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  1. thanks for the help! these are all great suggestions some of em are pretty obvious too, such as the mamo set. not sure why i didn't think about that sooner lol
  2. i'm not a competitive player by any means and usually just use pokemon i like, and the team has worked pretty well for my so far, but with all the hard fights coming up i'm thinking the team could use some more synergy anyone have any semi last minute tips? probably should've done this sooner -_- Haxorus (Valentine) lvl 95 - Draco Plate - Jolly Ability - Mold Breaker EVs - 252 atk / 252 spe / 4 spd - Dragon Claw - Shadow Claw - Poison Jab - Swords Dance Ferrothorn (Ferric) lvl 90 - Rocky Helmet - Sassy Ability - Iron Barbs EVs - 252 hp / 26 def / 232 spd - Gyro Ball - Power Whip - Payback - Iron Defense Empoleon (Emperor) lvl 90 - Mystic Water - Adamant Ability - Defiant EVs - 126 atk / 252 def / 126 spd / 4 hp - Waterfall - Drill Peck - Aqua Jet - Swords Dance Ampharos (Narukami) lvl 93 - Ampharosite - Modest Ability - Static EVs - 4 hp / 252 spa / 252 spe - Thunderbolt - Power Gem - Signal Beam - Dragon Pulse Aerodactyl (Petra) lvl 90 - Aerodactylite (if Ampharos isn't mega) - Adamant Ability - Pressure EVs - 252 atk / 4 def / 252 spe - Iron Head - Rock Slide - Wide Guard - Aerial Ace Mamoswine (Freyja) lvl 90 - Wide Lens - Adamant Ability - Thick Fat EVs - 252 atk / 4 spd / 252 spe - Earthquake - Blizzard - Thrash - Ancient Power Togekiss (Astrophel) lvl 95 - Leftovers - Modest Ability - Serene Grace EVs - 252 hp / 4 def / 252 spa - Air Slash - Aura Sphere - Psychic/ Dazzling Gleam - Ancient Power Camerupt (Plume) lvl 90 - Charcoal - Calm Ability - Solid Rock EVs - 252 hp / 172 spd / 84 spe - Earthquake - Flamethrower - Eruption - Amnesia hope i posted this in the right place lol
  3. making a mad dash to finish my living dex in reborn atm cause ive been putting it off this week lol. the release date really snuck up on me

    im around 3/4s my way thru gen 6 rn, currently grinding up clauncher

  4. man what. just dont use slurs for pokemon names or at all. i hope that would go without saying
  5. have you gotten beldum? the squirtle event isn't doable after getting it
  6. your art is so charming! it's really nice to see the characters brought to life like this
  7. it is available there, but only after you finish the events in goldenleaf forest
  8. ohh. in that case, yeah you would have to use rpgmxp. not sure how you'd go about doing that though, sorry
  9. all you need to do is download the files in the thread, and through the menu ingame you'll be able to mess with pokemon's stats evs and ivs and whatnot. its super easy once you get it downloaded, which they explain how to do in the same thread
  10. did you update your game to v13 from an old save file? there are only a few places in the game that won't break when you transfer up a version, so that's probably why. if you're still at the beginning of the game, i'd just start a new save file
  11. i totally agree with you. i feel bad for the gamefreak employees who have to keep pushing out work this quickly. they barely gave legends any time to breathe before announcing gen 9 honestly i'd be fine waiting and extra year and a half for scarlet and violet if it meant the devs got enough time to work without rushing and suffering because of it. gamefreak execs really have to slow down. plus, more time would mean we get an overall better game. lets hope scvi doesnt end up being swsh 2.0
  12. pogging so hard rn this looks fucking sick
  13. all you need to do is rename whatever file you're trying to move into the rejuv folder with the name of the file you're replacing. like if you made your own trainer sprite and you wanted to replace it with the first male trainer sprite, you'd rename your sprite to "trainer001" and move it to the pokemon rejuvenation characters folder, in which it would replace the previously existing sprite. hope that made sense lol
  14. the method of obtaining beldum has been replaced by getting 15k+ red essence from route 4 and taking it to the wetlands, so there's no need for the card shards
  15. omg these look amazing! cant wait also i think its really funny how melia's wearing pigtails here like melanie.. she really saw an evil toddler alt timeline version of herself wearing pigtails and was like "yeah i could pull that off". good for her
  16. whoops, that's just a bug then. have you tried relearning it through the move relearner? you get access to egg moves after adam
  17. it's probably a form bug. fire fang is probably compatible with one of the other lycanroc forms but not dusk form, which is why it shows up with being compatible unless it is actually supposed to be compatible? id check dusk lycanroc's learnset
  18. people use it, just more so the link battles than the random ones. which would make it seem like not many people are using it, yeah
  19. hi there! i was the one that made that image actually, and i've made quite a few others for people. if you want to dm me a team list + your player character, i'd be happy to whip one up for you ^_^
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