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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. Happy Birthday Arkhi!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  3. hey, that's pretty neat
  4. HlfhVBK.png
    Seven years ago, I was bored

  5. hey bro where's your


    1. Ikaru


      it's hiding:

  6. nice dab, dude Here's me (top photo) tryna look like AtokNiiro (bottom photo). Apparently I live in a lightbulb
  7. Happy Birthday hoope u had a good one

    1. Arkhi


      Thank you, I'm grateful!

  8. Happy Birthday Arkhi 😄, i hope you will have a wondeful day 🙂🍰

    1. Arkhi


      cheers, I'll eat cake to that

    2. LykosHand


      Nice! I wanna eat a slice of it too

  9. At least it can't get any worse. Much appreciation to Toothpastefairy, it sounds like he's pulling a lot of weight.
  10. seconded for sure Ember King -> @Hycrox Midsummer Queen -> @Chevaleresse Melon Lord -> @Ironbound
  11. ah man, I missed this, but it would be worse still not to reply at all! It's good to see you pilot your own course to wherever you want to go next. I believe I understand your desire to draw the curtains on your activity here. I hope I'm speaking for a handful of the older members here (who should post their farewells!) when I say you'll be missed. Your particular energy here was always enough to keep us on our toes. Whatever do you do next, I hope you do with confidence and with pride. I absolutely believe you're bound to leave a positive imprint on those around you in the future. You've already done that for me, after all.
  12. Let's go, team -Silent pings for Telos and Vinny. You two are my heroes and I'm where I am today thanks to your influences. -@Ikaru Of COURSE you're top of the list (of pinged individuals). We've known each other for years and with luck, we can maintain some sort of connection in the future because it really does feel inspiring to have someone as supportive as you. It's always a blast to spend time with you and to share music back and forth. If there's anyone with whom I'm confident I share an unspoken mutual respect and understanding, I'm willing to bet it's you. -@Jericho What's up bro? I'm pinging to let you know that all those hours spent hanging out were a blast, back then and even now. I know I can always count on you for your open honesty and no-bullshit policy. That honesty has always been a virtue for which I've striven and I think calling it to attention is worth doing. You've given me some wordly wisdom beyond my years back around 2015-2016 and your occasional gruff attitude has taught me that standing up for your opinions is the way to hold yourself high. Thanks for that. -@Ironbound Hey hey, you recently mentioned that it's gonna take effort from me to foster this friendship. You know, like daily effort. To put it into a flowery metaphor, our friendship is like an old cactus or a resilient succulent; thought it may persist for a time, it is still a flora like any other with stringent needs such as the right dosage of water and proper soil.... uh... so yeah, it's a bad metaphor, but I respect that our friendship is not a high-effort one. We can rely on one another in times of need and butt heads when we need a level-headed second opinion to keep our attitudes in check. It's good to know that we are both self-sufficient enough to handle ourselves, but that we can still support one another. For that, I'm eager to maintain positive relations with you and I wish you good health and bountiful patience for the road ahead of you. -@Ojama Yellow so I was looking through a list of people to include because wow this is hard when I'm not as active and then I saw your name and thought "This would make a fine addition to my collection" because you and prequel memes are intrinsically linked within my mind. You've given me a laugh very frequently over the years and it's great to share all the funny gems I find on the internet with someone as cultured as you when it comes to this stuff. I also appreciate how involved you've been in the Reborn community over the years. On the occasions when we've discussed topics of a more serious nature, I've been appreciative how you conduct yourself. I get the impression that you are looking for the best from the community and I think that deserves appreciation. Also there should be one serious post in the sea of honey that will soon come. -@ZEL This might come as a surprise! I feel that I've only recently gotten to know you better and it's awful that it took this long because you're very neat. I find your stances of topics from Reborn's culture to <something important that I should be able to remember without searching Tea Party srs-bsns like idk please believe me> well-informed. I respect that you stand up for your stance on these issues. This might also be a guilty pleasure, but I enjoy reading your rants because your way with words is humorous. -@Zumi This might also come as a surprise because I think my interactions with you are on like a bimonthly basis when I send you music or something. Like plenty of others, I'm drawn to your art style because I think the quality is fantastic. Even in the half-finished work that I've seen, I really enjoy the style. I also see you as a go-getter type; so often, it seems that you're bustling with energy. Given how you've managed to create your own large community just from the followers of your art (and music, fuk yea, wheeew lad), I don't think it's a stretch to say as much. I hope you have as much fun as it looks like you do in all these artistic efforts. Also thanks for the thread and that one time you made the banner for the Reborn Reader project, that was dope af - @Felix~ Felicitations, Felix, fAnd I ran out of F words. You're a staple to the community. To me, you're the OG tension defuser. I hope you've been well recently and that you have fun keeping the auth on their toes. You certainly kept me thinking about where to draw the lines with rule infringement and I think that helped me develop a better sense of when to respect the spirit of the rule vs respect the word of the rule. I hope you keep having fun wherever you are now and that you're in a good place now. All the others I'd like to ping may or may not check the forums or reply, so I'd like to give very special and not-at-all verbose (yeah, I'm sure they'll buy that :^) shoutouts to @Rosesong (hang in there!), @Tacos (and flowers), @Kiozo (keep a true aim with that dart-tossing), @Zephyrus the Priestess (thanks again for that PM years ago with the music and scarf animals, I still remember that), @Kurotsune (I hope you're able to move out of the country after Covid settles down), @Hycrox (your memes are very good and so is your server), @Godot (tell the auth to bring back SotD :(, @Maelstrom (every time you come to mind, I'm reminded of silly things I've done and how I can do better. That's a good way to keep improving, eh?), and @Flux (haven't talked in forever, but never forget your first homies) [oh no I hope I don't forget the other homies]. phew Apologies to those I did not ping
  13. It would appear Caz has been stocking up on poggers for the past several years, this is very exciting
  14. hell yeah Congrats to the newest Masters on the Jedi Council.
  15. it's rewind time The Carmen Sandiego Award - @Vinny The Profile Picture Perfection Award - @Ikaru, if only because he's found one great avatar and has the patience to stick with it The Craziest Conspirator Award - @Zumi she do be woke Artist of the Year - @Zumi @Ruby Red Support yo artists >:o Biggest Grumpy of the Year - @Jericho Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up - Kyle Award Award Award - @DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk okay so while you're here, please diagnose your broken avatar
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