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  1. Well, I think Jan said a while ago that he sort of identified Feraligator as their "official" starter, if that makes sense.
  2. I came up with these over time... I think they aren't too bad. Not much more to say. New Magcargo Crest Tropius Crest Delibird Crest Luvdisc Crest
  3. Actually, I think Dewgong is based on - well, Dugongs, to some degree. Using that as an inspiration... Dugongs are long lived and have few natural predators, and they feed on seagrass and algae. It seems they'd probably get a defense-boosting crest, like what Phione has? And they're... related more closely to elephants than other marine mammals, according to wikipedia? Huh. Gonna have to look that up... okay, it seems to be the case, according to a brief browsing session. Huh. Well, Dewgong has Drill Run, Smart Strike, and Iron Tail as learnable moves, and Donphan and Copperajah are Ground and Steel-types. Hm. We're probably going to have to think of something weird for poor Dewgong... Maybe a Perish Body effect and heightened defense, to go with what ty-taurus said? But with Dewgong being immune to said Perish Body effect.
  4. Celine looks... well, interesting. Not sure how else to put it. I'm thinking of playing cards, for some reason - I think there's someone else that has her dressing style in another series themed after them, can't think of them, gah... With the whole "mirrored" thing on her clothes. And as for Kreiss, it seems that looking like a businessperson runs in the family. And Cairo looks fierce.
  5. It took me FAR too long to finally clear V13 myself! But it's done now, I have several boxes full of pokemon, nearly 400 confirmed pokemon on my Pokedex, and 15 badges! ...V14 is going to destroy us all, isn't it? Well, here we go! Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Part 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15
  6. Okay, update... at first, I tried to replicate this? At first, it said I couldn't use Z-Nature Power with the Bugnium Z, so I unselected the Z-crystal... And then, after I picked Nature Power again, I think, it did the same thing. Never-Ending Nightmare. Took out the Chandelure, at least...
  7. When I had a Bugnium-Z on my Leavanny and had it use Z-Nature power by accident... well, it used Z-Nature power. Which, since I was on the Haunted Field battling Geara, then turned into Phantom Force, which then turned into Never-Ending Nightmare. Yeah. Just a notice for the dev team.
  8. Well, one of the developers saying it's a good plan is good enough for me. Thank you, Cass.
  9. I was considering starting a new game file when Episode 19 was dropped, to see what's changed. Well, after I use my two current save files (one for each Route), and see what Lin's got waiting for us... Does anyone else have similar plans?
  10. Ame doesn't have a team we've ever faced in-game. We know she has an Alolan Ninetales from Episode 16, and it's possible to find an Absol who apparently used to have her as its trainer, but that's it.
  11. This may be out of place... but I didn't want to put this in a thread. This post is intended to be a thank you to the developer team for certain features added to Version 13 - for instance, the Audino trainers giving out XP candies. You guys have saved me SO MUCH time that would have been otherwise spent backtracking, fighting, and other such things. Thank you for giving us a way of training more easily, and thank you for making such an amazing game. You guys are all awesome.
  12. Well, Lin is scaring me already, and I should probably go back and grind rare candies in my two Reborn save files (one for Zekrom, one for Reshiram). And Laura's super reliant on her field, I see - well, grass types are kind of sad on their own. Glad to see she's doing well! Even if I am now dreading fighting her. So is Amaria - makes sense, really. She used a lot of underpowered mons on her field, frankly/lower-tier pokemon. So take away that advantage and she's sunk. Luna did better than I thought she would, though! Same with Radomus and Samson. And Noel didn't do as well - but at the same time, he's really consistent. And a thought - the reason that people probably see things as easier later in the game is because you have ways to counter the leaders by now, probably. It's likely sunken in that a fair fight, on the Leader's turf, is just going to end in disaster.
  13. Yeeees! We have a (tentative) release date! We can finally rescue Aya! (Seriously, if she doesn't complain about how it feels like she's been trapped for years, I will be disappointed). (...how long has she been trapped, anyways? She was kidnapped before we fought Charlotte...)
  14. Plus, when you get 7 stamps, you can buy them at the GDC Department Store!
  15. No, you can find it there afterwards too. I know this because I spent quite a while combing the grass there to find one.
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