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  1. Minor problem, it seems that Shelly doesn't have a specific theme now. Or at least, it doesn't say she has one.
  2. You know, you can literally start a poll, right? You don't have to just have people reply. (I vote for Lucia, with that said, though).
  3. I think - some of the boss battles should be removed, personally? The Puppet Master was a great fight, in my opinion, but some of the other fights were better off without the "Max Raid" mechanics (and shields potentially needing multiple hits to break was a decision that gave me a lot of a headaches). Galvantula worked better off with those Joltik, in my opinion, and so does Gardevoir - I don't remember all of the Rift pokemon, but I do think some of them just worked out better the way they were before, but some of them are better the way they are now. I think - well, I don't think you should remove the mechanics for boss battles entirely. Some of the bosses were great with shields, some weren't? Er - yeah. I guess you should just play it by ear. Maybe start a poll to see what bosses people think should keep the shields mechanic and which bosses shouldn't?
  4. Okay, so I was remembering right... yeah. Not sure when that happened, but it's definitely a bug of some type...
  5. I was fighting the Anomaly Jirachi fight in the postgame, and the Starmie afflicted my Togekiss with Toxic, even though, well, it shouldn't be able to do that on the Misty Terrain. At least, according to my last understanding of the situation, that's how it works...
  6. Did I just remember the whole thing wrong? Huh. That could be it...
  7. Hey, Scarborough the Sylveon is supposed to be a guy, right? Because I pulled him (now a her?) out of my PC, and well... considering Edie's treatment of her, I don't think he's transgender. Is this a bug, or something?
  8. Honestly? I'm half-certain that Ame and the others deliberately made the Elite Four... mostly not too hard? Looking at the victory rates they had - they're all good, but they all looked kind of unimpressive compared to the higher-level Gym Leaders. Granted, you fight them one after each other and don't have a chance to swap mons, which is probably where most of the difficulty is meant to come from. Honestly, I'm pretty sure they're saving the really nasty teams for postgame/Round Two.
  9. It is. It's an explicit effect on the Dragon's Den field - basically, I think as long as it's at full health, the only Super Effective move that you can hit it with is Rock.
  10. I was wondering which member of the Elite Four gave the most people the most trouble - I think Heather was probably the toughest for me, with Anna second, Laura and Bennett third, and Elias fourth. None of them were easy, but that's the rough order of their difficulty, to me.
  11. What soundtrack's playing when you fight the PULSE Mime? EDIT: Never mind, I found it. It's called findmEEE - and yeah, that's eerie...
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