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  1. "For you see Madame X, you're not dealing with the average Blonde hair protagonist anymore, for I, Melia has become The Legendary Super Saiyan MELIATM!!!!
  2. Surprised to see Cassandra art tbh, i always imagined she looks more prim and proper considering she's a city mayor and all that and god Vivian looks really depressed, but nevertheless great art as usual Zumi!!
  3. Here is a guide, its for reborn but still the same
  4. Well Marianette is not a problem, Now have you though out a galaxy brain strategy to beat Venam?, cuz i believe Venam is one of the hardest gym leader for your current Monotype
  5. Wouldn't it better to teach Decidueye an ominous wind/ Phantom Force and just change the field to haunted, then you can just Sweep them with Boosted Spirit Shackle? and if im not wrong in Intense she always leads with cosmic power lopunny so its a free set up, but there is always a chance that loppuny will use return, so just pray that your ev trained Decidueye is faster
  6. Your best bet is to get as many rare candy that can be pick up at that point of game, use the 100% walkthrough guide to search for hidden item
  7. Good Luck man, i also have done my own steel mono, it was very frustrating but doable, be sure to check this Thread about monotype guide
  8. No, you can't leave the sewer at this point of game and there is no wild pkmn to be found around the area so you can't train What pkmn do you have in your team and pc? do you have a pkmn with perish song or Destiny Bond?, if you really stuck you can just go back to your last save file before you go to the sewer by using the back up save file This is a guide for reborn but it can also be used in Rejuv
  9. I really can't give you much battle and strategy advice but you may want to buy a shit load of Revival herbs and potions and just whittle down his pkmn little by little, at least that what i do if i got stuck on a battle
  10. I always believed in you Caz, i never stopped believing that you will come back someday
  11. Well you will need a shit ton of luck while using metronome,
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