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  1. Gonna try finishing up RE3R tonight. here's the steam link.


  2. steaming more Persona 5 Royal



  3. streaming more Persona 5 Royal


  4. Streaming Persona 5 Royal.



  5. “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” try to avoid making posts if it is going to be nothing but unwarranted negativity or baseless conjecture. Topics like these aren’t for people to come whine and complain. They are for civil discussions.
  6. Streaming Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo


  7. If it allows me I might stream some Final Fantasy 7 Remake in an hour.  I’ll drop a link if the option is available.

  8. The next entry of the EPIC Reborn Moderation Saga continues! After the climax of the last film where the clash of the Almighty Goddess Ame-Terasu and the Lovecraft Elder God Inkaruga left the world shaken, Reborn is in need... In their travels they meet a Sickle Bearing Rogue and a Gallant Knight to join the post! Introducing the two newest members to the team, Hellscythe and Posty!!! Join us as the Epic Space Opera Romantic Comedy Suspense Action CONTINUES! "GUARANTEED FRESH!" -Rotten Applins "This movie had me laughing and crying at the same time!" - Weekly Podcast, Featuring Gossip Gardevoir "4/5 STARS" - IMPD This film is rated A for awesome by the Reborn Film Society. May contain comic violence, gore, reference to alcohol, and a confused contrived plot.
  9. This topic is starting to break rules 1 and 5. Try to be civil and not make broad biased claims that’s soul purpose is to antagonize.
  10. Godot


    The in fight models look great, but idk what to make of the designs. overworld sprites look ugly... but I saw some golden sun influences and was like OH HI.
  11. Gotta love it when people alter evidence to make their argument more convincing.
  12. That’s what I expect. Most people we ban here do similar things. “They banned me for having different Opinions! And my opinion is that this game IS FUCKING TRASH.” uh... that ain’t constructive criticism.
  13. That won’t fix the elements that seem intentional.
  14. Toxic isn’t always being an asshat. Toxic can also come from being nice. The concept of “being toxic” is that you are encouraging negative or detrimental behavior. If you tell someone “YOU FUCKING SUCK” it hurts that person’s feelings and demotivates them. However if you tell someone “you are doing a great job” when they are either not performing the best or doing something fundamentally wrong, you can be seen as encouraging them to never seek improvement. Therefore they are having their minds poisoned to think nothing is wrong. I’m guessing what he meant by toxic is that they only allow positive feedback? Idk if the banning people for constructive criticism thing has any grounds... but tbf who wants people in your community that does nothing but complain or shit talk? I’ve been lurking the Temtem server for a long while and I’ve never seen or heard anything about it being toxic. It does however attract certain types of people. Lastly I haven’t put a ton of time into the game yet, from what I’ve played I’m incredibly mixed. You welcome bUUUUUUUUDDY
  15. Holy mother of text walls.
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