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  1. sooo i just got stuck at the Time Diamond bad end choice, apparently the try again options place your character in throne and cannot move and getting back to old save file doesnt work, can i get some help with this? Game.rxdata
  2. Huh i can't help but notice only Aevis and Aevia got the super saiyan hair color but the others get to keep their normal hair color, what's up with that?
  3. Very late but here's the link to the item guide for V13
  4. I'm pretty sure Jan said that he will release a sequel to this game, whether or not this is a proper game or just a short story game like where love lies is unknown
  5. Wow what a ride, seems like a jumbled mess full of psychotics breakdown on dev part
  6. fellowry


    Actually you can just bring a farfecth and show it to the helix cult person in 7th street, you will be given choice whether to get Jaw or sail fossil
  7. So it's here, welp it's been an honor to go on this journey with you guys for the last 5.5 years
  8. So it finally ends... man what a ride, 5.5 years have past since i first played this game and lurking in here, i remember it being the most unique pokemon games i've ever played and how it accompanies me towards my University days. Big Early Congratulations towards the devs, you guys must have been quite excited. and Thank you for making such an amazing fan games
  9. Man can't believe that this ver almost drop, been like what? 3.5 years since the last release? i gonna miss my regular's visits on the dev blog, Good luck on the dev and testing teams for this alpha
  10. *Me seeing Evoboost Hydreigon*: ohhh Crapbaskets...
  11. Bluebert is a cool name i'm stealing it
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