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  1. *gives azery some ambrosia and nectar to help get through the hell that is Rejuvenation V13 Testing (TM)* jokes aside, hope testing goes well and fines and nothing too bad happens hyped for V13!
  2. because well, uhhhh my pc can't handle mkxp cuz its a potato
  3. i don't think so because Jan said that TRs were designed around partcipating in Max Raid battles and rejuv will not have Max Raid Battles
  4. dyna/gmax will not be in the game however the new gmax forms will be implemeted as new mega evos also we'll get the mega ring in v13 un sure abt primal or ultra burst
  5. dunno why is everyone picking bunny, but i for one am gonna do a grass mono with grookey as my starter cuz grassy surge grassy glide shenanigans hehe (yes i know surge, based abilities gonna get nerfed but they gonna get stacked so )
  6. that's exactly the state of this thread and my mind right now lmfao
  7. i dont think madame x has any connection to melia or marianette or anathea
  8. i am not sold on the madame x being melia theory why didnt she just overlap melia? now, some people would say that she hadnt unlocked her powers but why didnt she overlap melia in bad future?
  9. so uh.... do you guys think that the zygarde sidquest could affect the main story?
  10. most probably the place we fight cosmet and cosmia
  11. i think soon TM is there because there's a TM named Soon which will be available in rejuv
  12. pyramid top deffo my fav the narcy sidequest goomink sidequest return to the past part 3 aka before adam
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