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  1. Hey ! Welcome and I hope you'll have a good time here
  2. I love Toxtricity's design Otherwise, I also like Obstagoon, he looks cool
  3. tfw all your school system is messing up and you have the intruder alarm that sounds every 5 minutes... RIP my ears... Is this how they wish us happy new year ?
  4. Hey ! First of all I think it's necessary to introduce... I'm a French player who discovered Rejuvenation last year and Reborn recently (2 or 3 weeks ago). I enjoyed both games and I finaly decided to join the community I'm 23, student (my final year ! :D), I grew up with Pokemon, blablabla (I'm really bad at talking about myself) Anyway, I hope I'll have a good time here ! How could I finish ? "Bisous" ?, "Baguette" ?, "Aurevoir" ? Jusr pick your favorite...
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