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  1. Hello random people on this forum, I was thinking about making a topic on my first intense mode playthrough of Rejuvenation. I always stick to casual mode just because I like to play through the story without any issue, but I kinda want to see how much I am going to lose in a lot of battles and suffer how well I can do. Reason I am not doing intense mode right now is that I am deciding whether to play it now or after V13 releases. To clarify, I haven't played Sword and Shield and I don't know anything about some of the new pokemon that were released or strats that are people use in those games. So it maybe more interesting to try out the new Pokemon in version 13 and come up with interesting strats to do with other pokemon. (Hopefully there is a poll along with this topic because I am writing this with a phone and not a computer)
  2. Since most of the starters either have a mega stone or a crest and Greninja is just good without a crest, I'll just propose crest for the rest of the starters that don't have one. Serperior - activates sunny day (expect it only lasts for 3 turns instead of 5) and gives the pokemon the dry skin ability and increases def and spdef stages by +1. Samurott - switches spatk with speed and gives it a secondary typing of fighting (don't know if giving another typing is allowed or not). Emboar - increases spd stage by +2 and gives the pokemon the ability Rock Head. Chesnaught - gives the pokemon the iron fist ability. Delphox - gives the pokemon the drought and solar power abilities. Decidueye - increases spd stage by +1 and gives the pokemon the ability sniper and super luck. Primarina - gives the pokemon the misty surge ability. Incineroar - swaps spdef with speed, gives the pokemon the ability guts, and increase the damage of dark type moves by x0.5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meme Crest (this is possibly not going to get in but thought it maybe funny to look at): Shedninja - gives the pokemon the huge power, wonder skin, magic guard, disguise and illusion abilities.
  3. Does anyone have a full list of the encounter rates that pokemon appear in each route?
  4. This is going to be helpful for my next run for Rejuv.
  5. Can't wait to go and explore all of the nooks and crannies of A.H. It is going to be a fun ride for version 13 and take all of the time you need to finish it, not like someone in the game is going to get King Dragon's regards.
  6. Only one day left. Can't wait to see who is gonna be on top.
  7. What if I just put in Saki and Saki-tron? Because they are different characters albeit with similar names.
  8. The house that was in the flashback and the one the MC ended up at is the house from the prologue. And you can go to the exact same house if you go south from Sashila.
  9. Just wanted to make a thread where we just come up with different ways to do Pokemon Battles in Rejuv with the new pokemon. For example: maybe using Galarian Weezing with the ability Neutralizing Gas and Slaking during an important double battle.
  10. Here is an idea to spice up a Nuzlocke run of this game. At the start of the game it is the same three rules of a nuzlocke, but at the start of a new chapter you add in a new rule. For example, after finishing chapter, 1 you can add a rule were you change the difficulty of the game to Insane or after chapter 2, you can't use maintenance items in battle. You can use your own rules for this type of nuzlocke or use other rules people have come up with. P.S. Might need some help with coming up with rules for a Google Sheets form.
  11. Actually, I think that girl is his daughter in the picture. Because there is an NPC outside of the house saying that Irvin had a daughter who was from Kalos.
  12. I like the idea of the development blog, and it was getting a bit to hectic with the V13 thread. I made the theory crafting thread because of the thread was getting off-topic.
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