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  1. damn that is a lot of work to determine the who exactly is the strongest ai, wel done
  2. did you wipe your old pc clean, if not you can use this https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ to bring the save file over to your new pc and then you keep playing on your old save. If you did wipe your old pc clean then you can't recover it or you have some program that can recover some deleted things
  3. I am not exactly that technical, but i do know a few things that always help for me. 1. redownload the game, this is the easiest thing, if your game broke, but I've never had my game break 2. If redownloading doesn't work try this. https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ if I am stuck, I'll always backtrack to a previous save, and then i can continue the game like normal Hope this helps and good luck
  4. np, btw if you want to remove music from the enviorment and listen to your own, you can put BGM to zero, so that you can listen to your own
  5. oof, if i understand correctly, you've redownloaded the game and you've not added any music into it. IF that's not the case, then remove the music. If you didn't tinker with the game at all, you can head to a previous safe using this thread https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ that's the only think that i can think of, good luck with your game
  6. i think your game might be broke, fortunately you saves are stored seprately, so you can just redownload the game.
  7. wow, I did not know blind people could play a game, and i am quite intrigued, sorry if this may sound insensitive. But would you be kind enough how you to tell me how you play the game ?. Do you have a special reading program, that reads all the dialogue for you or something else. btw i am not a dev
  8. i found an threat about android, I've seen some people play clash royale on a chromebook, so this must definitely be possible
  9. I beat arceus by firsy destroying the field with a golem, and then using an gothitelle with mirror Coat. It barely hangs on and will destroy arceus
  10. bruhtonium

    an apology

    This is the defination of perfection. It has been 2 years, but now know i can sleep knowing that there's an fucking ferris wheel in the game. When episode 19 is compleet i can finally live the moment that will peak in live and watch the accumaltion of dazzeling pixels before me and after that moment I've reached te maximum level of content in my life and I know there isn't anything else left in life that can compare with it
  11. this guide is exact;y the same for any pokémon rpg maker game I've ever played
  12. Uhm you don't. You get the mega-z-ring and then you can use one mega and one z-crystal. Mayby you tried to use 2 mega's if not, I would suggest deleting your game and redownload it.
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