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  1. I would try to find E17, boot up the save file there and save and then jump into E18. It's better to have a smoother transition between updating
  2. Based on Bulbapedia's list of what moves can't be called by Copycat, I tested all moves and found out the following moves can be called when they shouldn't: Bestow Chatter Circle throw Covet Dragon tail Feint Roar Spotlight Switcheroo Trick Thief Whirlwind
  3. Sorry for the double post. It seems that it is indeed a problem with Encore + Copycat, since after some testings Copycat it doesn't call a previously used Copycat (from other pokemon) as intended. Currently testing the whole list of my above post and there are definately moves that can be called via Copycat when they shouldn't. I'll make a new thread about it
  4. Well this is a problem with Copycat rather than Encore + Copycat. Copycat should never be able to call Copycat based on Bulbapedia. Maybe other moves from this list also can be called when they shouldn't
  5. All male and genderless mon can be bred with 5/6 IV if you have enough patience, even with a non max Ditto (as I said 2-3 IVs Ditto can be enough) I have already pointed out that Ditto should behave like the mons in the Undiscovered egg group and it should not be hard to do it since it has its own egg grop. Manaphy and Phione on the other hand get f*cked cause they belong in an existing egg group and they don't come with guaranteed 3 IVs, Ame said in the past she might change that or make Ditto available in the wild post game so you can farm different Dittos easier
  6. No, there isn't. Ditto's IVs are always random in Reborn. So unless you are extremely insanely lucky, 6 IVs Ditto are hacked. But tbh, I don't think 6/5 IV Ditto is necessary. A Ditto with 2 or 3 max IVs should be enough to get 5 IV genderless pokemon. You just need more patience. Anything else can be bred with other pokemon, Ditto is not needed
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  8. Hi ^^

    Have you found a solution for Clangorous Soulblaze?

    1. pyrromanis


      Sorry for the very late reply, I'm not visiting the forums that much lately...
      I assume you are reffering to this bug I reported a few months back https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/47362-kommo-os-z-move-is-broken-both-op-and-bugged/
      Since it seems to be archieved, that means that the devs found a way to fix it. So it is better to ask them cause I have no knoledge about coding and such :]

  9. If anyone is playing Pokemon Go and is willing to help me for a research, pls add me as a friend via the code: 4100 1833 8277

    Thanks in advance! 😄

  10. Started PoGo almost a week ago and I have to say I expected a lot worse! I'm actually having fun while I return home from work now Some of the few problems I have with the game are the battle mechanics and the GPS tracking. The battles are a joke with no skill whatsoever, just tapping the screen as fast as possible. The GPS tracking is so frustrating, especially if you are on a bus! It always makes you miss the pokestops and in general it is ass even when you walk. For the things I like, I love that there is a way to grind anything, from coins to items and even candies by walking! I thought that some things would be accessible only by paying but I'm glad that there is a way to get what you want, even if that way is too obscure and time consuming. The other thing I like is the power up system. Stardust is easy to get and the leftover candies after evolving your mons are not wasted. If anyone is willing to help with some field researches by adding me as a friend here's my code: 4100 1833 8277 I also got some gifts laying aroynd willing to giveaway
  11. Skrelp's Backsprite has a white pixel between its "antenna" thingy and its head when it whould be transparent. Only in normal colored sprite, not the shiny one
  12. That's the date when the pre-orders start I think. Nothing special about that day otherwise
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  14. Count me in scrub! Tangrowth Camerupt Mimikyu Araquanid Weavile Tyranitar
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