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  1. If you want an esper, just do the other things and constantly play with it (took me about 5-10 min) It may take a while but it sure will be quicker than waiting for the vendor
  2. If you need added bulk, go with Munna (Just note that you should at least level it up to 37 before using a moonstone on it as that is when it learns Psychic and it learns Calm Mind a level before that Mr. Mime is decently special bulky and fast, and naturally learns both light screen and reflect at level 22, and psychic at 39. Mr. Mime also benefits form its fairy typing (doesn't learn fairy moves naturally you'll have to use Dazzling gleam tm on it) it can also learn misty terrain and nasty plot (bred with Drowzee line or croagunk line) through breeding. Oh and mr mime can get the filter ability for extra defensive bulk so really it depends on what you will want on your team
  3. Guys new theory its the fucking malamar. the true villans behind everything is the Malamar
  4. There is a vendor in the undercity that sells you a pokemon for 35 credits. What pokemon is it, I would like to know before I save up the credits
  5. In the fly menu, you just have to press PgUp or PgDn to change islands. Wish the game told us this cuz i found this out by accident
  6. One of my fav Mega Golisopod Water/Bug Ability: Tactical Strike (50% of damage dealt to it is received by the attacker) HP: 75 Attack: 145 (+20) Defense:160 (+20) Sp. Attack: 20 Sp. Def: 100 (+10) Speed: 100 (+20+40) 40 points of SP.ATk transfered to speed, because who uses golisopod for SP. ATKs anyway Golisopods weakneses is its ability, so i just gave it an ability similar to Crest Bastiodon from Rejuvination (just without the healing) It now has relatively decent special bulk and is speeder so it doesn't have to fully rely on priority moves to reliably deal damage And now a Mega purlly made for shits and giggles Mega Fortress Steel Bug Ability: TACTICAL NUKE!!! (Explosion/Self-destruct are now steel, has +1 priority, and get a damage bonus. And Fortress doesn't take any damage from using one of them) HP: 75 Attack: 110 (+20) Defense: 140 (same) Sp. Atk: 60 (same) Sp.Def: 140 (+80) Speed: 40 (same) Because WHY NOT?
  7. So i tried downloading it, and my computer said it couldn't open it because it was void.
  8. I prefer Rejuvenation mostly because of the environments. I dunno, Reborn just felt, cramped, if that makes sense, compared to the more locations variety that rejuv has Story wise i do think reborn comes out on top (though to be fair this is because it currently is on its second to last episode so the story has progressed farther the Rejuvenation's) Also this is probably just a little pet peeve of mine, and I may be over exaggerating, but a lot good pokemon that aren't PU teir cannon fodder in reborn are locked behind a lot of events. Sure rejuv does it to but not to the extent that reborn does
  9. wat. theres custom megas. AND TOXICROAK IS ONE OF THEM nice
  10. Don't forget about bulky teams that have crest Bastiodon in them. If your one of those guys that can't do a major battle without healing item because your kinda bad at pokemon game that have actual diffuculty (totally did not just describe me) then this boi/gorl will be hella useful
  11. Go ahead and tear me anew one because i was an idiot and used my creditd for the fin paint jar to make my gogoat shiny becasue i didn't think this fin GYM BATTLE WOULD BE A BIG FAT PAIN IN THE ASS AND MY ELECTABUZ HAS PISS POOR DEFENSE AND SP DEFENSE IV AND I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT HOW DO I CHANGE THE FIELD Edit: NVM i got it, i had some revives that came in handy. barely won but im pleased
  12. 1. Nidoking 2. Feraliagter 3. Cradilly 4. Garchomp 5. Galvatula (Fav) 6. Zygarde 7. Sivally 8. Dragapault
  13. specifically, I want to know how to change the field, I tried smack down on my frogadier bu tit didn't work. what moves do i use to change the sky field Current team (all 35) Linoone: (Pick-Up) Double-Edge/ Baby-Doll Eyes/ Pin Missile/ Rock Smash Leek [Frogadier]: (Protean) Smack Down/ Water Pulse/ Quick Attack/ Lick BT [Gogoat]: (Grass Pelt) Take Down/ Bulk Up/ Seed Bomb/ Leech Seed Shabulu [Shuppet]: (frisk) Shadow Sneak/ Will-o-Wisp/ Feint Attack/ Hex Summet [Camerumpt]: (Anger Point) Amnesia/ Earth Power/ Lava Plume/ Curse Zoey [Mightyena]: (intimidate) Snarl/ Howl/ Scary Face/ Assurance
  14. Shedinja is a good pick against her mons that cant hit him the pokemon that CAN hit it are Single battle Swapert with Stone Edge Double Battle Vaporeon with Shadow ball So basiacally if you can get a Shedinja, you'll only have to worry about those two pokemon Also as far as grass goes, Roserade, a bulky Venasaur, and swift swim Ludicolo are your best bets
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