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  1. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post art other than on my tumblr/twitter, but decided to do it anyway. I'll be posting all my reborn fanart here in this thread. EDIT: I changed the image sizes and resolution so it may look a bit weird Here are some I already finished: This was made back in February. You can tell I was really really lazy with the background lmao. (still kinda am) This was made back in April. I tried to go for an easier artstyle than the previous one but then I was never to recreate that style so... I finished this a few minutes ago! I went back to my old artstyle and tried a bit harder with the background and the shading. I'll post more later and hopefully not with months with nothing between them haha.
  2. So, I'm Ruby, 21, and I do mostly digital art in varied styles such as digital paintings, or cell shaded art, and I study art as well. OwO Links: Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | Carrd | Commissions (open, paypal only) Reborn related art: Other art:
  3. Sooo, I've decided to share my artwork with someone besides my friends and family, yay And yeah, the name's Yana, if you haven't guessed already ((god i hate my nickname, when i came up with it i was so stupid)), but whatever, this is getting slightly offtopic I must warn you that there will be both new and old art, something is fine, something is not really good and something is outright creepy plus I don't do digital art and my camera is really, really bad I would like some feedback for the new art, but it's not really needed though, I'd be content just knowing that I've showed my art to others and that just maybe someone liked it ((aand i'm russian, so sorry if my english is not so good)) First off, I have a tradition of drawing one OC based off of my friend to measure how much I've improved and how drastically my artstyle changed. Here are these drawings in order from the oldest to the newest: Then, here's the oldest ((i guess?? i don't even know which is from which time anymore...)) art that's not so bad: Now that's where the madness starts, beware: art inspired by etherane's artstyle and games And yeah, some artwork here is old as well I would've showed you more art, but I'm writing all this half asleep, so I guess that's enough for now Until the next time! :)
  4. Since this is my first post (maybe my only post) here, I figured I should begin with a bit of an introduction before the art. My name's Fernando, I go by he/him she/her and xe/xir. I first played Reborn 3 years ago. Couldn't get past the Aster & Eclipse battle on route 3, didn't touch it again for a long while. Despite forgetting a good majority of the story details over time, the game really stuck with me because of how incredibly well-designed it is (I study various art forms, including the art of game design). A year ago I replayed and managed to get all the way to Hardy's gym, and that second time around the story and characters left a much bigger impression on me. I honestly love Pokemon Reborn and consider it one of my favorite games of all time. It has its flaws of course but there is so much tangible effort, soul, and love evident in almost every facet of the game's design. I find the gameplay incredibly engaging too as someone who used to love competitive Pokemon battling in gens 5-6. Ultimately, I made an account here just to be able to express my gratitude for this amazing game. After my second playthrough I ended up feeling very motivated to draw a couple of pieces of fanart, and even a year later today I still like the drawings well enough, so I decided they might be better shared with the community rather than kept to myself stashed uselessly in my computer's files. Anyway, the drawings! First, here is a drawing I did of my Decibel-styled protagonist, Violet, with some information about xem as a character. One of the things I love about Reborn is that there's a real sense of story immersion, which coupled with the dialogue choices, allows you to feel like you're actively roleplaying and developing the main character. It's easy to fill in their personality and imagine how they would act towards certain characters or events. Reborn is a good example of a silent protagonist done right: they serve as both their own character with a place in the Reborn world, and a medium/self-insert/OC for the player, without feeling like a power fantasy (i.e. NPCs are treated equally as important). Moving onto the Fern stuff... Just as a preface, I like to headcanon him as trans, I think it fits well with his character. Got the idea mainly from his sprite ^ Pissed off after losing a battle. ...It's kinda weird having a favorite character with the same name as you. (At least, I'm assuming Fernando is his full name, since it was said somewhere that he and Florinia are Hispanic) Some may be thinking "Ha! Shit taste!" when I call him my fave but I can't help it, I love antagonistic characters with jealous inferiority/superiority complexes. I feed off of their inner angst like a psychic vampire. Do I even need to explain this I think the conflict between Florinia and Fern seems interesting, hope we'll get to learn more about that, including whatever was going on in that weird trippy Gardevoir void death...place. Also I refuse to acknowledge any interpretation other than Florinia being noticeably taller than Fern and him having a manlet complex about it. Another bad meme. { Violet in the jungle cage, groveling on the floor for Fern to let xem out: Ahhh please you have to understand, I'm just so dummy thick, the clap from my ass cheeks alerted the Nuzleafs x0 ;] ;] Fern: ...K, this isn't fun anymore. Bye. } Well, that's everything I had managed to draw before my motivation dried up. If at least one person sees these and enjoys them, then my work is a success.
