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  1. But will they recognize you? Or know you in anyway?
  2. So I'm gonna start a new save file, and I'm curious as to might happen to the storyline if you never do the Hidden Library Side quests. Any of you know if it'll mess up the story or not? Will Karen, Allen and Alice appear at all?
  3. Does he appear after finishing V13 update?
  4. Same here, I've tried but I can't find him. I know Mosley said we'd have to go somewhere south of the Hospital District, but haven't found him yet.
  5. Okay, I've finished off the v12 ana quest, where it says to be continued at Kristiline Town after Ana and player wins cook-off and can't find Dylan anywhere. Where to go from there?
  6. You guys figure how to do that Build an Employee thing?
  7. Any of you guys figure out the password for these guys? I'm struggling here!
  8. Anyone able to help me out with School of Nightmare in V13? I've investigated, investigated but haven't found the password for those guards yet. Help me please!
  9. You got the password for one of those mooks standing guard?
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