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  1. Rn just started a mon-water run, no crazy rules like no-replace or anything. Wrecking the early game with Marshtomp and Goldeen but will need other members soon as I know how hard it gets. Also have Finneon but besides rain dance shes useless. Down the road have ideas but im really talking about like team members to get while I wait for the TM surf.
  2. Gham

    Event Panpour?

    If i remember correctly, isnt there a way to spawn Panpour in the Opal Ward Tunnel when its raining?
  3. i dont think i took out a single one of your mons
  4. thanks! just joined didnt know about it. also rematch? ima switch up a couple teammates FYI if you say yes tho
  5. i had noone for that nasty bug
  6. if so challenge me @ hamrigar000
  7. are you still online? im here just hatching eggs
  8. so im in the middle of a play thorugh now actually but the safe file i was talking about is already complete all the way with all the badges, side missons, and event pokemon caught. that one is the one where i IV hatch and train for episode 19. safe to say its too late. i never talked to the guy
  9. ah. well thanks anyways! i shall go back to it
  10. Ya so i just IV hatched, EV grinded, and leveled up to 95 a Pelipper only to realize it doesnt learn U-turn naturally is there a way to get the move U-turn without having to re-breed? if not its ok but i will cry.
  11. ya so ur right BUT i didnt get the super rod when i played on this save file long ago ( i know embarassing ) and i can yes theoretically trade for one with myself but i got one from a friend on this thread and dont like to cheat. also this is a video game so i dont care if anyone gets pokemon how they want. For me i just want to beat the elite four with pokemon i got myself honestly cause i will be crying through Ame's evil genius and PULSE Mime later on regardless so the moral victory will be using legal pokemon.
  12. I wanna battle! would love to battle on reborn with six mons and do random terrain. Thanks
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