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  1. I'll explain what worked for me, after trying different things I: 1- Downloaded from manual download. 2- I updated. 3- From inside the game I selected saved folders shortcut. With this update there are to folders : Rejuvenation (the old one) Rejuv (the new one) 4- My problem was that the first conversion didn't go right, so I deleted all inside rejuv and I copied manually all the files in Rejuvenation to rejuv 5-I closed the game and reopened it and it wrote "converting" in the upper part of the screen 6- Then it recognised my save file and everything went as Jan said in the post. Please this is what worked for me but keep your save files safe.
  2. Same problem here, have you fixed it? Edit: nvm, I did it. I don't know if you still have that problem
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Tbh I like the changes and I found them quite reasonable to be honest (Angie and anemo grandpa were horrible for me). Specially, I really like the new ways of changing the fields because I think that makes battles more interesting, since you can take different approaches when you make your strategy.
  5. If there's a bad ending, I have to be there to get it.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. LightingZeno


      Ohh, I had not seen until today because I was busy with uni. 

      Thank you so much<3 and sorry for not having seen it before. 

      Also, for your profile picture I can see you are a man of culture as well 

    2. LykosHand


      It's ok don't worry and you're welcome 😄


      Oh i'm happy to see another fan of it 😉

    3. LightingZeno
  8. First of all, you do not suck, reborn leaders are pretty difficult to handle, you will get used to it soon( because there are a lot of gym leaders way more powerfull than Julia), so do not go crazy about that. Your team looks good to me, but... There is a little problem, Julia's trump card. That pokemon is very hard to beat fair and square, so you have to come up with some kind of strategy... Poison him and survive might be a good strategy. However, other good way of winning is that budew you are not using. I think I almost beat her just with my budew and my braixen. The key is taking advantage of budew's attack growth. I casually have a video of that battle where I win that way IDK if there is a way to send it
  9. Link stone The store is in Central Cellia, in the North. The store was initially hijacked, in order to buy there you need to complete a quest before. To start the quest, you need to talk with a girl, who is in the port of Cellia(the first part you see when you enter in Cellia, when you see Ava and Connor off)
  10. I do not know how to get vikabolt. However, you can obatain electivire evolving elekid. First you have to obtain elekid, it is in celeste city's pokemon center, a guy gives you, I'm not sure if it was a trade, anyway, it that were the case the pokemon required is pretty easy to find, I do not remember having much trouble getting it. Then you have to evolve elekid to electabuzz by leveling up. Finally, to get electivire you need a link stone and a electrizer. Link stone can be got by the two old men event, or buying it in the store of celia( I think it was eight credits or ten). You can get other link stone free, but is after defeating Rosetta and I won't risk to make a spoiler Finally, the electrizer, you have to go to the power plant in Celia, is near your mansion at the end of a street. There, you will find an electivire, you have to battle it (level70). When you defeat it, it leaves an electrizer. Hope I made myself clear. Good luck!!
  11. For those who asked what happens if you lack insight. I do not know if anyone can answer this, but:
  12. Hii!! Both games are completely diferent. Both of them have a great story and are pretty different to oficial games. Personally, I have played both and I recommend you to start with rejuv because the main difference in terms of difficulty that I found was that rejuv has more variety of pokemon when you start, which enables you to create a better team. In rejuv there are different modes, I think you should play normal mode because if you do that you will get used to the new dificulty and to be honest, easy mode is too easy. However, if you choose a mode and while you are playing you realise that you do not want to play that mode, you can change it anyway. Anyway both games are great. Good luck!!
  13. Don't worry once I got lost in a cave and it took me like a whole day to find my way out because it was dark and I don't like teaching flash to my pokemon
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