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  1. It seems to be happening only when screen border is on, you should disable that while I fix it EDIT : Fixed in the new update
  2. Hello there. New update. - [Main] Added multi-select sprite and a trade background I missed - [Main] Restored summary Pokerus indicator - [Main] Minor changes to all pokegear-related backgrounds - [Main] New shiny indicator - [Main] New party hud in pause menu - [Main] Window 11 now has a dark background by default, making the font white - [SWM] New Itemfinder sprite - [PCH] New mod : Clock Hud ! -> Doesn't actually require the main resource pack, but works best with it. -> Displays a stylized clock with time, day and weather on the top-left of your screen while paused. - [PZ2G] New mod : "Pokegear Mod" -> Requires Pyrolusitium-Z2. -> Makes all the fake clocks on pokegear-related backgrounds functional. Only exception is the online stuff. I'd like to thank Waynolt, Bluetowel and Haru for helping me with the Clock Hud mod ! Some things were eluding me and they helped me get back on track. I also reorganized the thread a bit, you will find all screenshots in their dedicated spoiler sections.
  3. Font is still dark-grey, it doesn't switch to white like window skins. You're mostly seeing what's written because of font shading. Here, try this and tell me if it works. Install PZ2 first then install this. Dark font on black is going to be ugly but at least you should be able to read stuff. pyrolusitium_z2_e19_alldarkbg_v1.zip.zip I will be doing a bit more of those later.
  4. Hold the fuck up, the font change colors according to the background ? That changes EVERYTHING. I have new things to experiment with now. Thanks for showing me this, you'll probably have your wish granted - at least for white on black. EDIT : Aw seems to be working only for window skins, doesn't work for battle UI. I'll provide a version for you with darker backgrounds if you don't mind dark font on black background looking ugly.
  5. Aaah I see. Can't do anything about that though, sorry, changing the font colors would require modding the game, and given what I'd have to do to do that, this would probably turn the texture pack into a compatibility nightmare.
  6. Updated ! - Fix shiny icon display for single battles, player side - Fixed Pulse 00 file not using the correct sprite - Tweaked Pokedex info screen - Added Greninja and Empoleon custom shinies
  7. Yup, I've been informed of that, it's fixed in the new version that's coming very soon, among other fixes (and custom shinies) ! Thanks for the report ! I'm only replacing textures, nothing gameplay wise should be affected. You're probably unlucky. Do you have any examples to give me ?
  8. Did you delete the whole Graphics folder ? Because that's the kind of outcome you get when you do that. You need to overwrite the new stuff over existing stuff, not entierely swapping Graphics folders.
  9. Waynolt probably removed some spacing between types, making the old file not compatible anymore. Grab the compatibility files I just uploaded on the main post. EDIT : Reworked type display, now they should scale much better with any resolution chosen.
  10. It seems the option to do so is no longer here. But I think it's Emerald by default now, which is good. I meant that I didn't include any of the color variants for bags/pokegear, any of the SWM/Minimalistic Indicators support, and any of the custom cursed shinies. Mostly because they are outdated : either I remade them in PZ2 and they are now uglier by comparison, or the way the game now handle some files (pokemon sprites, specifically). I know I will at least update compatibility for the SWM modpack type display, which shouldn't require much effort. I'm probably done doing bonus color variants for UI stuff, and porting the custom shinies is for now up for debate given that it's mostly funny meme/reference territory except 2.
  11. Aaand we're up. After a few weeks of work and an unexpected community release, here comes the new version of my pack ! Complete rework of the Pokegear and Pokedex, improvements across a lot of already existing stuff, Field Effects and Pulse are finally here again, etc. The only thing that I kept relatively intact are boxes backgrounds. Mod support not available yet, no custom shinies or alternate colors, just kept to the bare minimum. Worst case scenario you can grab those from PZ v1.12 anyway. Thank you all for your patience and support !
  12. Uuuh I have archived all the previous releases, but both elements you mentionned have been iterated upon so much, I'm not going to be able to find what you're looking for unless you remember its version. Also, honestly, I'm absolutely fine with people changing stuff on my pack for their personal usage, but I'm much less confortable having to dig through my own stuff to contribute to someone else's ideal version. No, not that I'm aware of.
  13. Unless v13 changed something major on the battle/summary ui, the v12 texture pack should be safe to use. You all will have to wait for Reborn/Rejuv texture pack updates, I resumed work on an old project, and I need to get it to a releasable state first.
  14. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Pyrolusite


      Thank you ! You too !

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      Thanks and you're welcome 😄

  15. Hey there, just finished the demo ! I really did not expect the rythm game combat angle, especially in a RPG maker game. I'm not a rythm game player, but it was manageable enough for me, so props to the team for that ! I have a lot of suggestions to unload, and some will probably be duplicates of what you've seen here already. -- UI SUGGESTIONS -- - This may come across as a nitpick, but I do think navigable menus would be better than attributing a keybind to each option, like it's currently the case in the demo. I can see the argument that it reduces menuing somewhat by allowing you to get directly what you want, but there's a lot of mechanics bound to the rythm game aspect to keep in mind, and having to build muscle memory for menuing as well might end up being more of a chore, in most cases. It would also negate some key press conflicts between options menu (bottom left) and combat menu (bottom right). - This suggestion requires the above point, otherwise it's going to be a pain to implement : tooltips. Being able to determine at first glance what an Art does, and which QTE it will require, directly in the Arts combat menu, without having to manually check the character's page first, then going to their Arts page, will make the game smoother. For example, I only learned that Ice Needles slows targets after finishing the demo, because the name seemed straightforward enough for me : it's an ice spell, you damage people with it. - Given there's a rock-paper-scissors mechanic in play, and the only way to check one unit's element is to check their summary, an element icon and a "class" (melee/ranged/magic/...) icon on their portrait will reduce time lost menuing in summaries. If someone needs precise information on an unit, the summary is here, but if they just need to determine if it's worth it to attack an unit with Star solely based on element, having their answer immediatly is better. Quick example below : -- GENERAL SUGGESTIONS -- - The demo introduced a lot of systems very fast. It's probably because it's a demo, and it was necessary to explain everything to show what the game had to offer in a single fight, but I think it's worth mentioning that the game might confuse some people very quickly if it's replicated in the final game. - Related to above, a little codex with reminders of past tutorials could be nice in case of long breaks between sessions. - Auto-pausing the game when it's out of focus. I found myself alt-tabbing to check something really quickly on the enemy turn, only to suddenly hear the QTE phase and going back to the game in panic, multiple times. - As said in other posts before mine, a togglable aggro range display on all enemy units like in Fire Emblem/Advance Wars would be very much appreciated, especially if you plan on ramping up the difficulty on the strategy side. -- NITPICKS -- - A subtle grid overlay in the options menu could be appreciated. - A separate estimated damage counter for the "best outcome" - perfect inputs, etc. - Conservation of movement points after going to a new room, ie not being able to move a full turn after climbing a set of stairs on one unit's last movement point. - Consistency in QTE scrolling : always from the same side to another, not varying depending on enemy position/priority. - Nova : While the story tells explicitely that she's not to be fought yet, the way actual combat is handled is frustrating imo. Your units just stand doing nothing as their rythm minigame just fizzles into nothingness, when it's made clear they are not avoiding her out of hope she can switch sides, but rather because escaping is the top priority. If the plan was to make her an advancing wall to force players to move on, it might have been less frustrating to make her just automatically dodge any attacks made against her, even on crit, instead of making your units passively take a beating. There ! I'm done ! Hope this was useful.
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