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  1. first, replace growth with a different move for petes sake get rid of gulpin and nidoran for now, and replace them with whatever you can get. a-grimer is probably your best bet since the Musharna is a Pshycic/Fairy type and is immune to its phsycic attacks
  2. ngl I hope Crescent is an E8 just so I can cheese the fuck out of her with Crest bastiodon and lots of full restores. and when she manages to kill Bastiodon and my other team Surprise crest Spirittomb BITCH I all seriousness, Im not all against Rorim B being an e8 member, albeit he probably doesn't take it seriously. the guy that lives in the toy box in the nightmare GDC (for got his name forgive me) could be one. thats all i got
  3. PURE. POWER. MEDICHAM. Its useless as a meditite but once it evolves it becomes an absolute killing machine even without ev/Iv investments
  4. Hold up, you can get power up punch on Ledian in the current version? how? I thought the only way was to use the tm on it. (Unless the tm is already available to us and i am just a blind bart)
  5. Castform does have its crest (activates weather changing move on first move slot (like drizzle drought and snow warning) and changes its ability based on the weather) I don't know what abilities it gets but I just checked its moves, and i think it might not be a bad idea in lower its attack and raising its special (the only notable physical moves it learns are return, facade, and last resort) since most of its elemental moves are special. So as far as abilities go, its fine, but maybe lower its attack and put those points in special and use that +60 points however you see fit.
  6. So long you increase Castforms stats somewhat (however you see fit) this mod will be quite an interesting one and i would most definitely get it when you finish it
  7. There is also another move re learner in the scholar district pf GDC above the east entrance/exit
  8. Ren: Syther go! Later Ren: Use fury cutter Ren: (Vigoursly slashes through Geara's glitched out body) Geara: wHat THeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FUUUUUUUckckuenkjbyefkabhvfjdsgrvu Ren: It's super effective Madame X off in the distance: Who the FUCK replaced my sword with a Nerf sword!? Ren: Oh no she noticed
  9. Madame X: You cannot defeat me MC! MC: This coming from the dumb fuck juice drinking bitch that fell in a trap door set up by like an 8 year old? Everyone: . _. Melia: "WHEEEEEEEZZEEEEEE" Madame X:Listen here you little shit. (Applies Burn Heal)
  10. I don't. Its a bitch For context, I've spent the last two days breeding Zangoose to consistency get above 20 IVs, and I had a good record going with some having 28+ in most of their stats, THEN THIS SHIT HAPPEND (inhumane noises)
  11. - Contrary Serpierior, Makes early stat lowering moves infinitely easier to deal with, and when it learn leaf storm it was amazing. -Altaria: With cotton gaurd, helped out with the Fight against the guy with Giratina at the burnt radio tower. -Medicham- it pure power ability was VERY crucial in many battles. Glad it was available early.
  12. Okay so when we travel back to hyoshi city, we learn that the Arceus we know today is only one out of three parts of a whole. this (lets call this Whole Form) was even more powerful than the one we know today. I leave out god-like because it ended up splitting up in the first place (with one part dead and another gravely injured) because it got t-boned by a meteor. this part bothers me, what kind of creature that powerful (Assuming that Whole Forms Base stat total is 3*720=2,160) loses to a hunk of rock from space. theory time So if 1 meteor could force Whole Form to split, kill one part, and injure another, this leads me to believe that, 1) This space rock was most likely not just a space rock. We know that there are pokemon in space, thanks to Deoxys, Minior, and/or Jirachi, so mabye this meteor was either a pokemon itself or it housed a pokemon inside, either way it was powerful enough to force Whole Form to split, which makes a bit more sense than just a rock besting Whole Form. or 2) Vitus pulled a Sephiroth on Whole Form. This leads to another theory of mine, we might end up fighting Whole Form eventually. Im thinking either Vitus uses the Archtype to bring Whole Form back, or Team Xen uses Rift matter to "evolve" Arceus into something similar to Whole Form edit: also seing how Arceus learns revover by level up, we can assume that the one part that was injured is probably still alive somewhere Edit 2: IF there are 2 areceus and 1 Silvally (An arceus wannabe) Maybe we can fuse those three together to make an Ultimate pokemon or something
  13. two things 1. How dare you beat me to the pun 2. (loud ungodly yelling full of hype for next version) stay healthy and sane y'all
  14. As in my shiny volcarona has every single clyde damn iv in the single digits bar attack which has 17.
  15. EeYy i got that shiny the second time but it has mostly single digit ivs RIP
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