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  1. Hey! I have been breeding and hatching mons for an eternity (like half a day tbh) and have had no luck with a shiny golisopod. While looking around, I saw that Reborn has shiny eggs when the mon will hatch a shiny, is this also the case for Rejuv? Would help a lot not having to hatch every single egg.
  2. I have a 6IV ditto from EP 18 that I can trade. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to trade a ton of people. So I traded it to a new save file with no passwords and a Torchic starter. (That's what the randomizer gave me.) You can trade yourself for the Ditto. To trade yourself, just open two reborn windows, one with each game in. Log in to trade under two different user names, and trade with yourself. To install the game save file, download the file and put it in the folder named "Pokemon Reborn." The "Pokemon Reborn" folder is not in the game folder itself. Rather it is in the same location as the game folder. On my windows computer they are both in the "Saved Games" folder. Once you have put the game save file in the "Pokemon Reborn" folder, rename it. It is currently named "Game_n". If you only have one save file, rename it "Game_2". If you have multiple saves, rename it to the first number that isn't being used. (If you have 5 saves, rename it "Game_6".) Then you're ready to trade! Here's the link for the file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O_7vLurTit3HGkhpWUMev8T3AQPv7h_t/view?usp=sharing Have fun guys!
  3. Hey everyone, so I am trying to get a Nidoqueen with Ice Beam without TM since this save of mine is not that far into the game yet. So I am breeding and eventually got a Nidoran F with really good IVs and wanted to breed it with my Seel, which has Ice Beam. However all my newly hatched Nidorans do not have Ice Beam as an egg move. I am quite confused since they can learn it by TM so they should also be able to get it through breeding. Please someone help :) ( I use Seel lvl 47 with a Power Anklet and only move Ice Beam + Nidoran F with a destiny knot and only move growl)
  4. As title says; Giving away a 6IV shiny Budew that is holding a shiny stone. First come, first serve o/ Edit: its traded.
  5. For some reason whenever i have a male avalugg and female roggenrolla in the daycare they "play with other pokemon" they are both in the mineral group so i dont understand why they wont breed.
  6. Can the special shadow moves of purified shadow mons be bred? For example, purified Shadow Ponyta has Fell Stinger. Is it possible to breed Fell Stinger to Ponyta eggs?
  7. SpeedBreed is a very simple mod designed to take the endless running out of breeding (every other aspect of breeding remains the same). It adds 2 things: An egg generator and an egg hatcher. With Reborn E19 comes a vanilla incubator, and therefore this mod is no longer necessary. I will continue to maintain this mod for Rejuvenation unless or until that also adds a similar functionality to vanilla. The Egg generator simply generates an egg of the two Pokemon in the daycare in your inventory. The Egg hatcher instantly hatches all the eggs in your inventory. Screenshot: Installation instructions: Download Links: ChangeLog: Credits
  8. hi guys, i just unlocked the day care and i have a male combusken that i want to breed, since i dont have access to ditto or female torchic, can anyone maybe help me out breeding my combusken?
  9. Here is how this works. You need a max IV Pokémon that is Male, in this case we have the gift Sylveon. If your Sylveon is female then breed it until you get a male Eevee with max IVs. The destiny knot lets the IVs transfer to children. Egg groups are important here. They basically determine what can breed with what. Most Pokemon have one egg group but some have two. This is the key to allowing us to breed max IVs on any Pokemon. Let's say I want to get a maxed out Gible. Breed the Sylveon with a Pokemon that has multiple egg groups, for example, Spheal is water 1 and field. Once I get a 6 Max IV spheal. I can now access both the field and water 1 egg groups. Now I can breed my Spheal with say a Horsea to get a 6 IV Pokemon in the dragon egg group, which means I can now get a gible with max IVs. EDIT: I forgot this little bit. The final 6 IV mon you get needs to be male. The female is the one that determines what mon it is, so if your just breeding for a 6 IV dragon breeding slave, you will want it to be male. If you don't have a female of the species you want to breed, then you can use a ditto to get one (or just catch more if applicable). Now just breed your new team with Max IVs! Unfortunately, this will take a while which is why I elected to skip the process and just use cheats instead, but it is a thing that you can do. Which of course brings us to the main question of, if people view this as cheating or not. I am honestly curious of what people are thinking here. Hopefully my explanation was sufficient.
