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  1. Did any previous content get redone for v5 (aside from trainer battles, encounters, and such)?
  2. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ™‚πŸ°

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    2. LykosHand


      Thank you Solviera!

    3. AiedailEclipsed


      Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hope you have a good day as well! ❀️

    4. LykosHand


      Thanks a lot and you're welcome πŸ˜„

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope that you had a really great day!

    1. LykosHand


      Thanks a lot πŸ˜„, yeah it wasn't bad at all πŸ™‚

    2. AiedailEclipsed


      Yay! That's awesome! ❀️

  4. Literally from the post that announced this in the dev blog.
  5. AiedailEclipsed


    Senpai noticed me! Howdy! I'm the guy Ame was talking about in her reply to you. You can read more about the mod here. The screenshots in the thread might be broken, I've moved some stuff around on my server. I'll have to take a look see. In any case, I will also be continuing the mod after E19 is released due to RPG Maker XP being a derp and I don't feel like having to redo work each time there is a major release (for reference, I started this back after E16, so it would have been a slog to redo it three times).
  6. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ™‚πŸ°

  7. Hello all! I've been putting off releasing an update because I'm lazy E18 was coming soon. In any case, we're now compatible with E18! Hooray! What does this mean? Originally you needed to replace the Reborn scripts file with one that had the modular code added in order to enable it. In this last episode release, the devs added that to the core Reborn game though! This means we don't have to deal with replacing anything like that (mostly -- some mods might still need to do that for whatever reason, but that is Not My Problemβ„’). Take a look at the installation section in the first post for more information on the new process. Anyway, there were some other minor changes with this release outside of the E18 update (comment fixes, adjusted rates for some of the fossils, & fixed the Odd Keystone rate). I also updated the probability spreadsheet (https://myas.link/mo-probabilities) with the new Heart Scale rate for vanilla Reborn (shoutout to Aironfaar for posting about it)! For anyone that's used this mod in the past, you might have noticed some of the sections on the thread vanished. They've moved to their new home on one of my personal sites, which you can find here (https://myas.link/mining-overhaul). I mostly did this to make my life slightly easier and centralize some of this to one page. (Possibly) Coming Soon-ish: more things to mine! Really just depends on the kind of time I have available to dedicate to creating the graphics. Have fun kiddos!
  8. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  9. I have literally been calling it the "Amplified Rock" all this time and just now noticed the actual name. What even brain.

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    2. Dreamblitz


      I mean Amplified is the one that's an actual word. Ame just had to add an extra letter to make it into a pun...

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Damp Rock + Amplifield Rock = Damplifield Rock

    4. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      youre not the only one, friend.

  10. I'm certainly not against adding more in future updates. I was actually considering adding the type boosting gems in the future. However, as far as ultra rare finds go, what would you consider those to be? I can't really think of anything, to be honest!
  11. Welp. That's that nagging little voice in the back of my head done. :DΒ Now I can get to work on other things.

  12. Mining Overhaul an ease of life & content update mod by AiedailEclipsed Let's dive right in! This mod does a few different things, but its primary purpose was to add the evolution stones (from Gen IV forward) and the fossils (from Gen V forward) to the mining minigame in Reborn. However, while I was doing that, I added in three other valuable (in terms of selling value) items as well! I also went a step further and overhauled the probability values of the mining system, making it a smidge easier to acquire fossils and other useful items. The last thing I did for the purposes of this mod was to create two new "delimiters" for two particular categories of items which will ensure that you can only get one of those per mining round. This mod uses the modular setup that was adopted into the core Reborn code, which makes this mod super easy to install and also fairly compatible with other mods. But enough of the overview, let's get into the nitty gritty! New Items Available via Mining Mining Probabilities & Delimitation Installation Downloads Download #1 - https://gitlab.com/ariastudios/mining-overhaul/-/archive/v2/mining-overhaul-v2.zip Download #2 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=11JWIpiVsmK5uUaJruShZEUfNINxbGfo3 Download #3 - https://media.ariastudio.dev/mods/mining-overhaul/MiningOverhaul-v2.zip Looking for a changelog, FAQ, or links to previous releases? Please go here (https://myas.link/mining-overhaul)! If you need support, please post below!
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