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  1. Ribombee is a really underrated, it hits quite hard and has montrous speed, perfect for stickyweb setup, the only downside is that it has a limited movepool
  2. Seeing how you stumble on keta, this will be a hard journey, I think you need to plan for the battle ahead Here's a list of Major Trainer Battle Team on intense, you can use this to plan your team and prepare a counter strategy beforehand Also Don't forget to EV train, Stats can spell victory and defeat in intense
  3. OK i just checked and realized you used it on victreebell, now grab a ability capsule and change its ability, then just use Stun Spore and pray to RNG Gods
  4. I dont really know your team, but if i were you im gonna use a Vileplume with Chlorophyl and Stun Spore that Ninetales, then your main attacker can go and finish the job, you can get a leaf stone in Gearen park. its a hidden item. Remember to make it as bulky as possible with max HP and SP Def and possible some invesment to the Speed Victrebell also works in this case There're many ways to exploit this gym using grass type especially since ninetales has a drough
  5. Been Playing for a while, but this error always happen when i enter random building, but the most time i can replicate it is when in sherridan after an event happen i you enter pkmn center then this error will pop up
  6. I cannot unsee that ryhperior and now it will haunt me in my sleeps, on the other note thanks for this, imma go and try it out
  7. a shit ton of Revive and chip damage, thats how i do it in my first playthrough
  8. isn't the seed automatically grants trickroom?, if you want a pkmn that can learn trickroom get an oranguru, The seed combo usually goes like: Magical Seed Slyveon use MIsty Terrain to prevent sleep-> Second Attacker pkmn preferably with gyro ball to deal massive damage to Rift Gardevoir-> Repeat Step 2 until Rift Gardevoir is dead
  9. Might as well go Monotype Nuzlocke with itemban, and im not sure you could complete the shadow pkmn run, you need to at least beat 2 gym with it and you can't fight a gym with shadow pkmn
  10. Intense Angie somehow always manage to steamroll me on my every run, at that point of game her lead Mamoswine is super dangerous its has +2 speed and has EQ and Rock Slide while most of her team is also fast and hits hard cuz of the field it is manageable with rock slide, but her last pkmn is Bulk build Wailren which has leftover and Ice Body + The Aurora veils that ANineTales set before that literally walls me Ryland is kinda hit or miss for me , his team has an illegal EV spread so its unaturally strong but the field can also be used against him, Dig is especially strong here an
  11. I did, at first it disable it for me and then i went to pkmn centre anddd the mod just decided to come back
  12. I know i'm like the 100th person to say this but is there any way to disable the follower mod? having countless trouble and bug with it especially in the Glass Factory event with follower glaceon, when the character needs to get to the stairs, the glaceon will wait in front of the stairs and when you return, you cannot interact with the glaceon cuz the player's sprite are overlapping with the follower pkmn's
  13. Talonflame is the mvp for Tailwind strat and by far is the most simplest way of dealing with their team just kill them before they kill you Rock kinda hit or miss in this cuz rock type gained fire typing in this field but if you can change the field it will murder them, Fast Beat stick like Dusk Lycanroc or Bulky one like Golem is recommended it will also help set up Stealth Rock and if you want, try to use Dig to change the field into cavern Screen user like Prankster Meowstick is usefull here as well, it will help you buy time to set up your pkmn without dying too fa
  14. I mean Ribombee is so broken in the middle game it basically destroy Randomus, Luna and Samson Gym alone
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