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  1. you have to go to the meadow in Darchlight forest and fall down one of the holes (I forgot which one sorry) and you'll fall into the mushroom room. thats all i remember i hope it helps
  2. Getting a dusclops isn't a bad idea, its not the best bulky pokemon but you get it in the ghost gym. also dusknoir has a crest in the game that increases hi attack by 20% (i think) An gives him the technician ability(Perfect for shadow sneak and shadow pucnh) Also if you know you opponents movesets ahead of time, you could use a shedninja if you wanted to \ Corrosive salazzle can toxic alot of stuff and can be real dangerous if you run nasty plot and flamethrower and sludge bomb on it
  3. Make sure you get a male and female phantump so you can breed them to get the egg to trade it for the mystery egg.
  4. Holy s***, the amount of work you guys are putting into this is staggering to say the least. I can't wait t see how v 13 comes out! Just don't overwork yourselves!
  5. Whats the funnest and worst sprits you ever had to work on
  6. I was just exploring rivers end for an entrance into Pom Pom Meadow and found this west of venams dad's lab. Can i open it? Can I go in? Also how do i get to pom pom meadow
  7. The heck happend to my spoilers
  8. On a scale of 1 to fuck this, how hard would it be to animate the pokemon sprites like in gen 5 for Rejuvenation?
  9. The first stage evolution for a pseudo legendary line im making, I would draw and post the rest of the line, but could only convert this to a png. If there are any free pixel art tools you could recodmend that'll be great.
  10. I was just scrolling through a list of pokemon fan games and saw reborn dusk so im just wondering if it was made by the same people who did reborn
  11. Clearly Lotad is the superior platypus grass thing
  12. Okay quick question With Lets go Pikachu/Eevee and Sword and Shield having a portable PC in your bag, I'm just wondering if they are going to put that in v13?
  13. Thanks this has been really helpful I had some troubles with the last few fights so this really clears things up as to how I should use my team. (tbh since most major fights near the end had physical attackers like pissed off Amaria's team, most of the fights consisted of sending out my Ferrothorn set up Toxic (its fourth move, sorry I forgot to type it in) and spam potions until the opponent killed itself died. not proud of it, but it worked) Also i put roar on my Garchomp to take care of any Seed holders if they're not the last pokemon any way
  14. Either have Corrosive Salazzle use toxic on it, or have a ghost Pokemon use curse on it, is what I did, Also A pokemon that naturally learns Earthquake/Blizzard could help as well
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