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  1. Wasn't there two castles right next to each other on Blacksteeple? One that we are in and the other that no one could even get into. What if the one that we were in was Nymeria's castle, hence the Xerneas statues in the courtyard and garden, and the one that no one could even get into is Indriad's castle?
  2. When I first played through V13 on my Casual Run, that freaking Aegislash was one of the main issues I had because it felt like I was on intense mode and not on CASUAL! It was a hard casual run after that point.
  3. Hello everyone. I just wanted to make this poll to see what everyone's opinions are for the best starter to pick in Intense mode for early-game, mid-game, and late-game. I wanted to choose starters that aren't available at all through out the entire game and that you can only get at the start when choosing your first starter, but then I realized I should have all the starters to see if anyone will pick them. I also want to know the reasoning why a certain pokemon would do well in any of the parts of the game were others are not. :D
  4. Only complaint that I had is I hate the segments that are time based. Like there are just about two instances where the game puts down a timer, but it was so annoying because of that one puzzle during chapter 3!!! Over than that, I loved the entirety of V13 with all of the lore drops and changes in the story that makes the games story flows more fluently. And my favorite addition to the game is that the main MC has dialogue options and they aren't muteopath anymore (Kind of).
  5. I was wondering, since the PC and Aelita are the leaders of the group and Erin is the tactician. What would the other rolls be for everyone else in the group?
  6. I want to know what the base stats and moveset is for Aevian Lapras so I can come up with a good set for it.
  7. It was pretty awkward when I used the original name for Aevis, but I just thought it was very funny because of the scene where the NPC of the main character would go into *eternal* sleep and be replaced by the name I chose, which was Aevis. So, Aevis replaced Aevis, lol.
  8. I think it has to do with the new item, Interceptor's Wish. Because there was an option to use the item and if you said yes I think that you use your own pokemon team and not Erin's pokemon team. The same option showed up at path 2 and I said no to using the item and during the entire path 2, I was using Melia's pokemon team.
  9. Wasn't there a tradable Buneary that you can get by trading over a Male Cherubi?
  10. Well, I'll keep that strategy in mind for Intense mode
  11. I was wondering what the encounter rates are for Geodude and Mankey in Gearan Park and Sewers and can you still find a Woobat in the Sewer?
  12. That is a galarian Yamask and to evolve it you just need to with a Dusty Bowl. As for where you can find a dusty bowl, I have no clue.
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