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  1. Lookin for the sweet stuff ya dig? Can trade ya any pokmeon ya want as long as its a budew
  2. i could be wrong but im pretty sure swanna learns brave bird at 47 which is like only two levels above my current cap. also, literally saved the couple but ditto not there which is so weird. to be fair i beat the imposters but forgot about them for a minute and saved them later that expected but this was still done before i went to the factory soooo kinda weird. either way not a big deal. also triggered cause when you do the murkoroh event it either gets brave bird OR perish song and i want the latter and so gotta breed that one too later on haha
  3. Not looking for a trade but wondering if wild zubats/golbats on azurine island have a change to come with brave bird. Or is there a tudor later i dont remember. Of course my Swanna is a female and i saved the daycare old farts late which amounts to me not having a ditto yet sooooo getting brave bird through breeding is unlikely for now. basically at the part where you go save Cain and want a crobat with brave bird just cause...its OP and works well with my team with that speed
  4. This is nothing game breaking but I am post version 12 and when i use fly or use the Golden wings i cant use the "page up/down" function and have to fly only on the map im on so i have to use trains, boats, etc. to get from city to island. Changed the controls in case it was a keyboard issue and restarted but sadly wont work.
  5. rain weather will keep raining inside buildings. have patch 12.2 and if i walk into any building when its raining it will rain in there as well. even went to do EV grinding indoors and the rain was still there lol. nothing major but i have to go outside the city im in for example and enter into a different cell to get it to go away.
  6. hey there, what a great post which really has helped me with my current 100% run. I have a question if you are still on this site. the post is over two years old and the guide as is is worth the support and love alone, but some parts are a bit different with the current version of 12 im using. On page 327 theres a z-cell #64 in an apartment, but on that floor, the 14th floor of the day care building in GDC, the room looks completely different. Anyone find a cell there?
  7. literally i had to use lucanroc and bannate with shadow sneak ghost gem too! literally how i ended up beating it. what i did was give houndoom magical seeds and then its bulk would kill rotom and mimikyu (cause the NPC would always switch in mimikyu for some reason after rotom takes one hit) but from there i would always get stalled out lol. drifblim wouldve been smart!
  8. Been playing through Rejuviantion again for old time sakes (and with a different font which, i cant explain how, makes it all seem like a new game and makes me want to play more) (Warning rant) Anyways, was breezing through only to get walled by a driftblim who's superspeed/ super high hypnosis rate COUPLED with the magical seeds giving it defense boosts, which by being used acitvates driftblims ablility, meant a bad time. Lycanroc did NOTHING with max attack EVs and its priority move. every time i always lost a mon just to take it down and i mean with hypnosis on spirit
  9. or more likey ill trade u a pokemon, this aint popeye after all
  10. dont sweat it, thank you! thanks for the patience stranger, i had a easier time getting a legit scyther encounter and breeding to perfect IVs than ive had finding this dumb bird. from the wiki to past posts on the pokemon ive literally had the hardest time completing the pokedex.
  11. sure. here. i will say it worked the last time Game.rxdata
  12. ya i dunno :/ i say we try one more time and then go our separate ways haha. the third time it worked for me. before i couldnt even select a pokemon and my pokemon were just dancing up and down
  13. dang it was working that time too. the first two times it was a wierd glitch but that time it finally worked on my side haha. never happened before.
  14. ya ive traded many times, it said you accepted it but then you had no pokemon, clearly a simple glitch. want to retry?
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