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Found 10 results

  1. So I'm trying to get through this pyramid in Rejuvenation and it seems as though I can't really switch to Ren or Aelita. I clicked A and then I clicked every other button I have and yet it won't give me the option to select a character so now I'm stuck here... Any help would be appreciated, I really don't wanna lose all my progress in this game due to this bug Below is my save file if that can help in anyway to fixing the problem... Game.rxdata
  2. So I'm doing the research quest but I'm missing 1 person in teila resort. So I got the one in the ranger teleport house, but where is the other person? I checked everywhere but I'm still missing them.
  3. So I got the golden claws which are supposed to replace tm rock climb but it doesn't work. Yes I have the 7th badge which gave me tm rock climb as well. So am I crazy, is it not implemented yet or is it bugged?
  4. When I change the way I look and choose skin 1 I always get the lagacy version and not the one it shows. I just wanna put this out here and want to know what you people think is going on.
  5. I am stuck at aquamarine cave after saki and the shrpedo gang... i am stuck for 1 hour and not able to find any solution plz help.......!!!!
  6. guys this may be stupid but where is texen (after going to him with aelita to keta's place) he told me he's going to battle me but i cant find him anywhere
  7. I can't progres this side quest. I'm in the unerground and Dylan wants me to get acqauinted with the doc, shop owner and the guy from main build. Done. But Dylan only repeats himself... What do I need to do or can someone fix it? Game.rxdata
  8. So I'm playing through Rejuvenation after not having played it for a long time and recently just got back into playing it. Everything is going fine until I hit the point in the story where Ren, Aelita, and I are hunting down a rift. We make it to this building and give it power but now Aelita is stuck in one of the rooms, I have rock smash to deal with the first rock but the second rock I cannot interact with and I have no idea how to break it...
  9. After Karrine gave me a megastone, I tried to walk but couldnt, i can turn, can access menu normally, but cant move. game autosaved so I cant load an older save. I have 75 hrs in this game and I really dont want to start new mode.
  10. I got softlocked when i reached route 5 in the past. On this route, there is a manor. At this point in the game, if you have the key to open a certain door in this manor (which i had because i did a sidequest), you will get back in the present whith no way back to route 5. And if you saved your game by mistake, then you can't continue the story at all and you are good to start all over again. This is the manor: And this is the cursed door (DO NOT APPROACH IT) Well, in fact it's not opening the door which gets you back in the present but talking to the npc behind (I got my save back because i did a backup before) but this thing really needs to be patched because it can literally kill your save if you like to explore the game. And, the other thing I noticed is that the zoom lens is not working in the game. I know it because i use megahorn, slash and burn and charge beam with slow pokemons in my team. Sometimes i even succeed in missing 3 times in a row while my mon is holding the item and playing after the ennemy.
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