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  1. The hardest is early game venam and keta, keta is not bad cuz i search for phychic hidden power wormadam with quiver dance but venam is hell, it need so much rng that i never though possible
  2. There isn't well at least i haven't found it yet, but if you want challenge try Steel monorun on Intense, trust me i almost quit doing that
  3. i cannot help you with fixing the save but i can direct you to the proper bug reporting site, its the place where dev actively check the bug so you will get a faster response
  4. Thanks for this now i know why ryland mon's is very tough, he actually go to gameshark and edit his pkmn, that bastard played us like a damn fiddle
  5. try a ribombee it a nice fairy coverage with incredibly speed and sp atk, it has a limited movepool but have access to sticky web, quiver dance, dazzling gleam and bug buzz, it can work as special sweeper and web setup
  6. Wow i heard a lot of underrated mon but maining Kecleon is a new one maybe i need to try using him in one of my playthrough
  7. Well tbf larvesta evolve at lv 59 which is around Randomus (eight gym) lv and as an early game mon larvesta is not that strong so i guess its not too bad
  8. Yeah most notable is intimidate really got nerved they are at least 5 abilities that blocks intimidate now
  9. fellowry


    Well some advice when you go battle with some strong trainer or mon that you maybe need a few try to beat: you can just save before the fight and in battle when you thought that you might lose just press f12 this will soft reset the game and you can try again without losing money or happiness
  10. fellowry


    How did you get Murdered by a lv 21 drifloon though?
  11. I agree, in my ground monorun excadrill basically destroy everything, set up the sandstorm with lead hippowdown sand stream, then switch to excadrill to get that sweet boost of sand rush, if you can set up even 1 sword dance you basically won the fight
  12. It's still a weird bug though try post the bug in this thread so the dev could look into it
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