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  1. I finally got the game today and gave it a shot. Holy shit. This game is absolutely not joke. When I usually go running or lift weights I rarely sweat.... When I finished my first session of this game I was drenched in sweat and was fucking exhausted.
  2. Most of the cinematic Smash Bros Trailers. Most of the initial trailers for Infamous 2 and Second Son. Borderland 2 and 3 trailers. The Crash Bandicoot trailer that launched today.
  3. It's hard to host a smash tournament when we only have one participant. And Nonary games are a lot of work for effort that doesn't always pay off.
  4. Yo! I've been trying new things to keep the "Slammin' Jams" good and wholesome! This year I am going to do this recommendation thread thing. So if you got a song you would like to hear share it here. However keep the following in mind. Please keep your song in spoilers Be sure to know that a song may not be played right away or be given priority. The playlists are organized in a particular way and song recommendations will be organized into the play list in a very nitpick-y way. I would like people to put what part of the world they are in when they request songs.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  6. Streaming some more final fantasy 7 remake. 


  7. Streaming some more final fantasy 7 remake.


  8. Streaming Final Fantasy 7 Remake stream in description


  9. Gonna try finishing up RE3R tonight. here's the steam link.


  10. steaming more Persona 5 Royal



  11. streaming more Persona 5 Royal


  12. Streaming Persona 5 Royal.



  13. “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” try to avoid making posts if it is going to be nothing but unwarranted negativity or baseless conjecture. Topics like these aren’t for people to come whine and complain. They are for civil discussions.
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