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  1. there is no item. You only get a letter from Amber and a ViP pass and interceptium-Z in the school of nightmares. I think the beldum event is a little buggy but just try to put 15k in the den 3 or 4 times. That worked for me in V13.2 i think.
  2. wait so you got your save and it worked till you get got to aevium budew. I would recommend going to your save in v12 and head to gearen labratory. afterwards load into v13 and everything should work fine
  3. No i am pretty sure i got my beldume before and i mean way before the school of nightmares. It could have been bugged for me since i got mine on 3 september and could have played another version. I basically just dumped like 50 k in or something. Mayby the 15 k red essence might've been true. I got mine also after i beat adam, so you do not need an item from the school of nightmares.
  4. Depends on what mode you play. I played on intense, which meant that any mon with stat boosting is really good. If you do not want to get burnt i would recommend normal and on that mode you can basically go ham. I would try to gather the teams of various rivals/trainers/champions. Did you know you could get every cyntia team. If you did not get a togekiss from the mystery egg, you still use her diamond team which has an gastrodon
  5. this is actually the most efficiënt way to play intense. You could still get larvitar or drillbur, and a goddamn lycanrock before the first gym
  6. I have the exact same issue and a notebook btw, did you find a solution or anything, because if there ain't any we won't be able to enjoy v13.5 properly and further versions
  7. Rilaboom is his starter and You can het greninja after finishing the aquarium sidequest in Akuwa town
  8. As someone who has played the game 3 times. First on normal, then on intensen and for V13 on intense i really adore the intense feature. The reason i first started to play was because i wanted to see how the story would play put if you made different decissions, like not freeing kreiss at the isle of angels or taking the magma stone. Replaying the game on a harder mode would be fun and it was, i also did the same when V13 came out and did another intense run, which took me over 430 in game hours and like 8 or 9 weeks irl. It was absolutely wonderfull to replay the game on intense because defeating an impossible oppponent would be fun without using an single item. It was also pretty epic to see characters using literal legendaries and stronger mons. That is what identity intense had. The opponent uses stronger,cooler and sometimes legendary mons, but i have the feeling that in V13 the idea of having strong mons was lost, because the player also had strong mons, so it was time to cheat with ev's. Cheating with ev's should never ever be brought back. I remember using my mono fire team against saki. I had the sun up and was thinking i could easilly sweep her. my Cinderace barely did one third to her metagrosse. In V13 the identity of rejuvenation kind of shifted from the pokémon fan game that was written like an anime to an even better anime with some impossible battles and I kind of understand that u want to get rid of that impossible fight image and focus fully on the writing. And in a few years when the game is complete it might make a return. I will miss the legendary aces of the gymleaders though. R.I.P saki's genesect and souta's thunderus. But if it's going to go for good, can we than remember intense as a fun mode, which made replaying the a lot better. And like chapter 14. Death of one birth of another. WIl it be replaced with something less toxic. I think a randomizer like reborn would fill the void that intense is for a lot of players. There will be many legendaties, that will not see the light of day till V16. And a lot of memey scenarios. Imagine the fight on valor mountain but instead of menacing team you'll be fighting against some bidoofs and chikorita's. By the way if there are a lot of story components, and you could get different endings wouldn't it be much more fun for the player to experience them all and a randomizer would make them a lot easier, since they are much more easier than any other mode. I hope the removal of intense will not be seen al a lost, but as an oppertunity for an even more awesome game, and if intense is gone, then develepement would be a bit shorter which means that we can get the continuation of the goomink quest earlier. I would love to see where Jan and the rest of the team will take pokémon rejuvenation in the next chapter and can't wait for the anime adaptation in 2069.
  9. seems pretty broken, i hope it doesn't get nerfed in the next patch like with the good ol ledian crest
  10. Currently i am battling angie ( as the seventh gym leader) and I think i need a kling to beat her glaceon, but the mon has been moved to somewhere in east-gearen according to my pokédex so does someone know the exact location.
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