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  1. Listening to some weeb stuff.
  2. Better late than never I guess. Amethyst- As we all know, we wouldn't have this lovely little sometimes chaotic place to call an online home without you. Back when I discovered this place in 2012 I never would have imagined I'd still be here today. Granted, I'm not nearly as active as I once was but I still exist to some degree. Reborn made a rough part of my life a lot easier to deal with, and I would not have met any of the people I did during that time if not for you creating this community. So, thanks. Ikaru- Bro, you're the unsung hero of this place imo. Or rather, you're basically Reborn's Batman. You and Amethyst have held this place together very well, and all though your appearances to us mere mortals is rare I appreciate the times you do show up with some funny or sassy comment/reaction image. Hopefully we can play PSO2 together! You're an awesome man, Ika, and I don't pick favorites when it comes to admins but you're totally my favorite Azery- We don't speak as much anymore which is something I'd honestly like to change. I know we shoot the piss about each other all the time, but in the end I hope you know I still consider you a buddy. If nations 4 takes off(and at this point I'm still hoping it was some sick joke) we'll definitely have more shenanigans to experience. Brave- Even if you're auth again I'm not entirely sure you even check the forums. I'm gonna lean towards the off chance you do. I want to start off by saying sorry for my joke the other day. My fault for scheming with Neo honestly. I joke around a lot, too much if I'm being honest but I should have known better. That being said, I love the hell out of you man. You, as well as the rest of the SU gang are my closest online friends and I hope nothing ever changes that. I know you'll do great things. You have a strong sense of justice, and really great morals. I'm honored to be considered your friend. Azzie- Honestly, I can't say much but from what I gather you're a really good positive influence. And as the world is now that's a really good trait to have so keep it up. Bibs- Do I even need to say it? You already know. Godot- We meme each other a lot but the game discussions are always nice even if we don't see eye to eye on some things. Aerith sucks and XBC2 is better than XBC1. There's not much fun if you agree with everything your pals say though, so the differing opinions are welcome and usually exciting. If I'm being real, back when I first joined I never could have seen us interacting as often as we do now. Granted, back then I was more focused on playing Pokemon than anything else lol. Either way, glad we are. Stop calling me by that cringe nickname though. My cereal is gonna get soggy if I drag this out anymore so I'll just throw out a quick appreciation for the rest of the auth team and the community as a whole. You all make this place thrive and make it an exciting place to be. Without the community, and the auth team to manage the madness that exists within Reborn couldn't survive. So keep being awesome and Reborn could surely last forever. Or until Ame gets bored and yeets us all into the cold, black void.
  3. Sigh... I might as well. I haven't played Pokemon in 3 years so why not.
  4. It would take me over 15 years to accurately describe how double dream feet makes me feel.
  5. I actually found Reborn through a friend. More specifically, back when Pokemon Online was a thing I was looking for a way to play competitive Pokemon online and a friend mentioned Pokemon Online. I started out on their main server, but one day I was browsing the servers list and stumbled upon Reborn. If I remember right they were advertising their online Pokemon League in their server description so I was interested in that idea and joined up which lead me to the forums to sign up.
  6. Hi. Ask me stuff. I haven't seen daylight in 2 months and I'm still around these parts and I'm bored. I guess for you newer folks its a good chance to get to know some old timer(though not as old as others). Go nuts. I smell 30 other AMAs in the near future. Its time.
  7. As I expected I didn't wake up early enough, but thats not gonna stop me. Streaming more Resident Evil 3 until 5am CST. Link below:


  8. Stream done. I'll pick it back up tonight around 10-11pm CST for more fun with Nemesis and his zombie friends.

  9.  PLaying Resident Evil 3 till about 5am CST

  10. I'm thinking of streaming the Danganronpa series. Well, just the main 3 games. So this is more of an interest check. I'm hoping for some people that know nothing of the story that way it's more interesting considering the type of game it is. Feel free to let me know if you'd consider watching and also if you're blind to the series or not! I'm thinking of using discords go live function that way I can interact with people easier, but twitch is also an option.

  11. streaming leon 2nd playthrough for a few hours because I'm bored

  12. No idea if I'm too late but here goes anyway. My new years resolution is to control my anger and over all be less grumpy and toxic. Whether it's in a game or in my personal life I want to strive to improve my mental to be less negative like how I was when I first came here.
  13. do committee members have to do this? might as well Forum name: Kurusu Showdown alt(s): Quinn Discord: Joker#5508 Availability*: honestly it varies but if you dm me i'll see it eventually Favourite type(s): dark, psychic, dragon Least favourite type(s): poison
  14. azery poops his pants on a daily basis

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