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  1. Torterra, makes an alright pokemon into an absolute BEAST! Since it reverses the types it is weak against and strong against.
  2. I wonder if we can get this Discussion Thread to Page 70 before the progress bar is gone.
  3. I wonder what new Pokemon will be in the mystery egg.
  4. I either look through the game files and see the shiny Pokemon there and replay the game.
  5. For some reason, it feels like the progress bar went up just about a small percentage the last time I checked. Or maybe it has been at 86% for a while and I was thinking it was a different number that was still in the 80%.
  6. I remember noticing some details about the Mansion in Chapter 3, mostly around the area where we face off against Maria. The placed almost had the same layout as the Pyramid and it was behind the Chrysalis Mansion.
  7. They did confirm that you'll be able to get the Mega-Z Ring in the next update of the game and it will be obtain during the Main Story.
  8. I highly recommend not reading this post to those of you who have not played through the current version or are playing the game for the first time. There will be spoilers for all of the Main Story and for all of the Side Quests in the Fan Game. You have been warned! And to those who don't care about spoilers, need a recap on the story, or have played through the game and did every nook and cranny in the game, you are all welcome to stay and enjoy the experience. Hello everyone that happens upon this post. As the title says, I will be doing my first intens
  9. So. Many. CHOICES! I have no clue which to do first, I'm really interested in Erin's path but I also want to know why in Melia's path that group is in Goldenwood Town. Also, I'm very interested in what the (MC)'s path is like based on that one teaser picture back when the entire V13 Discussion Thread was just started.
  10. Can't wait to see what Version 13 will have in store. On a different note, been looking back on the past blogs to see if I can guess the grouping of characters.
  11. What would be a good starter to pick when doing Intense mode besides Torchic and Froakie?
  12. Don't know if anyone will see this or not, but I am going to write it down anyways just to remind myself.

    Once V13 comes out and I go through the story on my casual playthrough, I am going to restart the game and do my first intense run of the game while experiencing the new Pokemon from gen 8 for the first time as well.

    And for this run, I am going to write a post on my experience and make it like a journal detailing everything I am doing in the story through the eyes of the protagonist. And to set some ground rules for this run.

    1. Starters that I can not pick due to their hidden abilities are; Torchic, Grookey, Froakie, and Scorbunny.

    2. I must do all of the side quest and pick choices that lead to the best ending of the game.

    3. Get 6 Pokemon from all of the typings (I can put pokemon with dual-typing in one of the types so that it doesn't fill up a slot for another pokemon. Ex: Putting Bulbasaur in the poison type category so that there are 5 slots in poison and still 6 slots in grass.)

    4. I must have at least one shiny in all of the type categories because why not.

    5. I can reset a battle just to not lose any money.


    So if anyone is reading this than thank you for reading my plan for my first intense mode playthrough.

  13. Will some of the pokemon get recolored shinys?
  14. Since most of the starters either have a mega stone or a crest and Greninja is just good without a crest, I'll just propose crest for the rest of the starters that don't have one. Serperior - activates sunny day (expect it only lasts for 3 turns instead of 5) and gives the pokemon the dry skin ability and increases def and spdef stages by +1. Samurott - switches spatk with speed and gives it a secondary typing of fighting (don't know if giving another typing is allowed or not). Emboar - increases spd stage by +2 and gives the pokemon the ability Rock Head.
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