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  1. I've stated (on discord) that even beyond it being a matter of time investment, I just don't have the interest to do so. I've liked working on intense so much because it's how I've basically always experienced the game personally, as someone who's been playing since Version 1. That will no longer be the case and thus I don't have any such attachement to any mod I create myself, let alone one I'd want to release. I'm sure Moto or some other talented people will do something for those wanting that itch scratched.
  2. Most cases of illegal moves tend to be unintentional; Dreamy hit the nail on the head with their assessment of what happened here.
  3. known bug, already fixed in a hotfix a couple of days ago. grab the _move file attached for it to function properly PokeBattle_Move.rb
  4. Go to the relearner and have it select a Pokemon. Then check that Pokemon in the party menu, and it should have a 'Remind' function in there.
  5. Ever wanted to try something new out on a Poke but the constant Heart Scale cost peeving you? Ever wanted to switch around tutor moves but just don't have enough shards? Well then I have -just- the thing for you my friend. This QOL mod changes functionality for the Move Relearner and Move Tutors. Move Relearner now takes one Heart Scale per Pokemon, and allows that Pokemon to be able to relearn any of its previous moves at any time from the Party Menu. Move Tutors will now take one set of Shard per move, and let you learn that move at any time, usable via an app in your Cybernav. Place the files witin the Data folder in the rar, inside your Data folder and the Script files inside your Scripts Folder. This mod may cause issues if used in tandem with the Debug mod, so place the PokemonParty.rb file from inside the Data/Mods folder in the RAR within [your] Data/Mods folder if you wish to use that. Remind and Tutor.rar
  6. I would like to point out that the no items/set mode thing is specifically a choice at the start of a new run or booting up an old intense mode run up in v13. I do believe that if they just mashed through that, they may have made a choice they would come to regret. His Spiritomb is level 87 with Adamant Nature 31 Ivs 252 speed evs. for Jolly Spiritomb to be slower it would need 22 speed IVs or less, and maxing out IVs is now easily doable with the IV doctor in GDC's Pokemon Hospital. I implore you to use it as you need, especially in the upcoming patch where the prices have gotten massively slashed. Developer here, Spiritomb crest works off the raw attack and simply adds (20% x Number of fainted Pokemon on its side).
  7. Sacred Sword ignores stat stage boosts, so cosmic power clefable with minimize is changing literally nothing for you here.
  8. Memeborn is still getting an update right,Im not rushing btw,just asking.

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Rejuvenation v13 testing is going on right now so he isn't really thinking of Memeborn atm. Azery is gonna finish fixing bugs for that first and he's probs going to have a bit of rest after that before even thinking about any mod stuff

    2. Kamado


      gotch no prob


  9. bro why did you feel the need to comment if you're not impressed
  10. Happy birthday Azery 😄, i hope you will have a great day 😄🎂

  11. all three of you enter a hunger game who comes out alive
  12. Is Reborn's improvedtm AI included? How long has V5 been in production proper?
  13. The downloads are currently down. I am working on a massive overhaul of basically the entire mod and keeping up with the old one was getting a bit tiring.
  14. Auspicious Auth: @andracass @Ice Cream Sand Witch
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