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  1. Auspicious Auth: @andracass @Ice Cream Sand Witch
  2. ? He has a Golem that can have sturdy. Abra is not a threat whatsoever, and Arcanine fucks up Steelix big time, as well as Noel. He's pretty good to go lol.
  3. he stopped really giving a shit, there's no real consequences so he can play as risk-free as he likes. Up to this point he also had Swalot stall out 9/10 matches so...
  4. Happy Birthday Azery 😄, i hope you're having a wonderful day 😄🍰

  5. I'd also like to point out that if he wants to keep his team safe, his best grinding options are to grind on wild Pokemon that are like 10+ levels under him. The Grand Hall trainers all come with an exponentially higher risk of killing off members so he's best off grinding on wild Pokemon to not risk losing anything, and trust me that's bloody TEDIOUS. So yeah, it makes absolute sense that he doesn't grind much, it's just not very enjoyable and he hasn't really been in need of it as long as Belly has been around just soloing fights.
  6. Ftr most of Kikis team uses Strength as their Fighting move and Mightyena is immune to that. Dark types in general wreck Kiki.
  7. Favourite: Swamp or Fairy Tale. Least Favourite: Mirror Arena.
  8. Popplio has liquid voice which turns sound moves into water moves.
  9. The thing I find odd about the last bit is that there's plenty of really good options early on, with the equivalent to Reborn's Kricketune being found in Swoobat, Xatu or even the Eeveelutions, particularly Sylveon doing very well against the first 4 gyms(granted the last one comes from having to beat Novae who can be pretty rough if you do it when cap is 25.) That being said Pokemon is a very matchup based game so it could simply be a result of the ones you do pick up having a bad time vs X or Y. Mostly speaking from my own experiences though since I prefer to stick to a smaller squad of new stuff every time to spice things up, and end up running into that issue. Personally I'd say hardest is probably either Angie or Ryland with the easiest going to one of Amber/Flora or Venam. Usually depends but I have tended to struggle with the former two on most of my runs while the latter three have been relatively simple, with the others falling somewhere in between them.
  10. Azeria

    Terra's Palossand?

    Crits ignore stat buffs. On glitch field, Psychic is Immune to Ghost so Giga Drain was its best move to use.
  11. 5 users you've become pretty good friends with here since joining - obviously discounting Ame. Top 5 least favourite Po-kay-mens. favourite video game genre? is good memory a myth? What keeps you motivated to keep working, especially when feeling down or otherwise unwell?
  12. Max Speed level 65 Typhlosion hits 215. Issue is with your Alakazam chief. Likely not ev trained properly as 0 ev 31 iv level 70 Timid Alakazam hits 213 speed, not 204, and 0 Iv 252 Speed ev Alakazam hits 238 speed.
  13. This is indeed a bug; Those are Vulpix's Egg Moves that accidentally got set to Dewpider instead. The only Pokemon that should have non-legal moves should be Shadow ones.
  14. For the record as far as I can tell he only really turned away challengers to said Gym Leaders due to him being rather controlling of their activities, he doesn't particularly seem like he would turn away patients or children, especially given how focused he was on taking Heather in after he found out that she was an orphan. Also; his late crush? If you mean Lizzy, that's the name of his sister who's the primary reason he's so intent on being a psychologist and his focus on shock therapy in general. She was denied said treatment (due to it's legality being in question at the time or something along those lines?)to help with her -own- depression(notable to bring up in this conversation in particular given the main topic actually.) and in turn ended up taking her own life as a result of it.
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