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  1. The distancing from the monsters in your comment could be interpreted as a Freudian slip. Therefore the vote against you. As it's D1, and we don't have anything more to work with, I just placed a vote. Creating some dissonance to potentially identify some pattern in the votes is potentially a more effective strategy than blind voting would imply, don't you think? In other words, had I seen an instant bandwagon against you, do you think I'd keep my vote on you? As for the Nano'd comment, essentially I mean whether anyone was attacked or harmed in ways that do not necessarily instantly induce a kill. (wounds, poison, kill attempts, douses, etc fit the norm)
  2. The monsters are the "good guys" in this game. Meaning... you aren't one of them? [Eliminate] Drago
  3. Straight into lynching the host, I see. Maybe gather up some info first. Anyone roleblocked/healed/protected/jailed/bewitched/nano'd?
  4. Don't worry. If the game doesn't end with Lía's lynch, Astra will cover our butts. Obligatory pingu @Anti-loser @Sopheria @LykosHand @Dragoknight @Astra125
  5. We could finally try the unanimous vote without disturbance, but I don't even know if it's going to work. Alternatively we can change our perception about this and think of it as a meme. Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? [Eliminate] Lía
  6. I used my bread on Lia [I got that when I guessed how many maf/town/tp were there] She was visited by Sophie, yet didn't visit anyone herself. My action on Jace didn't give info, because I submitted it too late. The phase post does imply she didn't die because she "was holding onto Yin", and we have lynched her 3 times so far. If it doesn't end today, please kill me. I won't bother any more. It has become ridiculous. Thanks to mimi, Lia can't even kill anyone. @Falirion you of all people should be weary when someone proposes a Gift.
  7. @Aldo what exactly were you testing when you gave me the fake gun? Still had doubts? A few days ago, you went out of your way twice trying to rebut me with the lyncher_role. Wouldn't I have killed you by now?
  8. I shot Yin as soon as I read Drago apologizing to Cass. Rationale: Even though they are confirmed townies, right now they are dead weight. @Aldo you didn't need to mention what the gifts were, unless that was the cue for the shot. Edit: @Astra125 would you mind eliminating Jace tonight, for good measure?
  9. I believe we've had a discussion about a mafia role appearing town in my checks and the revivals. Nobody is off the hook. Btw, why do you belive killing Lia wastes time? If she can only be killed by a unanimous vote, it's worth trying it. Time is all we have.
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