  5. So I joined not long ago to give cass some support after she made a long and honestly must-read post about Pokemon Reborn's development, and figured since I'm here I might as well...y'know, actually contribute. I'm not too great at talking to people/socializing for a lot of personal reason I'm not getting into, but I've been thinking about using art/creativity as a way to connect with people instead. I'm self-taught as a digital artist (anime, kemono), writer, and photographer; have dabbled in culinary art and want to pursue it more if I can, and plan to get into music when the time's right. I also have a strong interest in game design, but plan to wait for that until after I finish my art/Japanese double major and move to Japan. Since I do all sorts of stuff, I figured it'd be better for me to just create my own thread and update it instead of having a ton of posts scattered everywhere. Hope that's alright with the admins--please let me know if it's not. So, some art to start. I've taken a liking to hi-res artworks (like 3000x3600) because of detail and such. I started digital art last May, and started kemono/anime art last January--so still a noob, trying to figure things out. *If these take too long to load for people, let me know and I'll put 'em in spoiler tags. I'm having some issues with Pixiv killing the image embeds and trying to figure out how to get it to cooperate. As a photographer, I have about 8+ years of experience, though I haven't upgraded to a camera--mostly due to being on disability and unemployable (goes back to that personal stuff). I use my phone camera, which means I can focus solely on composition. Nature and landscapes are my forté. ...Et cetera. For the writing, my experience so far is more autobiographical than anything, as a way for me to really sift through my past, figure out what the hell I've been through, and organize what's basically my cirriculum vitae--not the kind you give to show one's career and experience to employers, but a literal story of my life, in all the details (many of which are harrowing and likely difficult for people to handle). I've been working on expanding toward the creative side of writing, and as of now am focusing on the backstories of my characters, and building a world around them, with lore and all that good stuff. I plan to make it into a game at some point. I have one character's backstory mostly fleshed out, but I'm still working on her design, so I'll post both when the time comes. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged!
  6. Decided to try my hand at making custom shinies. Okay, fine, it was just an excuse to make a Neopolitan Cinncino How do you think they turned out?
  7. Hi, new member. Inspired by a previous post from @motherhenna, I decided to have a take on making my own edits on the reborn trainer transition sprites. I agree with motherhenna that some of the original sprites can be over detailed yet they still work fine! I am giving my own kind of eyes (wider iris and pupils unlike the canon's narrow) so I hope it doesn't stray too far from what we're used to seeing. Give any feedback if you got any and feel free to use these.
  8. Basically this is something I spent waaaaay too long on this for characters I'm not too fond of. Despite that, the hint of a metaphor that deals with a relationship dynamic based on fairy tale tropes was really interesting to me as it holds some merit. Considering the two character's different perspectives. From Titania's view, Amaria is the dragon to her tower. The tower being their relationship, and the dragon being the threat of Amaria's emotional and mental state deteriorating. I found the notes within Titania's gym incredibly ironic, for as much as she derides the princesses within those stories for not simply trying to leave she can't even manage to get out of her situation on her own. In a story with much more focus, finesse, and a smaller cast this could have been a wonderful character study on someone in an emotionally abusive relationship pretending to be the strong Knight and Shining armor when inside she is the Princess. She calls her gym a free world but it in itself could have been a symbol of her prison. But I've rambled enough. It's not very pretty, but there's four versions in the tag below.
  9. so... reborn ocs, huh? it took me a while, but i finally got around to drawing a full body reference for ava! she's based off on a response from an ask and a headcanon of mine? she's an archaeologist and taka's surrogate mother who came to reborn originally to study the region's history, but after a a very brief encounter with her son, ava was determined to be reunited with her son after being separated for nearly 20 years. though soft-spoken and mild mannered, don't go mistaking her kindness for weakness.
  10. Hello and welcome to my terrible sketchbook. I've been at a slump for quite a while but playing Reborn has sparked my creativity a bit and with that I take to my tablet to dooble a few things. I guess this will be updated whenever I'm able to cough some alright looking sketches out? Who knows?? Not me tbh. I'll also be tentatively taking requests. Just tell me what you'd like me to draw! *Keep requests PG-13. *Please note they'll be sketches cause I'm lazy, rip. *Please don't be offended if I skip over your request. I'm doing these in my own free time for fun. Shall we begin?
  11. Hey in my spare time I've been working on my own Pokemon fan-game and I just started doing some custom sprites and I would love some feedback on how to make them seem believable, add perspective, different color pallets that work, anything you can think off really. These are the sprites i've made so far. 1.Piper 2.Emi 3. Undecided (Work in Progress) Extra notes. 1. I need help figuring out how to make the back of number 3 believable as in I don't get what he/she's hair should look like from the back. 2. Also I haven't decided if 3 should be a girl or a boy what do they look like to you? 3. Is there some way that I can add some slight detail to Pipers hair or clothes without it going over the top or is it fine the way it is currently. 4. ( Something about Emi ) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 5. Also I did use Cain's sprite from Pokemon Reborn as a base for making 3. I hope this doesn't count as some type of plagiarism or something since i'm changing it into something different but if so, i'm sorry and i'll be glad to make any changes necessary. 6. If any of the characters look like too similar too any other sprite you've ever seen please tell me so I can make it more unique. Thank you for reading and giving any Feedback!!!