  10. Does anyone have a Ditto with really good IV's or even perfect to give away? I'm curious if this is even possible or obtainable. Would cut down on a lot of my breeding time. Running around with a marcargo and a bunch of eggs is getting tedious is all. Currently I'm trying to breed up a good Treecko to beat Hardy with. Anyways, thanks and love to all :)
  11. Hi, my first post by the way. I've been breeding Ralts for a whole day now to have a Gallade but I can't seem to get any IVs in attack stat. Thanks for the help.
  12. Hello everyone, I am in need of a 5-6 iv ditto. I know those don't grow on trees, so I am willing to offer a few shinies for it, namely a shiny Torchic.
  13. Title basically sums it up, I would like a 6 IV ditto for breeding,. I don't have many good pokes but I can offer a shiny eevee or shiny trapinch or a 3 IV modest eevee
  14. Hi, I can't seem to find a male partner for the female Eevee i just got from the "battle me again" quest. I'm using the pokemondb website but when i put a male Nidoran, Poochyena or Litleo with the female Eevee, the old guy says "they don't seem to like each other" which makes no sense because they should be compatible according to the website. Am i doing something wrong? Should the male pokemon have a special breeding move that Eevee can learn in order to be compatible? I know i can get a Ditto later on but if i have to go through one or two gyms in order to get it then no thanks, I'd like to find a solution to get an Eeveelution before progressing. Thanks
  15. Are there any mods or debug menu options for Rejuvenation that remove the restriction on Baby Pokemon being able to breed? I really wanna breed a Lucario for use in my main team, since it's one of my favorite mons, but the sheer timesink and tedium of having to raise the happiness of every Riolu I hatch to evolve it before breeding again is not something I want to deal with if I can avoid it.
  16. Ive been using Cheat Engine as a way to speed up the breeding process as stated by This post here (lovely post btw, props to the creator), and its been lovely ever since. Ive been having genuine fun with breeding for the first time. Everything changed when it decided not to work for hatching eggs. To put it short, I was trying to breed for a shiny magikarp and right as I was about to try the hatching method it just said no. Not allowed. The part thats bugging me is the "Decreased Value by 2 -> Next Scan" part. Normally, when I do this, 5 values come up and I change them to 3 and nothing wrong happens, the eggs just hatch. Ever since today, it decided to not show any values anymore. This is really bugging me because as far as I know this method of hatching eggs isnt looked down upon, and I really enjoy using it because of the pace and the fact that I like messing around with CE. Please do help if you know anything!
  17. I am trying to breed modest nature onto a Gothita, what is the fastest and best way to achieve this? I tried using the Pichu line to bridge to Buneary then a Gothita but could not my Pichu fast enough. Is there another mon I can use for this?
  18. Hey all, I was looking if anyone could trade me a Ditto. I have 4IV Aron(2), 5IV Roselia(1), Skorupi(3), Passimian(2), Whismur(1) and a 6IV Corsola available for trading.
  19. Hi friends, I'm looking for a Pokemon with Magma Armor or Flame Body to help me hatch eggs. I don't need anything particular on it, I'm just looking for one with the ability and nothing more. I don't have tons to offer, and I don't know how rare they are, but I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you ahead of time.
  20. hey guys,i need a favor.Since i dont know much about breeding pokemon so i need someone to breed my murkrow for the baby murkrow to has perish song.if you willing to help me,i'll can trade you back 2 shinies pokemon.
  21. Hey guys. Need help!!! :). I want to understand breeding in Pokemon Reborn, I don't really have knowledge on breeding pokemon like how you get all those perfect IV's and stuff. You have some tips and tricks about it? Please tell and share your knowledge it would be helpful to those who are new to the community. I have read past few breeding technique treads in the forum but its quite outdated that does still apply??
  22. Hi guys, I don't need IVs (can breed for those) or shininess, or even nature as I have a fair few Heart Scales (Jolly Gible and Adamant Torchic would be nice though). All I have to offer though are breedjects, Noibat (5IV both ideal and otherwise, 4IV shiny and one perfect 6IV), Salandit (2IV shiny female) and Froakie (5IV, and a shiny which I'd have to double check the IVs of).
  23. Hey everyone, I know this is general knowledge about getting this mon, but I will throw spoilers on for new players' consideration. Thank you for your time and this new episode is killin, man.
  24. Preferable nature would be one that boosts Attack, or Speed without reducing the other. Or just one whose nature does not affect the stats at all. If you do need it back, I'd be happy to trade it back to you, I just want a shiny ponyta
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