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  1. Was using ally switch with Malamar and Gardevior in a double battle (the trainers in the grand hall that battle on saturdays) and found ally switch not only did not have +2 priority but also didnt even switch pokemons positions when the move went off. Am I using the move wrong or does the move not work? Below is pasted description from Bulbapedia Generation V-VI Ally Switch causes the user to switch places with the ally opposite to itself, and is an increased-priority move. It will fail if the user is in the middle of the field in a Triple Battle, if t
  2. Exploud was the MVP of one of my first rejuvination runs, super underrated! Also appreciate the "budget Alakasam" haha you are not wrong. While I hesitate to use too many mons that need weather or set up to be good (as most of mine already need that) which makes me more inclined to look at Mega Abomasnow, who is super awesome. He's in a PC box called "needs to be trained" and has been since I caught it in 2019 haha. Maybe its time.
  3. hey! its ok, didnt see u responded. dont need anything in return, ready when u say so. also in about 15 i have class but can always go on later
  4. I have one! Look me up im Hamrigar000. Can trade now
  5. there is a focus slash ribombee at the circus that through training gave me trouble every single time and i now get intimidated by Ribombees. I might actually train one since sticky webs will nerf most enemies. also i hate how slow araquanid is and so in terms of sticky webs, id take ribombee over the spider Galvantula any day.
  6. Ya see Metagross such a good mon and im always tempted to breed it. rn ive been using a baton pass scolipede strat with iron defense/boost to give mega gardevior an OP stored power, and being able to pass to two pokemon would be pretty cool.
  7. Last night I went ahead and started breeding a Horsea and an egg move it carries is aurora beam! so while i wait for ice beam im gonna run agility, aurora beam, focus energy, surf!
  8. So youre a fan of giving her like a scope lens? Maybe like agility and like focus energy? lol that would be awesome
  9. Am not proud of having ignored a homeless hiker all those hours ago but to be fair i wouldve helped if i was aware of his existence. Thus once I got the choice specs from doing the team aqua quest, the man in question was not in the restored city. (probably made it who knows) Anyone like, got one?
  10. Thats a good list. I also am hopping to get a swampert mega stone in episode 19 and thus have prepared a Pelliper ahead of time, somaybe a kingdra would be fun with dat drizzle! Also: What Spread and moves are you running on the metagross? been thinking of breeding mine but like am too lazy and want to know it will be useful.
  11. literally i dont think Volcarona with flame body has left my party once in the last year lol. Biking up and down the tracks of Peridot Ward is the way to go.
  12. Currently as I await episode 19 (as if im unique in that regard), Ive been trying out new team combinations and breeding pokemon to experiment with in the future. Want to know who you guys use that would be fun to check out. Between Excadrill, Mega Pinsner, Dragonite, azumarill etc. there are a lot of good OP physical attackers but I rarely use Special attackers to build teams around. Who do yall love? Who was your unsung hero of your playthroughs? Looking to escape the enchantment of my PC filled with stacked pseudo legendries
  13. nice! also it seems like ur pretty skillful and know what ur doing but u also included a leftovers with my new little baby. if that was on purpose omg thanks (but also know i do have it lol) Also comparatively my dumbass just uses brute force to grind out pokemon to 31 ivs and u know i be slaughtering noibats to get those evs.
  14. thank u so much! sorry the bagon both had bad attack ivs and was useless to ur salamance haha
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