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  1. off the top of your head do you know where/when in ametrine city? like post episode 18 or was there lore given when Terra told you her backstory in the glitch world?
  2. oooooh, ok every time i always stay downstairs, however i forget who that saves other than Shelly. cause whats his face is always like "deeeerrrrrr, sounds like they are having trouble upstairs! guess u better abandon your friends herehuh" and even in playthroughs i do just to make different choices im like hell no i aint going
  3. did not know that! the title for this post was originally "is this Terra" but then i was like nah it couldnt be. also do you know what choices wouldve gotten more info? I havent done a full playthrough in a minute so i dont remember if i heard of it or not.
  4. Battle was going fine, then i used throat chop on a metagross (just to sack my weavile had nothing better) and then the game kept playing with no one on my side of the feidl! would say "metagross uses 'x' but there was no target". never happened before. This message came up: --------------------------- Pokemon Reborn --------------------------- Exception: NameError Message: uninitialized constant PokeBattle_OnlineBattle::ThroatChop PokeBattle_OnlineBattle:4411:in `pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_OnlineBattle:4392:in `each' PokeBattle_OnlineBattle:4392:in `pb
  5. *minor spoilers ahead but also this has been out for two years so like maybe thats ok* In the restored Reborn city , if you go to Beryl Ward and go into that hidden apartment in the garden east of the fountain, a couple is found talking about their daughter who locked herself in her room and was a social outcast (maybe its me) but one day up and went to the circus, following "some girl". Is this Ciel following the Ringmaster (whatever her name was)? They both seemed bold and not shy tho. Could also be rawr but her backstory she told when we fought her doesnt line up with that.
  6. Wanna battle? It could be fun? My college is on "Spring Break" and so let this be a thread where you battle me in Pokemon Online. I make zero predictions in battles and dont play often but if u beat me know i was playing with a blind fold on. User: Hamrigar000 (those are zeros) availability: i dunno dont work today or tomorrow but this week flexible so just hmu even if you see this late. Also: im in the reborn league discord but the rules seemed complicated and everyone seems really good so maybe just let me be a peasant.
  7. Online User name: Hamrigar000 (those are zeros) Time: CST -600 (think New York but minus one hour) Availability: Pretty much availible today and tomorrow anytime. Also my college is on "Spring Break" this week but due to CURRENT EVENTS I will be playing pokemon so if you see this late feel free to hmu. Rules: 6v6, only use one kind of item per mon (so dont have 6 focus slashes however if u forgot and had like two leftovers im not gonna rage lol) (also willing to do mono type battles but need requests in advance) Field: Random field effect and also on Reborn Online
  8. thats a shame, thank you! Was literally so confused
  9. Was using ally switch with Malamar and Gardevior in a double battle (the trainers in the grand hall that battle on saturdays) and found ally switch not only did not have +2 priority but also didnt even switch pokemons positions when the move went off. Am I using the move wrong or does the move not work? Below is pasted description from Bulbapedia Generation V-VI Ally Switch causes the user to switch places with the ally opposite to itself, and is an increased-priority move. It will fail if the user is in the middle of the field in a Triple Battle, if t
  10. Exploud was the MVP of one of my first rejuvination runs, super underrated! Also appreciate the "budget Alakasam" haha you are not wrong. While I hesitate to use too many mons that need weather or set up to be good (as most of mine already need that) which makes me more inclined to look at Mega Abomasnow, who is super awesome. He's in a PC box called "needs to be trained" and has been since I caught it in 2019 haha. Maybe its time.
  11. hey! its ok, didnt see u responded. dont need anything in return, ready when u say so. also in about 15 i have class but can always go on later
  12. I have one! Look me up im Hamrigar000. Can trade now
  13. there is a focus slash ribombee at the circus that through training gave me trouble every single time and i now get intimidated by Ribombees. I might actually train one since sticky webs will nerf most enemies. also i hate how slow araquanid is and so in terms of sticky webs, id take ribombee over the spider Galvantula any day.
  14. Ya see Metagross such a good mon and im always tempted to breed it. rn ive been using a baton pass scolipede strat with iron defense/boost to give mega gardevior an OP stored power, and being able to pass to two pokemon would be pretty cool.
  15. Last night I went ahead and started breeding a Horsea and an egg move it carries is aurora beam! so while i wait for ice beam im gonna run agility, aurora beam, focus energy, surf!
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