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  1. in pokemon desolation you can buy ink what makes every pokemon shiny, it's expensive though.
  2. If you still haven't won yet try using fake out on her gardevoir and then u poison it or use gunk shot on you mon, there should be a single mon in your box who knows that move right ?
  3. just get lycanrock and gigalith then you can just rockslide and hope on a flinch muk would also be good since it can poison the gardevoir and deal massive damage
  4. unfortunately not, if you sell it it's worth 0 pokédollars
  5. I don't know if this counts, but i always found cofagrigus Crest too bland, only stats enhanchements so what if you give it an extra abillity. Cofagrigus: gains the abillity Perish Body Runerigus: Moves that don't deal damage gain priority, Swap hp with special defence
  6. Bro you don't need to stick to an specific team, i did not want to have extra members on my party, but there are times where u can have so excess exp, that swapping one pokemon for another doesn't really hurt. Also u can get the old exp share through an event involving melia's bedroom and the new one by gathering 35 ap points and purchasing it at chrysolia hotel, also u can only get skarmory before the fourteenth gymleader and then your pokemon should be around lvl 85 so that's not that helpfull, unless you cheat one in.
  7. corviknight crest : gains the ability intimidate and an immunity to dragon and fire type moves (because it strikes fear in people's hearth according to the pokedex and the latter part because he is named after a knight, and knights are supposed to defeat dragons.) Altaria crest:, gains a fluffy kind of shield, which reduces the damage of pokemon by 50% for the first five turns and it gains the fairy type. scolipede: gains the abillity of the move rage. ( if that's too broken it only increases its attack if it hits a pokemon and doesn't actually ko it, then it gets increasingly more
  8. if i am correct madame X skin color is black like Alexandra and nymiera. You could see a part of her face in the fight a top of the pyramid, if you saved sakitron
  9. yeah it is unobtainable through normal means, if you want to really get one, then you should use Debug mode
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