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  1. I just finished playing through all of V13, and I just wanted to praise the devs for their hard work. The cinematic scenes that were amazing pre-V13 were made even better (Chapter 12 in particular), and the finale of V13 was also incredible with an amazing soundtrack as well. I thought Rejuvenation was phenomenal back in V5 when I started, but this is in a league of its own. To the devs and Rejuv team thank you so much!
  2. Did anyone patch on Mac? I can't launch the game after patching it on my Mac
  3. Hey yall, shout out to the devs for v13! I'm playing through the new early game and it is truly amazing. I'm looking to build my team, and I noticed a lot of Pokemon seem to have been moved further in the game. I was wondering if anyone has the locations of these Pokemon. If they are in a new v13 location please just skip it Meditite, Swinub, Budew, Eevee, Rockruff, Horsea, Buneary Thank you!!
  4. Trick Room has -7 priority, so it will usually go last, regardless of Quick Claw. Quick Claw makes you move first in your priority bracket, so unless Charlotte uses -7 priority moves, Trick Room won't go first.
  5. There will be one for V13, currently I don't think there is one unfortunately.
  6. You should encounter it during the main story. Also just an update, the guide is a lot more comprehensive now and accurate. Have fun y'all
  7. Desolation was a great game, so I decided to compile some items that I found after struggling a little myself. I currently have it updated to E5's information. Huge thanks to dragonza's E5 Item Guide and those who helped contribute to it, as it helped me confirm a few locations and rewards. If you have a fix/information, comment below and I'll try to keep this as updated as possible. Happy hunting! *UPDATED ON 8/11 NOTABLE ITEMS TMs CRYSTALS KEY ITEMS CREDITS ITEMS BY LOCATION (every item) * denotes hidden item denotes given by NPC denotes item obtained automatically during quest
  8. The "event" Rockruff from the pier can't be bred w/ the offspring having Own Tempo (I think I've bred 10 of them already w/ a Ditto), I'm pretty sure that this can be done in US and UM.
  9. Hi yall, I love the game and to see it evolve from V5 when I started into what it is now has been really amazing and truly you all have done an incredible job. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the Shadow Pokemon since XD and Colosseum looked really cool but I never got around to playing those games; will Shadow Pokemon come back into the story, and if they do, will they soon? Thanks again yall, I'm glad I gave this game a try!
  10. Find Venam in the Ranger HQ before when she was getting litty w melia
  11. Find the key in the hedge maze. It'll look like the bracelet you found earlier.
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