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  1. Its a cash grab they increased the price from 20 to 35 dollars There is almost always a que and sometimes you're put in the que in the middle of the game Also I have heard something about Tem Tem officials just banning random people for space in the que This is my opinion so lets not start a fight pls
  2. Looks great kind stands out from all the purple in Reborn
  3. Just saw a shiny stunky for the first time in Pokémon reborn it looks amazing but I accidentally killed it in my nuzlocke run while grinding

  4. Just starting Pokémon Reborn made sure to get Torchic with speed boost any early game advice?

    1. pvstelsouls


      Get a kricketot (kricketune) This thing is literally a staple for the early game. Rattled poochyena which evolves into moxie mightyena is pretty good too. If you want a tank, gulpin would be your best bet.

    2. Candy


      You can sometimes get items and Pokémon from npc so talk to them as much as you can~

    3. Salfy


      Thx for the info guys I'll make sure to remember

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