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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome to Pokémon Desolation - Story - What is a dream? A series of thoughts? Images? Sensations? No... perhaps it's something more? Welcome to the Ayrith Region, a large land mass split into several islands. Ayrith is clouded in mystery, with strange, inexpiable events happening in every corner. However, somewhere deep down, there is something more to this mystery. Something unexpected, impossible even. You will uncover this secret, and go down in history. What is your dream? Is it to be a hero? The outcome of Desolation is strongly based on the choices you make. Choose wisely. - Features - - Obtainable List - - Episode 5 - Somnium - Important Note 1: If you are updating from E4, you may continue to E5 content by entering your room in the Cellia Manor. Important Note 2: Episode 5 runs on a new, faster engine, MKXP. To run Desolation, use 'game-z.exe'. If you have issues with game-z, instead try running 'game.exe'. Finally, please note that during the update to Gen 7 and the movement to the new engine, many move ID's had to be shifted, resulting in a small number of instances where Pokemon have different moves than they should (ONLY in save files created prior to E5). - Download Links - 7 Badges are available as of this release. Version 5.1, 07/07/2020 For those of you updating from 5.0.4/5.05 and want a smaller, manual patch for 5.1 - download THIS file (4 MB) and extract its contents into Desolation's root directory (the one with game.exe), overriding the previous content. Do not load this update from the Manor Basement, Silver Rise, Bountilia Island OR Odis Village Windows Mirror 1: Mega (521 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (521 MB) Mac Mirror 1: Mega (524 MB) Mirror 2: Drive (524 MB) Created by Caz, Ruby Red, and Posty Thanks to andracass for creating a Mac version of the game Feels good to be back Want to lend me a hand? Support me on Patreon! - Other Screenshots - - Credits - - Full Cover Art (downloadable) - PBS files can be downloaded by clicking here
  2. Update: 30/06/2020 Hey guys! Important update here! Desolation has been UPDATED to Episode 5 and MOVED! ALL NEW INFORMATION AND GAME UPDATES CAN BE FOUND AT THIS LINK! Yeah, we moved the thread so that we could have loads of sub-threads and things. Makes communication a whole lot easier! Thank you SO much for your ongoing support! Cheers, Caz
  3. Please help me find the Black Foxes old battle theme (pre-episode 5).
  4. It's finally here! My Pokemon Desolation Playthrough! Along with my new intro! Please enjoy!
  5. Hey y'all! We have a big ole announcement! Introducing... The Pokemon Desolation Community Shiny Project! Yes that's right you heard it here, we at the Desolation Dev Team want to customise every single Shiny Pokemon in the game, but we are busy at work fixing bugs and looking to begin development soon for Episode 6 So this is where you come in! We are opening the floor to the community to essentially create Shinies for every single Pokemon in the game! (including Gen 8! use the >> Gen 8 Sprite Pack << *NOTE* we are not adding Gigantamax Forms) So... how do you even get round to submitting your Shinies? LET ME TELL YOU! Below are two very important links! One is to the Shiny Project document and the other is to the Google Form where you can Submit your Shiny Sprites, let me go into detail about these links. First is the Shiny Project document which is linked >>>>> HERE <<<<< This is essentially a Checklist to keep track of what Pokemon have received a brand spanking new Shiny! Use this to check to see if a Shiny you want to submit has already been submitted The document is split into Generations (Ordered by National Dex) with Regional Variants, Megas, Silvally Forms (please submit cool Silvally forms like in Reborn/Rejuvenation) and Arceus Forms (they dont have to be wild, but yeah go nuts if you want lol) having separate tabs. When a Shiny has been approved by us, the development team, I will be updating the document, so make sure you keep an eye out! Second is the Google Form which will be used to SUBMIT YOUR SHINIES which is linked >>>>> HERE <<<<< Answer the questions on the Form in order to submit your Shinies You can submit as many Shinies as you want! but the Form is limited to 10 uploads per response so take that in mind. **NOTE** When submitting Shinies, We would like the entire Evolution Line to be submitted along with Backsprites and Gender Differences. This is because if for example, One person creates a Litten Shiny and someone else creates a Torracat Shiny, they may look completely different and continuity is lost. We will not be accepting single Shinies if they are apart of an Evolution Line, If more than one person has worked on a set of Shinies, please submit this as one Response and link all names who contributed. The Project is being completed in Generations. Starting from Generation 1, we will NOT be accepting Shinies from later Generations until the previous Generations have been completed. For example if we are currently accepting Shinies from Generation 2, we will NOT accept a Shinies submitted from Generation 4 UNTIL we reach that stage. If a Pokemon has an Evolution in another Generation, please do still create Shinies for them and submit, they will be reviewed and accepted regardless for continuity sake (if we accept them) Current Generation - Gen 1 **ALSO** If you plan on submitting a Mega Evolution, we would prefer if you submitted Shinies for the whole line, for example if you wanted to submit a Shiny Mega Beedrill, we would prefer it if you submitted Shinies for the whole Weedle Line! (I know this may mean making a second Response, but just make sure you have the same name so we know it's your Shinies!) Arceus Forms can be different however we would prefer if they were all similar (like the base, use Reborn's as an Example) with