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  1. We have no plans ourselves of creating a fan wiki, so fans are welcome to do so
  2. I hope the issue is resolved (unless you chose to proceed fixing it yourself, in which case, I'm sorry for the wait!) Game.rxdata
  3. Sorry about the wait. I hope your issue is resolved. In future, I'd recommend using a save-backup, which are found in the same folder as your save. Game.rxdata
  4. ~ Snippet from Patreon ... it's about the friends we made along the way! Hi guys! Just a quick update today. I've finished up with the final bits of writing for Episode 6, and I've very happy with how it's turned it. There's still some side quest stories that I want to iron out, but following that and we'll be starting to chop through things at a faster pace. I wanted to dedicate this post to showing off some of the work that Posty and Ruby have been doing, and illustrating how much their role has expanded since they jumped on this rickety wagon. Firstly, Ruby is now playing a much larger role in the design elements of the environment, with Cellia East being our first look at Ruby's work in turning a city map into a fun, engaging, and unique experience. Here is a small spoiler-free showcase of some of the pieces she has been working on. Ruby's created some over cool things that I'd love to show off, but we're keeping that stuff hidden for now! I want to give Posty a shoutout here as well! When he first joined on he was solely involved in balancing teams, but his role has expanded quite a bit since then. He's been doing quite a bit of mapping, and his recent maps, in particular, have been awesome! Here's a snippet of the kind of stuff he's been up to in the Dreamscape, which we're greatly expanding upon in Episode 6. I'm really looking forward to all of you checking out what we have in store for the Dreamscape! I've got quite a bit planned for this area in Episode 6. Taking the feedback from Episode 5 into account, I really do feel like this will be a staple of the game in the future. Anyway, this is it for now. Cheers for the ongoing support guys! I've been really busy with medical school lately, but things are coming along quite nicely. I'm still alive, I guess. 'Till next time, homies. Caz
  5. After 1000 years, and many battles fought over judging - I come to you all with a winner of this esteemed and highly competitive competition! First of all, thank you all for participating and putting your work into making these. It was awesome to watch these come out, and we all had fun going through them. Once again, thank you all so much for giving this a shot! <33 There were a handful of honourable mentions, which were absolutely incredible. In no particular order: - Clamperl-Jarred, by Cervys - Jarrette, by Khrona - 2B Jarred, by Hycrox - Nihilego-Jarred, by Cervys - Cresselia-Jarred, by Azzie To be fair, it was an enormous challenge for us to separate most of these submissions from one another, and when we completed our first voting we all voted for different things. As a result, the submissions that we had in common in our top 2 were taken to a highly specialised judging panel and a winner was narrowly decided by one vote. Without further ado~ ~ Runner-up - Darkrai-Jarred, by Lorac! Perhaps the face of villainy isn't what it seems...? ~ Winner - Jarred at 3% power, by Khrona! ... if only I could be so grossly incandescent... Once again, thank you to everyone that participated. This competition was super fun for all of us, and everyone had a great laugh. We'd love to use a couple of these in-game, so we'll contact those of you who entered at some point to get your permission. Cheers! May Jarred guide the way!
  6. Thank you! As for tilesets - this is fine. Note that by using my tilesets, you also have to give credit to Ame and Jan, as I frequently use resources from their tilesets.
  7. You could combine all of these optimisation posts into an actual thesis and get a research publication out of this literal madness
  8. Thank you for the incredible submissions thus far, I am sure that Jarred is, at the very least, satisfied by these contributions. Competition will close on Saturday! Cheers for the participation!
  9. THE FIRST SHINY COMPETITION?! Hi. Yes, this is happening and no, you can't stop it. Jarred is coming for us all. We can only wait and hope that he chooses to spare us. Rumour has it that only the creator of the best custom shiny for Jarred will survive the coming Jarrepocalypse - so fight your best fight, and you might live to see another day! This competition is to see who can make the greatest custom shiny sprite for Jarred's trainer sprite (aptly named trainer420 in the graphics folder, just don't ask ok). You can do anything within reason, but keep it appropriate - y'all know what I mean. The reward for victory is a continued existence, eternal fame, and your shiny being featured in the game in some way or form that I will not currently disclose for reasons(?!?!). Please, post your submission as a reply to this thread! I will leave this thread unlocked for seven days. They called me a madman.
  10. Hi guys! I just wanted to say thanks again to all those that have been answering questions and helping one another out. I'm really busy most of the time, so it's awesome that things have mostly chugged along just fine in my absence (and Posty's moderation).
  11. Hi. Please send me a message (with your save attached) including what happened when your game "bugged out". I'll fix it for you
  12. Check your trainer card. The level cap is 20 before defeating the first Gym Leader.
  13. I'd recommend reverting to a previous save then - all of which can be found in saved games, similarly to Reborn.
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