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  1. it's a glitch. it would be best to revert to a past save and run away instead of handing the time diamond over, which will still add towards the bad ending
  2. torchic, chimchar, scorbunny, and grookey aren't available unless you picked them as a starter. the tepig encounter seems to be glitched, but that might've been fixed. mudkip is available in the sheridan wetlands
  3. actually, they're available to buy in v13. they're in one of the top floors of the department store
  4. well uh. all of those mons are available except for magikarp, and pretty easy to find aside from type:null and beldum. just check the location guide
  5. it doesn't have any online capabilities unlike reborn, unfortunately
  6. i'm pretty sure the only one available is the one from Nana after capturing the emperor, if that's the one you got
  7. drifloon is a 1% encounter on wispy path 24/7, but a 2% encounter in both goldenleaf town and forgotten path at night. here's the full v13 encounter list if you have trouble finding a certain mon in the future
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