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  1. I was wondering if anyone had a walkthrough guide of Pokémon empire?
  2. Does anyone have a debug mode for Pokemon Empire?
  3. Does anyone have a compendium for pokemon fan games?
  4. So far from everyone’s opinion Blaziken Alolan Muk Alolan Golem or Kanto golem they seem to be the most used and always reliable
  5. Blaziken and alolan Muk where apart of my previous run and where really good. I am wondering if cinderace could be just as good as blaziken especially with Libero as it’s ability
  6. Hey I am looking for help. I want to do like a best team for Pokémon Rejuvention like MysticUmbreon. It can be more than 6 looking for around 8 or 10 Pokémon. So what Pokémon has anyone used that helped a lot from rival battles, gym battles, important battles, team xen grunts and admins. From best starter to pick (you can also use the starters that are available from events) to must pick Pokémon.
  7. I was wondering to get some help. I wanna try do a best team for Pokémon reborn like MysticUmbreon has done. I was wondering what Pokémon has helped you a lot in important battles like gym battles, meteor grunts and admins and rivals.
  8. I really like it. However three fairy types could be a problem.
  9. I was wondering if anyone did 100 percent on this game with all the side quests, Pokemon and everything?
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