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  1. CrystalStar


    I am ready yoooo
  2. i think the image has saki's socks, look closely
  3. its literally visible in the source code lmao look for a bunch of 0s and 1s
  4. think back to the answers of the previous 2 and smth to do with pokemon
  5. welp lets get cracking peeps
  6. ok, why does that image look suspiciously like a troll face
  7. Jan why you troll us like this smh sigh welp time to get cracking aight i managed to crack it quickly but.... what the hell is that message spoopy
  8. welp another package has been delivered lads
  9. .... WHY WHY IS AMOGUS HERE ... When the rejuv v13 is sus smh.
  10. uhhhhhh, idk I'll be honest, i was half asleep and really tired from finishing and editing the chapter in the same day, not to mention it was late, and half my brain wasn't working. NO. NO. NOPE. TIME OUT. NOT TODAY.- says Anthony. Fr tho, I think Anthony would've managed to keep himself together right until Karen intervened. That was one of the worst jokes (can that even be considered a joke?) I have written. lol Glad you liked the chapter!
  11. the new dev update of rejuv has gotten me so hyped for v13 damn 👀


  12. erick was gym 9 but gods, what the heck
  13. I think it takes two refers to the fact that Puppet Master wants the MC and Aelita to work together It could also be referring to the quest the MC and Aelita are gonna go on together in v13
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