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  1. New update ! - Last iteration for the default, amethyst and sapphire theme trainer cards [trainercard.png] - Steel icon tweak (Battle buttons + box background) [box13.png, battleFightButtons.png] - New battle command buttons [battleCommandButtons.png] Concerning the new battle command buttons, there's a variant with a sword instead of an explosion-thing, in Bonus Content/Misc.
  2. Having patches for Fallout 4 to update and work on, I took a break from updating my resource pack. It shouldn't take too long.

  3. Happy new year everyone !

  4. Thank you ! Concerning your suggestion, I won't do that, because that would make it confusing for new users. What I can do, however, is mention in the changelog which files I updated.
  5. Little update with some improvements : - New iteration for the trainer card ("neutral" by default, "team meteor" in bonus content) - New battle status display - Minor changes to the battle bar - Trainer cards for Cobalt & Amethyst themes, but they are based on the old variant Currently planning on renaming the "Cobalt" theme into "Sapphire", and make small changes accordingly (new pokegear gem, some color tweaks). That and upgrading the themed trainer cards to the new variant I came up with.
  6. Glad you're enjoying my pack ! I'm actually planning on extending the bonus themes to the newly added trainer cards, so if you like that theme, there's more coming.
  7. v1.5 update : Custom shinies are now opt-in. I'm well aware that my spritework is a mixed bag, so if you don't want them, you'll be relieved to know you don't have to manually remove them after every update. If you do enjoy them, they are available in the Bonus Content folder. I had a good chuckle reading the reactions of some people, unaware that my stuff changed some shinies, but I guess it's better this way for the end user. It won't stop me from working on them or making more though, because I like all of them. SWM support is now opt-out. If you use (or want to use) SWM Modular Modpack, install it first, then my pack. If you don't, SWM will overwrite my content for it, and you'll have to do everything manually like before. - Finished the Clefable custom shiny (that wasn't supposed to be in yet because no backsprite). - Small improvements to the Milotic custom shiny. - Probably some other things I forgot.
  8. It's been roughly 8 months - you should get used to me disappearing and reappearing out of the blue by now - but I finaly updated Pyrolusitium-Z with various improvements. Enjoy !


  9. Hey there, back from the dead again. A little update with various tweaks everywhere, updated download link and imgur album. Enjoy !
  10. New update, was finally able to make an Imgur album again, so everything is there. New additions include a complete rework of the Pokemon information windows, custom shiny tweaks, and a fix for the purple theme pokenav jukebox.
  11. image.png.b6c506f22f0ff2033fe7798dc9fe3c60.png

    There, that should be the definitive version, much better than what I've attempted yesterday.

  12. Pokemon info screen, 1 year later :


  13. Another update ! A new custom shiny (Empoleon), a rework of the bag UI, a new Pokegear theme, and some little changes here and there. I don't know if the new shiny will stay, it was an one-off thing for the lulz. If it doesn't fit I'll remove it. EDIT : I just noticed that the shade of purple used for the amethyst theme was too dark for the jukebox menu, will fix next update.
  14. Pokegear "Amethyst" Edition :


    (probably an "Emerald" and "Ruby" Edition soon, so that there's 5 themes to choose from... that's a lot of themes, in hindsight.)

  15. And here's the first update ! Here are the new additions and changes in screenshot form : If you want a full list, check the changelog on the main post.
  16. Kinda forgot the box party screen in the initial release, it's now done, as you can see here :


    Have some other stuff to do before updating the archive though.


  17. Description : Pyrolusitium-Z is a texture pack, successor to Minimalist Rebirth, started a few years ago and "finished" when Ep17 released. After it's predecessor had been partially integrated into the base game, I worked on this on and off for roughly a year until inspiration struck me again. It's by no means finished, but there's enough content to warrant a new thread and stuff. It also includes opt-in bonus content like custom shinies (some are memes, some aren't) and alternate bag/pokegear themes. NOTE : Use the RSE fonts ("Em") for best results. Imgur album : https://imgur.com/a/9HHayoz Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/uc1ht6wvsrtxf2c/pyrolusitium_z_v1_8.zip Installation : 1. BACKUP THE ORIGINAL "GRAPHICS" FOLDER. You are overwriting stuff. 2. Extract everything at the root of your Reborn installation, replace all. 3. If you use (or want to use) SWM, install SWM first, then install my stuff, because there's SWM compatibility in there. 4. If you want to use my custom shinies or alternate bag/pokegear themes, look at the "Bonus Content" folder. Paste the contents of the module that caught your interest at the root of your Reborn installation, replace all. Wallpaper names : Changes :
  18. Did someone say... "boxes" ?


  19. Took a few hours, but new battle move buttons ! still have some tweaks to do though.


    (EDIT : Tweaks mostly done now, changed screencap)

  20. Guess who's back ?

    Pyrolusitium Z Battle UI Final (hopefully) + SWM integration :


    1. Maqqy


      Bless you Pyro.

  21. Welp, my forum thread disappeared for some reason.

    Any traces of it removed from my activity, and searching for it yields no results.

    1. Commander


      I remember it being in an odd place. Let me see if I can find it. If I can't, I recommend pinging Ame or someone.

    2. Commander


      Sorry double post but found it.


      Unless it's a different thread you're looking for (PM mod to be able to edit in it again)

    3. Pyrolusite


      Holy crap, thanks a lot ! I have no clue why a global research didn't find it.

      EDIT : Oh it's archived, that's probably why it didn't appear anywhere.

  22. Hey there. Back from my usual hiatus, with stuff to update I guess.


  23. I do think Pyrolusitium Z will include custom shinies I made, like this one (Greninja) :


  24. "I can make it edgier" Battle UI 3 :


    1. seki108


      >Not having a Bisharp named Shadow or Bladedge


      You're not pushing the edge hard enough.  There is still so much potential.

    2. Pyrolusite


      I have a good amount of edge right there

    3. seki108


      Now that's a cool sprite, edge be damned

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