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  1. Appretiate the input. Obviously it all comes down to arbitrary preference and who my other mons are but again thanks. There is still a part of my youth attached to me from the early days of emerald that has no patience for setting up and likes to keep a balance of bulky mons and sweepers to use blunt force to solve problems... so ill probably keep the EVs where they are. That said, if I did want to put Evs in Speed and HP, relying on a Healbell/Thunder wave/ aire slash/roost combo, what do you think of a mon like Whimsicott for prankster tailwind? My supports already include Swampert and Excadrill BTW so I agree with you there.
  2. Hello all, So I have a Togekiss I've IV and EV trained to be an all out offensive mon with 252 in Special attack and speed with a timid nature. The move pool is : Nasty Plot, Air Slash, dazzling Beam, and thunder wave. My stuggle is this: Since I have nasty plot part of me wants to just dumb 252 Evs in HP but another part of me knows that this aint competitive and sometimes you don't have time to have a pokemon that needs to set up before tis useful (also god forbit a mon has rock slide) What set do you recommend and any team member that could make her better?
  3. Gham

    Female Pansage...

    if your location is in my dreams then this may be a nightmare...but seriously thanks friend.
  4. Been at Beryl Ward, Rhodochrine Jungle, and Adventurine for a minute only to find ONLY male Pansages. Never played the gen 5 games so is there a mechanic I don't know about when they only come out during certain conditions? Also have breeded some 20+ eggs, all male. Plz have mercy on a (relatively) kind and (figuratively) old man.
  5. It wont let me send any more files...BUT IT DOESNT MATTER. So 51 wasn't working earlier either BUT while I was waiting I downloaded the new version and tried the backup save teqnique with 50 and it worked. Sadly IV's and eggs are lost but I don't have to start all the way over so I say you've saved me
  6. Game - 4035 - Dark - 151h 56m - 17 badges.rxdata Game - 4044 - Dark - 152h 54m - 17 badges.rxdata
  7. Here is the game data and a previous save. Also FYI there were more popup errors than the pics I sent, those were just three-four examples. Game.rxdata Game - 4052 - Dark - 156h 34m - 17 badges.rxdata
  8. Do these work? also incoming is the game data
  9. here are actual screenshots (edit: too many pictures, better ones down below and above)
  10. ill try right now, looking at the front page, do you know the difference between the "mirrors"
  11. Hello again, so I tried it a few times to make sure I spelled Game.rxdata right but alas im getting the same message. I am howeve a supporter and trying out the new patches and patreon modes however its worked fine till now so doubt that's the issue, just saying
  12. Heard, I’ll try it out when I get in front of a computer
  13. Hello forums, This could be a classic case of the "too bad so sads" but maybe I can fix it. I was in the middle of playing, and then my power went out. This is no big deal, saved a few minutes prior so I had nothing to fear and thus took the power outage as a sign from Helix to quit. I came back just now to a bunch of error messages which are down below. Anyone ever get these messages before? Do I revert back to an old save or what...plz...i have done so much...
  14. Lombre learned zen headbutt at 40 and didn't learn giga drain at 36 so it must be a bug on my part then. Either way another friend here said lotad still learns grass moves so we all gucci. ill consider this moving forward tho!
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