a few differences, so if one person is up for the task go for it! Remember we will be having the Final Say, we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to create Shinies and submit them however if we ain't feeling them, they will not be included in the game. This also means that we may adjust a Shiny slightly if we really want it however one aspect is putting us off (for example, Eye Colour, few Pixels etc) If two Legendaries for example Solgaleo and Lunala are meant to be "grouped together" (Shiny Wise mainly), for continuity purposes we would prefer it if the person who creates one of these Shinies would create the other pair! When you submit a Shiny, please try to label it properly. What I mean by this is that, when the game checks for a Shiny Sprite, it'll look for the Pokemon Number with the letter "s" at the end, for example Charmander's Shiny is labelled "004s" and "004sb", if theres a female version for example with Venusaur, then it should be labelled "003fs" and "003fsb". This will save me a lot of time when filtering through the Shinies and putting them into a folder for the Shiny Pack! One last thing... PLEASE USE THE BASE SPRITES IN THE DESOLATION FOLDER FOR WHEN YOU MAKE SHINIES. **WE WILL ALSO NOT BE ACCEPTING** - Half Pixels (Please check your Shinies before you submit, if we notice several Half Pixels, we will not approve of your Shiny, we will have the final say!) - Blatant Video Game/Series References (We do not mind a slight reference to a series, however if its extremely obvious we will not be approving, Shinies relating to other Pokemon Fangames are fine, just don't go over the top with them) - Over-saturated/Too Bright (If it hurts our eyes to look at, we won't accept it) That's about it, we can't wait to see what you all come up with and submit! From Desolation inspired Shinies to a custom palette! From the Desolation Dev Team we once again want to say a major Thank You for all the support everyone has given us with the release of Episode 5, its been a wild ride and we can't wait to bring more to you soon! *One More Thing* I will be updating the document every Sunday so check around 12pm BST on this day to see what has changed on the checklist!
  6. Heyooo We got some requests to make a fanworks thread on here, so... here it is! Thank you all for the support! Also note that any works that have to do with E5 have to be spoiler tagged. Memes are fine too, of course! And I might as well throw in some of the meme stuff I made, to start it all off \o/ these arent e5 spoilers until later btw I just dont like my images being huge lol
  7. Hey all! As you know I'm the new spriter/artist for Desolation, and since I've been working on this for nearly a year I have some goodies to show... But first! How this'll work is that whenever I have enough art to show, I'll just reply to this topic with it and edit this main post to include it, along with the upload date of the newer images! Easier for you and me to keep track that way~ also some shameless plugs,,, my twitter, instagram and tumblr uwu Lets goooooooooooo New Desolation Logo: Cover Art: Character Art: Character Icons: Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope you liked the new character art! **Note, This thread is for all Official Artwork for the Game, If you have created fanart, please post it in this thread here!**
  8. I found both diary entries and talked to booker but the snorlax on east doesn't move ... I also had to reupdate because of the tristan bug earlier so I don't know if that has anything to do with this bug but yea the snorlax ain't moving
  9. We're back, just like Desolation. Setup Instructions: Go to your Desolation game folder -> Data -> Change the name of "Scripts.rxdata" to something other than Scripts.rxdata Download the file from here Copy the downloaded file into the path mentioned above Change the name of the file you've downloaded to "Scripts.rxdata" That's it Be careful when using the "warp" function as it can warp you out of bounds and can mess up some events. Scriptsbasic.rxdata
  10. So its been about a week since we dropped Episode 5 so its about time to drop the Obtainable List! So here.. go nuts. Use this thread as a place to ask each other where Pokemon are located (saves you asking in the AMA and on the Main Thread :D) Also to note, if someone wants to make a Location Guide for the Game, feel free! We will not personally be making one due to focusing our efforts on other aspects of the game so if you want to make one like Reborn's or Rejuvenation's then go for it! I do not mind at all pinning it for easy access for everyone! If you find a Pokemon that hasn't been listed on this list then please let me know, this took a good while to make and I made consistent edits due to changing Pokemon around, so its likely I've missed some.
  11. Hey y'all As the title says, we are opening questions to all of you! so ask away, whatever your heart desires, Mechanics? Pokemon? Caz?... besides spoilers, we won't answer spoilers. Before asking any questions, please take a look at our FAQ, Caz has answered a good majority there, involving personal life and main topics of discussion for Pokemon Desolation **NOTE, We will not be answering questions about In-Game Content, for example "Where is this Key?" or "Is this TM available?" If you need help regarding this, please go and ask in the Discussions Section!**
  12. Hey dudes and dudettes! I was gonna put this in the Desolation area but since this would have gone into the discussion thread, I'm just gonna post it here instead. So as many of you know, I plan on doing a Pokemon Desolation Playthrough as soon as my channel intro is completed. I just got done doing 2 slightly different overlays for the game. So I want you all to vote on your favorite overlay and that will be the 1 I use whenever I start recording the videos. Overlay 1 Overlay 2
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