  12. Tsune


    Hi, I've been a big fan of Reborn for awhile but I just joined the website today! I draw comics, and am working on a webcomic while I go to college. But for the last couple of days I've been doodling reborn in class... so I thought I'd share. I just beat Shelly's gym so no spoilers please! I've drawn the moment in the game that has moved me the most so far, as well as Cain, ZEL and Fern the Ultimate Chad. Feel free to give me feedback, or scream with me about the many good boy rivals this game has to offer.
  13. This is basically where I'm going to stash all my fakemon sprites / pokemon related digital art. I can do requests, just keep in mind I'm not a machine and we'll have a gay ol' time. Note: These are all current works at the time, it takes me roughly about 30 minutes to complete a front sprite for a fakemon, anything other than fakemon will take longer to do if you so request Starters -for this batch of starters, i was thinking of having one regular line of evos, a split evo, and an early evolver. I'm sure you can guess which ones are which using good ol' common sense. ROUTE 1 Derps -will most likely update this post with an evolution to this lizard guy. The bird has a zen mode like gimmick. It's frail, so when it faints, it basically gets a second life in the form of a, well, form. It's stats are stronger then most normal/flying birds, but it doesn't evolve. Also note, it turns into a ghost type when in the "after life" form... Game Asset things These are just for fun, very much inspired by a guy named MortMort on YouTube. Definitely check him out if you're into spriting! I'm using the gbc color palette provided by aseprite just to kinda limit myself, which makes this tons more fun! The thing I'm most likely going to use these things for will be like a side-scrolling rpg with a sort of earthbound feel to it. I say earthbound because it gives me the excuse to make wacky and zany characters for no reason lol. Everything but the tilesets uses the 2 color, white and black rule. More to come in the future~~~~
  14. Greetings everyone who is either bored or follows my stuff, I want to start off by saying this: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST! ...There, I said it. Jokes and ranting aside, I want to aspire to become a spriter such as those with lofty titles which I will not get into b/c we would be here all day/night/morning/eternity so... I am hereby announcing my art project here since I've no motivation for this so this will help me get some and if I rage quit, y'all can spite me. I do have an idea on what the character's name and facial expression is going to look like. My problem is the base. Please note: I am a novice at the art of spriting. Please humor my maniacal deviance at times. The character is the dark type champion of a game I have in the embryonic stages. What base would befit a person with little to no emotion and emanate a dark presence when you see him? Let me know what y'all think in the comments and I'll be happy to give it a try. Thank you in advance and I hope I can do this. ~Aki
  15. Hi, Peanuts here. Those of you that follow the art forum probably know that I have been working on high resolution sprites for reborn. I'll probably reserve this thread for any feedback I want on sprites, but continue posting notable Pokemon on the original thread started by @Bazaro. If any of the other spriters working on high res sprites want to post here for feedback, you are welcome to. To start, which charmeleon tail looks better? I was going for a more detailed flame look and it turned out quite different from the original.
  16. ...well, I suppose this is now a thing. Seeing as it has been some time since I've established a presence here, and after receiving encouragement from a few friends, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to post some of the stuff I draw. I know a general art thread exists, but seeing as precedents exist, I think I'm within my ambit to start this sort of thing here. For those who don't know me, I'm a student of accounts and economics who, among other things, also draws and paints, ranging from cartoons to watercolours to canvas. The general idea is, of course, that I use this space to put up the drawings and other stuff I create, for those who are interested to view. As of now, I do not have much time on my hands, and it'll be that way for a couple of months, but eventually, depending on my circumstances and the amount of support this gets, I plan to accept requests and commissions. For now, this'll remain a gallery of sorts, with probable weekly posts or something along that line. All patronage is appreciated! ---------------------------------- For a start, here is something that some might remember: Scizor-Man? ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Hey Everyone ! how is it going ? I'm here today to post my latest creation as a Graphic Design Student ! it's 4 Artworks : Covers for Fan-Game, based on the 3 legendary birds of Kanto, plus one more W.I.P ... here is the link for my portifolio ! ( the images are to big to post here...) Hope you all like them ! https://www.behance.net/gallery/52865025/Pokemon-Titans-Unite-Fan-Game-Ideas-for-2019
  18. Greetings and welcome to a random scribble board. Here I share random loads of shit I made. It varies from what I am interested in at the time, although more may be added. All comments are welcome! To come: Traditional Art (Maybe) Previous graphic work (Maybe) Aim: To determine whether sprite making is an interest of mine or not. Especially animated sprites. See if I am any good at doing stuff maybe.
