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  1. corviknight crest : gains the ability intimidate and an immunity to dragon and fire type moves (because it strikes fear in people's hearth according to the pokedex and the latter part because he is named after a knight, and knights are supposed to defeat dragons.) Altaria crest:, gains a fluffy kind of shield, which reduces the damage of pokemon by 50% for the first five turns and it gains the fairy type. scolipede: gains the abillity of the move rage. ( if that's too broken it only increases its attack if it hits a pokemon and doesn't actually ko it, then it gets increasingly more pissed. ( pokedex also says scolipede is an agressive pokemon and it will not give up untill the enemy is destroyed)) that's all i can think of
  2. if i am correct madame X skin color is black like Alexandra and nymiera. You could see a part of her face in the fight a top of the pyramid, if you saved sakitron
  3. yeah it is unobtainable through normal means, if you want to really get one, then you should use Debug mode
  4. his knowledge is beyond our understanding
  5. You can watch all of melia's choices here:
  6. try to fight samson and if you've got experiece share, just put the noibat on the team, when one of your other members hit the max level rotate him out for pidgeot
  7. thx Kanye Grunter the lucky, very cool
  8. thanks, I came up to it while i was messing around in computer class and looking at dead memes
  9. this looks pretty cool might check it out
  10. in the scoreboard that had recently been removed told that the percentages had been completed and if i recall correctly they've already playtested it, but i do agree with the fact that developers have the right to release something whenever they want and that a huge chunk of the community won't be mad at starlight since it's indeed an indie game, but reborn has also been in the works for 8 years and some people still follow it so i think they won't mind waiting a year or two.
  11. To be honest I'm kind of impressed that development is this far during current circumstances and that you're still going, you should definitely take a break, since you've got the right to do so and no one is holding you back. also on another note I've gotten a pretty great puzzle idea. The garufa tribe is known for experimenting with pokemon right and also stealing their energy into their hearts, what if you make a door or something, where you are required to bring a certain type of pokemon found in the surrounding area's. They can be of a specif mon or something with type ressitance, you could even trow a pokemon weight in the equation. By the way I've gotten this concept from a game i played a few years back named World of final fantasy. also take care
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