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  1. Yeah we'll be porting over to Game-Z(MKXP) for V13 ourselves.
  2. Been about two years since I posted within one of these. Gunna try and keep it to new people/people still within the general community so; Here we go. Words are hard so this'll largely be brief where possible. @Azzie Heya name-buddy! Kinda weird to think you've been here a whole year now. You've been a wonderful presence on the server, both moderating side and as a user and a delight to talk to personally. We share quite a few interests and it's honestly always nice to talk to you about fics, OC's or anything really. I know you've been in a bit of a slump the past couple days so I hope you start feeling better again soon, you rock! @ZEL Heretic. No seriously though, getting to know you better over the past two years has been a terrific experience, especially with all the interests(and tastes!) we share. Sharing art and memes with you is very enjoyable(whenever it ISN'T CURSED). You're also a delight to see participate in discussions, always giving very well informed points and getting your views across excellently. Idk what else to say, words are hard haha. @Posty@Ruby Red Grouping you two here because you tend to come in pairs. You're both great people, vc's are a delight and full of laughs usually. Hoping for the best with Desolation for y'all! @Ojama Yellow@Hycrox Neither of you need this but just a s/o, probably some of the best friends I've made in this community over the years. Absolutely wonderful people that deserve the best in life, keep on trucking lads. Figure I'll also do this now since it seems to be a thing; @Jan@Zumi@Alex@Winter@Ramiru@Sardines Working on Rejuvenation with y'all's been great and even outside of that, sharing memes and talking has been fun in general. T's been a time getting to know you guys. Stay awesome gamers. @Omega Quick s/o, you've quickly become one of the most fun people for me to be around. Easy to mess around with, share a lot of the same interests and similar types of humour. You enjoy watching me suffer in the games I stream a bit too much but its been a ride. Hope things work out well in Uni for you after quarantine ends. I think that's about it from this past year alone. I'll do a couple more from people I've only recently met though. @Cerise @crimsoncrim Hey you two! Your arts great, hearing others talk about their OC's is always nice too. Ceri, you've only recently joined the server/s but you've made your presence known with a bang. Also definitely looking forward to your work on starlight crim Definitely hoping to speak/get to know both you more in the future!
  3. all three of you enter a hunger game who comes out alive
  4. Is Reborn's improvedtm AI included? How long has V5 been in production proper?
  5. poggers been ages man. welcome back :]
  6. The downloads are currently down. I am working on a massive overhaul of basically the entire mod and keeping up with the old one was getting a bit tiring.
  7. Auspicious Auth: @andracass @Ice Cream Sand Witch
  8. ? He has a Golem that can have sturdy. Abra is not a threat whatsoever, and Arcanine fucks up Steelix big time, as well as Noel. He's pretty good to go lol.
  9. he stopped really giving a shit, there's no real consequences so he can play as risk-free as he likes. Up to this point he also had Swalot stall out 9/10 matches so...
  10. Happy Birthday Azery 😄, i hope you're having a wonderful day 😄🍰

  11. I'd also like to point out that if he wants to keep his team safe, his best grinding options are to grind on wild Pokemon that are like 10+ levels under him. The Grand Hall trainers all come with an exponentially higher risk of killing off members so he's best off grinding on wild Pokemon to not risk losing anything, and trust me that's bloody TEDIOUS. So yeah, it makes absolute sense that he doesn't grind much, it's just not very enjoyable and he hasn't really been in need of it as long as Belly has been around just soloing fights.
  12. Ftr most of Kikis team uses Strength as their Fighting move and Mightyena is immune to that. Dark types in general wreck Kiki.
  13. He has moxie mightyena. As long as he keeps it alive, I don't see him struggling with anything other than Corey's Crobat and Shelly lol.
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