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  1. Wasn't there a tradable Buneary that you can get by trading over a Male Cherubi?
  2. Well, I'll keep that strategy in mind for Intense mode
  3. I was wondering what the encounter rates are for Geodude and Mankey in Gearan Park and Sewers and can you still find a Woobat in the Sewer?
  4. That is a galarian Yamask and to evolve it you just need to with a Dusty Bowl. As for where you can find a dusty bowl, I have no clue.
  6. enderowl


    I'm going to take note of this and say that the trailer showed 2 out of the 4 routes that we'll be going on in V13
  7. enderowl


    That is a very interesting trailer, also HYPE!
  8. Since V13 is going to be coming out tomorrow, I am making this post to see if I should change up my team a bit for the next chapter and if there are any suggestions for swapping out team members for one of the generation 8 pokemon. This is a casual playthrough of the game until I finished up the new story content so that I could do a intense playthrough for the revamped story. Torterra - Lvl. 85 - Torterra Crest - Shell Armor - Brave - Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Curse, Leech Seed Rotom-Wash - Lvl. 85 - Mystic Water - Levitate - Modest - Substitute, Discharge, Hex, Hydro P
  9. I'm just wondering who is the one opening up the packages, since it seems that it isn't the player character who is opening these presents up but someone else.
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