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  1. Well, I know what to do after I'm done with the pokemon boxes Good job !
  2. Thanks for the compliment ! With the font fixing that happened on Reborn though, it's no longer necessary to make that separation. The font offset was basically the only reason for said version split to happen. Thank you ! Please show me what you did as well, so that I can rectify it for the next update.
  3. Could you send me a screenshot ? I didn't reach that point in the game yet, so I didn't have the opportunity to test that, but I should be able to fix it. In other news, a rectified variant of the Reborn battle UI is ready to be uploaded, since the font offsets have been fixed. I just want to finish at least uniformizing the pokemon boxes before updating the thread though, so you'll have to be a bit more patient, sorry !
  4. Oh yeah it should work for 18.4, like Edo said above. Fixing the title. I thought I'd be notified if someone posted here, might have unfollowed the thread by accident... oh well ! In other news, I'll probably work on that stuff again soon. I'm considering adding a non-Game-z variant for the battle bars in bonus content, because I'm not sure how permanent the font placement is.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Pyrolusite


      Thank you ! Yoo too !

    2. LykosHand


      Thanks and you're welcome 😉

  6. Updated PZR (Battle UI again, Summary UI tweaks, trainer card !) and updated the screenshots album as well. EDIT : I kinda forgot to mention it, but it has SWM support now (box multi-select, item finder, type display, stats changes) ! Updated PZ, now compatible with the new engine/executable ! Boxes are still not done yet, so you will see inconsistencies between backgrounds, but I had to at least push a fix for Game-z.exe. Some tweaks to the battle bars has been done in the process.
  7. Hi ! Made some changes to PZR in v0.4 (BattleUI, Party UI ball) which are now available ! Also updated the screenshots album, including the new stuff. Still working on PZ boxes, and I'm going for something more detailed so... it's taking more time. Sneak peak :
  8. Hey there, Some new stuff for you Rejuv enthusiasts out there, available in v0.3 right now : Also, I was supposed to bundle the PZR update with some Reborn stuff but it's taking a bit longer than expected, here's a sneak peek :
  9. PZ v1.11 : - Updated the online UI stuff - Removed the trainer card background logo - Small improvements to the "party ball" (changes on : tradebackground, tradebottom, onlinewaiting, partyBall, partyBallSel, trainer card)
  10. Hey there. For those of you who aren't aware, I started a variant of my texture pack called "PZ Rejuvenated", that I "stealthily" released in a very-WIP state here. I just updated it, now with Summary UI alongside Battle UI tweaks. Also fixed a biiig oversight in the PZ Summary UI, I don't know why I didn't notice it until now. Below some screens of what to expect from PZ Rejuvenated :
  11. New update ! - Last iteration for the default, amethyst and sapphire theme trainer cards [trainercard.png] - Steel icon tweak (Battle buttons + box background) [box13.png, battleFightButtons.png] - New battle command buttons [battleCommandButtons.png] Concerning the new battle command buttons, there's a variant with a sword instead of an explosion-thing, in Bonus Content/Misc.
  12. Having patches for Fallout 4 to update and work on, I took a break from updating my resource pack. It shouldn't take too long.

  13. Happy new year everyone !

  14. Thank you ! Concerning your suggestion, I won't do that, because that would make it confusing for new users. What I can do, however, is mention in the changelog which files I updated.
  15. Little update with some improvements : - New iteration for the trainer card ("neutral" by default, "team meteor" in bonus content) - New battle status display - Minor changes to the battle bar - Trainer cards for Cobalt & Amethyst themes, but they are based on the old variant Currently planning on renaming the "Cobalt" theme into "Sapphire", and make small changes accordingly (new pokegear gem, some color tweaks). That and upgrading the themed trainer cards to the new variant I came up with.
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