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  1. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Starting your Quest... ~ Hey Reborn! New month, new update! So let's cut to chase and talk about what's new. Spoiler alert - there's some cool stuff in this one. This month's update is particularly important, as we have taken a broader look at things that we have needed to improve from both a UI and RPG perspective in order to make the game run more seamlessly. Two major ways we've decided to increase accessibility to the game's RPG elements is through character selection and an in-game quest log - both of which being completed fe
  2. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Justice is Served ~ Hey Reborn, it's been a good ol' month, so we are BACK at it. I hope everyone enjoyed the stream we conducted over on the Reborn server some time ago - we had a load of fun with that. We've also just had a load of fun in general on development for this month, so without further ado... let's get started! As the developers, we've really been doing the time this month when it comes to bringing this game to life just a tad more. So, to repay you, the fans, we thought you'd do the time too... in prison.
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    1. Evi Crystal
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      Ravi Kabir

      Can't wait for ep 6!!!

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      Why no "find Jarred" :'(

  4. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ March Madness (because there's no theme) ~ So... this content update that has no theme or correlation, how exciting! I have been hard at work on Desolation's main story, which continues to go smoothly. However, this unfortunately means that I have less to show off than the usual update. Desolation's story is the heart of the game, and its twists and turns are best experienced for the first time by you, the players. Although... that doesn't mean I don't have things to show you! ~ A new location ~ The te
  5. There are no current plans to add drip John Cena into Episode 6. However, I will take this post into consideration and have extensive discussions with my team for the potential of a drip John Cena spinoff game. More details to come in the future.
  6. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ Clubs, Corporations, and Corruption ~ It's been a long time since I posted a substantial update on this development blog, so I thought it was time to get everyone here up to speed, and make sure you hadn't completely forgotten about me. Firstly, wow - it's 2021, and I haven't even made a post yet. Although this is late, I really hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and that 2021 shapes out to be better than 2020. While 2020 wasn't a great year for most, it was a big year for Desolation - we launched Episode 5, which featured huge upgrades graphica
  7. Big update on Desolation e6 coming in less than a week.


    Stay tuned!

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      thank you for goodnews in these trying time

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      Plot twist: the existence of E5 was a lockdown-induced dream all along. 

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      BRS swag

      Yay. It's here. Time for a new playthrough. 

  8. I didn't really base Shiv off anyone - which is pretty obvious from his earlier models oops. His re-design later on did yoink that jacket thoooo While Connor's original design from an art perspective was essentially budget Fern, his actual character isn't based off Fern. The character, being one of the first I made, is based off what I wanted the mainstream Pokemon games to have as a rival - someone who comes off as rude, competitive, and oftentimes downright mean, but also actually has a heart.
  9. I made Jarred in Episode 1 (back in 2015) when I was working on Desolation alone. Did I anticipate it? Of course. His rise was inevitable.
  10. This is the single greatest thing I have ever seen. I just... I can't. I am blown away. This is a game-changer. Shakespeare couldn't have done it himself. You are my new favourite person. EDIT: THE NAMES... THE PORTRAITS... YOU HAD TO REWRITE LITERALLY EVERY LINE FOR THIS. HOW DID YOU DO IT. ARE YOU OK.
  11. There's no real theme. It's a pretty sporadic process where I come up with a series of names for an area and then pick the one that a) fits the area best and b) fits well in conjunction with other town names. There's no real in-depth process.
  12. ~ Excerpts from Patreon ~ ~ A trip to the beach... ~ Just a short update today. While I continue to work on the sprawling, spoiler-ridden beast that is Cellia East, I offer you a brief respite to... the beach? I would say that it's the perfect time of year to hit the beach (it's summer where I am) but I suppose that's not super applicable to everyone, especially with lockdowns, so I'll just get on with it... There's more than one reason we're suddenly interested in beaches. With Episode 5, we aimed to polish the game bit by bit - to improve small elemen
  13. Coincidental. I never watched Naruto that far in (it's a really, really long show). I learnt of the relevant arc in Naruto a good deal of time after writing Episode 2 (where the dialogue you're referring to comes from). It's not exactly an idea that's deeply original, and in my case, it only served to facilitate discussions that were bought about by academic sceptics and much later by René Descartes, those discussions forming the thematic basis of the story. I wanted to bring in the question of living in a dream early on, but in a more indirect way.
  14. 1) I have major plot points drawn up until the end of the game. The rest I create episode-episode, which gives me a huge amount of freedom without going to far off track. 2) I actually did find it really difficult to fill in the blanks with E5's story. So much of the game was super unfamiliar to me, and it took loads of time to work things out. It's probably quite evident in E5 that my own perception of the characters had changed significantly.
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