5. Think they might release it on the 10th anniversary of the game Which is in the 17th
  6. The first time I played Reborn was back in July 2020 when I was a random 12 yr old with too much time on his hands because of covid, which sucked I was looking up fangames to play, at that point I had completed SLLD and Insurgence, and I had vague memories of a game called Reborn, I looked it up found it, and downloaded it. What I found was nothing short of a surreal experience, I played for hours at a time, just sucked into the game, dying at bosses, mining every single roq I found, grinding over and over on Indra, and ofc being mesmerized by the story and the general atmosphere of the game, shortly after that I joined the rebornevo Discord for some help with the glass gauntlet, which is probably one of the best decisions I hve ever made, I have met so many wonderful people and cherished friends in here. Now back to the game, Before playing Reborn, I was a filthy casual, I literally didn't give two fucks about EVs/IVs/Natures/Abilities. All I cared about were moves and types(honestly my orginal Insurgence is nothing short of an embarrassment). I have to hand it to the game for making me a better player. Now, story ramblings The game is probably one of the few games where even though I had willingly spoilered myself on certain events, experiencing said events in the game was an experience no amount of text could have prepared me for Reborn truly is an amazing game, definitely the best fangame, a lot of good memories and the wonderful community around it And now e19 is coming out, just wow Sorry if my ramblings are unreadable LOL
  7. I am going to ignore everyone and continue with my current save smh I have attachment issues ok, I spent too much time grinding up three Pokemon 1-90 to forget about them Also hype, this game is releasing next week holy shit
  8. I am pretty sure the Tournament of Booty was a one time off April Fool's joke Ame even clarified that on her Tumblr As much as I like the idea and the premise, it's unfortunately not real :(
  9. If this ends up being true I will be very sad, ace seems like such a fun character
  10. Is the tilted knight from titania drastic measures Andesen's castle?
  11. I remember ame saying somewhere that UBs would be available as wild mons in the new areas
  12. I appreciate each and every single member of the dev team for making such a beautiful game and having such a beautiful community that has had such a positive impact on my life. Very excited for e19
  13. Radomus may not be a grandmaster, but I think he has certainly studied chess to a high extent to maintain such an excellent facade of a grandmaster
  14. I can definitely see a lot of strats being made around mid battle evo
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