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  1. Been a hot minute. Let’s use one from earlier this year at a wedding in May. (Not my own, mind you.) I’ve lost a fair few pounds since.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  3. Half an hour left before signups for the Reborn Smash Ultimate tournament closes and the tournament begins...if you want in, just let me know! (Preferably by pinging me on Discord) https://challonge.com/ul1li73d
  4. Hey everyone! I'm back yet again - although this time, I'm not in charge of the ever-so-dramatic Jack Frost + Snow Queen affair. I'll be running the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament! So here's how it's gonna go down. It's a 1-vs-1 double elimination tournament where you play in a first-to-2 (or best of 3) set against your opponent. Grand Finals, however, will be first-to-3 (best of 5) instead, though, so the title is gonna take some work to nab! These are the rules you'll want to set for your matches: - 3 Stock, 7 Minutes - Spirits, Items, FS meter are all set to OFF - Stage hazards are preferably off, but can be used if desired Stage Striking is also used here. It's a bit confusing, so I've modified the rule a bit for more clarity. - Before the first game of a set, the stage is chosen from one of the five starters. To do this, each player chooses two stages that they do not want to play on (stage bans), and the stage chosen for the first game is what's left. In the event that, for some reason, these stage bans overlap, the player with the lower seed will choose from what's left. Check the Challonge bracket for your seed number; the bigger your number, the lower your seed (outside of the top two or so, it's going to be mostly random seeding anyway). - After the first game has been played, the three counterpicks are now available to be chosen in addition to the starter five. Whoever won the last game chooses two stages to ban, and the last game's loser gets to pick from one of the remaining six. This repeats for each game in a given set after the first. The legal stages are as follows: (hazards off) Starter: Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Pokemon Stadium 2, Yoshi's Story Counterpick: Town & City, Yoshi's Island (Brawl), Unova Pokemon League You may go to any stage not listed here as long as both players agree on it. Your tournament matches may be recorded for posting to YouTube at a later date if desired. If you'd like that, make sure you let me know so I can accommodate time to host the lobby. If you need assistance setting up your own lobby, DM me on Discord (Abbey Street#4993). If you have a challonge account, you can pre-register for the tournament here. This is also where you can see the tourney bracket. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

    1. Paul25


      Happy birthday! :) 

      Wishing you a day full of wonderful surprises. :D 

      Very late wish though...

  6. I have emerged from the depths of college!

  7. And after day 1, the game leading the EVO player vote is...Pokken Tournament!?

  8. The only thing about the Fire Emblem direct that I was not hyped about: Lilina's voice.

  9. Bae-ken.

    1. Godot


      Business Ninja is silly.

    2. Jericho
    3. Godot


      I am never going to call baiken by her original name anymore...

  10. Your avatar is like, an artist's rendition of Ame.

    1. Shanco


      It kind of does now that I think about it, and I found it on Ame's tumblr to boot.

      But nah, this is Elementalist Lux. New LoL skin.

  11. @Arkhi We found another of your kind
  12. Found an awesome new avatar while I was creeping around. Ame's tumblr ftw. Also dark Lux is bae

  13. The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission has declared broadband high speed internet a basic service across Canada.

  14. After 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, Zelda is now the only non-Mii character to never place top 32 at a major Smash 4 tournament.

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