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  1. i know right honestly this bug is basically jan and the rest of the dev being evil mastermind that they are
  2. in celia city there is a shop that sell evolution item
  3. "Route 9 Audino Trainer"!!! shit why didn't i vote for that guy, he literally help me raise my pkmn in all my run....
  4. Well if you can count Lilith's Umbreon as a Mega then we have 4
  5. Ohh i remember now, i kinda sweep her whole team using +3 Shell Smash Magcargo and just lava plume most of her team
  6. You can use rare candy to evolve your frogadier and then use reverse candy to bring the level back down, and you can buy Electrike in the pokemon centre using credit or trade houndour with Elekid
  7. I forgot what was her team when we battle her fot the first time.., also maybe you can help list your own rooster
  8. Spheal is actually rly good, granted it has some limitation on its moves but the bulk is worth it, Skiddo is hard to use but most of the field leading up to 2nd gym is either forest or Grass field so you can get +2 atk and SpAtk with Growth rly helping with Skiddo lack luster damage until it evolve/ gain some coverage, Posty did a good job with balancing the starter pkmn
  9. At that point you can still go back to the city, so you can train using the grand hall trainer
  10. i vote for Aelita, Erin and our saviour Goomink
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