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  1. Whats your fav new mon? I love this little guy
  2. Maris chases the fleeing goblin just missing him with another handful of fire.
  3. The fire bolt hits the railing of the staircase, the goblin screams as it continues to try get away.
  4. The wicked strike is followed by the sickening sound of bone shattering as the club hits the goblin's temple. The last goblin gives a look of horror over it's shoulder as it attempts to ascended the stairs.
  5. The goblin avoids the blow and returns one in kind, Keldor just manages to parry the blow. The second goblin turns and bolts towards the stairs.
  6. The fire incinerates the goblin, the smell of burnt hair fills the air.
  7. Three glowing darts fly from Ragash's hands killing the goblin fleeing up the staircase and severely wounding the lone goblin to the north. The air around Ragash distorts as if there was a heat haze surrounding her.
  8. The goblins manages to avoid the rabid attacks deflecting one of the blows into the sarcophagi lid, leaving a small crack.
  9. The hurt goblin yells to the others before turning and starting to climb the spiral staircase, getting about halfway up. The other three duck behind the sarcophagi and take turns peeking out from behind cover to fire arrows at the barbarian. One arrow finds its mark in Yautja's shoulder (3 Damage).
  10. Maris takes a moment to dust himself off.
  11. Maris attempts to cross the hole by running along hallway wall, then jumping when he starts to loose traction. As he leaps his foot slips on the smooth stone, not getting the momentum he needs it looks like he is going to fall however he just manages to grab onto the lip of the hole, his body slams into the rocky surface leaving him in a slight daze as he slowly pulls himself to his feet.
  12. The firebolt launches from Ragash's hand but it is hard to land a shot through the cover provided by the sarcophagi and it doesn't manage to find its mark.
  13. As the javelin rockets through the air it clips the side of the sarcophagi changing the trajectory of the javelin just enough to save the goblins life as it plunges into his shoulder instead of his heart. The goblin scream in pain and point towards Yautja's direction screaming something in goblin.
  14. The firebolt flies wildly striking the wall above the kneeling goblin, as Ragash turns and runs the goblins start to point and scream.
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