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  1. unfortunately you cant kill garbador without the game crashing as of now.
  2. After reading your nuzlocke I'm curious, on a scale of 1/10 what would you rate this game so far? (P.S please try and get the bad ending)
  3. Could someone pls explain the MCs relationship with eden? I don't rly understand it.
  4. Don't worry, from the information I've gathered there doesn't seem to be a "true ending" only a good ending and bad ending. To get the bad ending you would have to have intentionally been an asshole and essentially. As long as you cant go into the door, you cant get the bad ending.
  5. BJ7171

    v13 and MKXP

    When I run reborns game-z file it works but every few seconds the game freezes for a moment, will this problem also occur in v13?
  6. I left a link to my guide on how to fix for your error.   

  7. When I start but in the game it just shows this series of images, Please help me this is the first time posting here I already tried using my backup save and it did not work so idk what to do. ( idk if this is inportant but, between the 2nd and 3rd image the title screen plays
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