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  1. Unfortunately it did not help and i have found a way to sort of temporarily solution. I have a version of v13 of my laptop that does not have any of the patches, on that version are no glitched sprites, Look at these few instances this is with the v13.02 patch This is in my regular old version of v13.00 The tower also runs perfectly in v13.00 but unfortunately in V13.02 it's still all glitchy like all above I guess some files in the patch seem to be corrupted , since it would be weird if my laptop could run desolation 5.1 and rejuvenatio v13.00 and
  2. I just installed the patch for 13.0.02 and then the game ended up lookling like this This only applies to the whispy tower, the rest of the game seems fine, but the performence is also lagging here and i also had an issue saving here. I downloaded this directly from the website and i also had a version of v13.01 with the patch of v13.02 and then the same result happend
  3. their is no longer an extra large screen function in the latest patch, and i kind of really want one, is their any change it will return
  4. butterfree should easily sweep it with sleep powder, you could get an voltorrb from the vender at teh bery emporium or an pachiruchu at night time in the velvet buildin, but i am not sure on the last one
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    The time has come bois
  6. Bro there is one quick and easy way. Debug mode. The only one i can find that might be a virus of some sort , so if you can find a better more trustable link definitely go for it enjoy the playthrough and if you"re planning on using this might as well go for intense difficulty right
  7. sorry mate, but unfortunately online trading and battling is an feature exclusive to pokémon reborn. So you can't trade mons in rejuvenation.
  8. i think you must be looking for a debug mode for rejuvenation. To my knowledge there isn't any version for v12 but debug mode for previous versions should work, if this is your first playthrough however I'd recommend using the pokémon you get through regular playthrough since it is a lot more rewarding and the developers intended to play it that way. Also debug is impossible to find, i think the original thread for rejuv got deleted or something. But do not fret most pokemon are available in v12, except dratini. see this thread
  9. Rejuvenation V13 is almost out and I've been visiting this website for the past months everyday single day for developement updates soi was wondering if the developers could instead of dropping the game the exact moment it's done make a 24 hour timer. I know that some of the creators of this game once aspired to be youtubers and it would be awesome if you could stream about the developement cycle of v13 and at the end of the stream the game would get released. Come to think of it you don't even need to stream you could also use a live premier on a regular old youtube video. I personally thi
  10. oh downloading must work then
  11. did you mess around with fill names or you accidentally destroyed your game. I am no developer or anywhere near a progammer but these things always help me out if an in-game error occurs. 1. Look if you're save is corrupted by accesing an previous save. This thread should be of assistance https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ 2 redownload the game. 3. Mayby there is something I've missed look at the FAQ https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/gamefaq/if you're lucky there might be another solution, but i doubt it
  12. episode 5 was such a mindfuck, but it definitely is worth it to replay it, since games like deso take a long ass time to update and an replay never hurts. since the lore is a mindfuck/ you can use your relationshippoints differently and most important of the dialogue is good
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