  19. (Alright, for now the shop front aka this post is a work in progress, but here it is!) Welcome to Angel's! ~Temporarily closed to catch up on orders~ First of all, I should put a few rules regarding commissions. Well, rules is a little strong, how about guidelines! -Of course, the forum rules apply. As long as the content in your request stays PG-13, I'll do it. -I can take up to 5 requests at one time for now, I will keep a waiting list at the bottom of the post. -If you have a new idea for a kind of sprite I can do, by all means pitch your idea! Just make sure to either put it in the Other section of your form or keep it separate from the form. I'll also keep a poll for my own ideas to see what people want! -Constructive criticism is always excepted, as I can always improve! -If you need a redo of your sprite, for example you want a color changed, feel free to ask! -The easy stuff is free, but complex things are very time consuming, so I will ask for a small fee (in rupees, not real money) for those. I will occasionally change prices based on how complex orders can be, the demand, and customer input. This will happen as I get a better feel for the demand and time required. -I can do 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen sprites for all the sprite types listed below And with that, here's what I can do! (Please note, I will add more as examples are made/people add ideas) Pokemon Sprites I can do recolors, fusions, custom sprites, backsprites, and more. It's all in the spoiler below~ Trainer Sprites I can do custom trainers, VS sprites, overworlds, and more, all of which are below~ Thank you for your patronage! Come again sometime! ~Waiting List~ 1- WSGreen 2- Karasu 3- TheDW66 4- Trevore 5-
  20. AKA the thread where Skeleton starts typing like she does in English class. It's gotta look nice my dude!! Anyway this is just a suggestion/request thread. I'm trying to practice the arts more regularly, especially since I have some more time on my hands right now. I prefer doing Homestuck and Steven Universe stuff, that includes Troll- and Gemsonas! I will make a list of the types of art I do. feastings' sprite edit edits of the sprites that were used in [A6I3] Ministrife! Homestuck style the general style of homestuck panels Steven Universe style the style of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe Own style basically me drawing in whatever style seems to fit for the thing you're requesting/suggesting Lyricstuck storyboarding only as a suggestion unless you pay me all the rupees there are on this god damned website no example Got Tiger!! I love drawing people's god tiers!! You can request these in whatever style you prefer. Don't know what your god tier is? Here's a useful generator. dont let this thread die ill lose it
  21. This is my first satisfactory attempt at creating a mugshot/vs. sprite. Any criticisms or advice is welcome, especially if anyone notices glaring errors in it. (Also, the sprite is supposed to be Red in case anyone couldn't tell)
  22. Is there any character designs / character sheets for reborn's characters? I'm interest to do a fan-art(s) but I couldn't really find one other than the sprites from http://www.pokemonreborn.com/game/characters.html. Thank you in advance.
  23. Hello everyone im not that well known around here but I hide among random topics on the pokemon reborn forums. in this topic you will see some of my pixel art that I have made/worked on and you can request yourself a signature from me by using a form that will be in this topic as well! (ofc these banners will cost R) Enjoy! Form: Name: The Name you want on the signature Amount of pokemon: Please note that the highest amount of pokemon you can have is 6 and 2 of these pokemon can stand next to your sprite (or 1 of the pokemon can stand next to you.) depending on how many pokemon are selected will weigh the cost of the signature. pokemon 1: Pokemon 2: Pokemon 3: Pokemon 4: Pokemon 5: Name 3R Pokemon 6: Name 3R Gradient: a selection of 2 colours for the signature. 6R (if you want more than 2 colours for the Gradient the price is doubled) Background: a random image that you provide or I have to find (If I have to find it it will only cost 7R) Trainer Sprite: please say or provide what trainer sprite you want. One of the shiny alteration sprites below was accepted into pokemon reborn (when I posted it on an account I can't remember the password to >_> and im proud of it) there is also an example of the signature below
  24. Basically, this thread is where I post anything I decide to make on a whim, or whatever people request. What I do is basically put images in Paint.NET, magic them together with effects and stuff, and suddenly it turns out good. This is all I can really do since I can't draw unfortunately. My ability to complete requests can be on the slow side too, especially if there are a lot! I was told this was where I would post such a thing, so please tell me if this is the wrong place! The first post will basically have all the things I've done for myself and requests for other people. Things I done did: Also while I'm not asking for payment, a donation is always nice~ Hope you like it~
  25. I decided to open up a forum thread here dedicated to my artwork~ I've been drawing since I could ever pick up a pencil, and 17 years later, I haven't stopped~ Art (and cooking) is my passion, and I'd like to share what I've done with y'all here on the forum~ ~So without further a-do, here's (Some of) my stuff~ ---------------------------- Hope you all enjoyed that~ I'll do my best to upload more of my art for you all to see~
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