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  1. I swear dgshgdhshdjdww We just got deez nutz by the entire Reborn team lmfao
  2. Happy belated birthday to An Aevium Adventure I actually can't believe it's one year already hgsjdhdh Anyways.... New chapter! SEASON 1: THE START Chapter 11: One Kiss You DON'T Want I can set up a proper update schedule now. How frequently should I post chapters? Feedback is always appreciated <3
  3. Maybe the real Lin was the friends we made along the way... So basically the entire cast :)
  4. Suffering... Oh suffering Moar suffering in post-game Jokes aside, excited to see what's gonna be done with these fites!
  5. hi, chapter 10's been released, go read it now y'all SEASON 1: THE START Chapter 10: The Very Stinky Project i am always open to feedback! LINK TO NEXT CHAPTER
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