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  1. Specifically, I think you need to finish the Lighthouse Help Center sidequest.
  2. Ah, okay... well, that's just my luck. Well, Pyukumuku still works pretty nicely as a counter for his Krookodile, so - win-win.
  3. When I fight Geara in Saki's Gym, I went out of my way to train up a Pyukumuku so that I could remove the Haunted Field and turn his own advantage against him. I did it twice - once with a Purify on a pokemon with Toxic status, and once I did Purify on a pokemon without Toxic status. It didn't work either time. What gives? It specifically says in the Field Manual that using Purify on the Haunted Field turns it into the Blessed Field.
  4. I found it! Thank you - I probably never would have noticed that break in the fence otherwise.
  5. I was hoping to get this for both my teams and the Castform Crest, but so far it's eluded me. It says on the Rejuvenation Wiki that it's in the Botanical Gardens, but it seems that was changed for V13...
  6. Actually, they're 80ish - I know because I found one there at level 81 earlier today.
  7. Okay, never mind! I found a Lanturn at the Terajuma Coral Reef. I should be good now.
  8. I donated the Shadow Pokemon Chinchou to the Aquarium, before I learned that I had no idea where to find them otherwise. Did I just screw myself over by accident enough that I need to find a Trade Center/download the Debug? And if not, where can I capture another Chinchou or two?
  9. This could just be because I'm missing something, but I went to the Den in the Sheridan Wetlands with about 26k Red Essence, and I threw in 15k at once. Nothing happened. When I tried to interact with it again, it asked me for Red Essence again. EDIT: Okay, update. I threw in 5K Red Essence, and Beldum showed up. Strange... it said 15K before. Was that changed? Er, either way, feel free to delete this...
  10. After entering the passage to the Hospital of Ruin, when I tried to leave again, it left me "stranded" on the bookshelf. I couldn't move in any direction, even to go back into the Hospital of Ruin. I'm pretty sure I have what I need to beat Isha, but this could be a problem for other people if they aren't sure they can. (I tend to reload before I lose - I hate losing money unnecessarily in fights I have to win).
  11. Good to know. Funny thing is, for a while I thought it was intentional and could be reversed - deleveling your team and then making you go on a stealthy crawl through the woods does seem like a very fae thing to do (a more dickish fae, but still).
  12. The first two times I entered Darchlight Woods, for lack of a better word, my party got "reset". Nobody was above level 40 - not sure what that means. I reset things from an earlier save, (though to be honest, for a while I thought this might just be an intentional "faerie prank". But either way, this happened to me twice, so while I did manage to undo it by reloading, you guys on the development team should really take a look at that...
  13. What's the name of the background music that plays in Rift: Nirvana? The one where
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