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  1. A sad story has come up - OS X 10.12 or further is required to play, so my old "donated" computer isn't good enough. Wine still works, though.
  2. What led you to Pokemon Reborn? I was originally led to Pokemon Uranium by a public talk about the game being taken down shortly before Episode 16 came out (I think), and after that I decided to look around for more pokemon fan games. I found pokemon reborn, started playing, and I got hooked. What do you think about the battle system in the game? Way better than the original series! I hadn't really played pokemon games seriously for a few years beforehand, and my general reentry into the Pokemon fandom can be traced back to Pokemon Reborn. The difficulty is pretty reasonable - I have had a few hair-pulling fights in the past (I needed a lot of thinking to get through Charlotte), but winning the current episode has always felt good. Seeing every pokemon there is in the game also helps. My introduction to all of generation six came from Reborn, I think (at least, the pokemon that I didn't see in Uranium). What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? The world building is... just amazing, really. The story of the Reborn Region feels a lot more... real, than the average pokemon game. Maybe it's because it's meant to be more realistic/"edgy" than the standard pokemon games, maybe because of the way Reborn isn't afraid to point out real-world problems like slums or environmental issues, maybe it's because you're going to spend a ton of time trekking your butt around nearly every location in the game. And... well, the story has you as a pretty major character, that's clear. But at the same time, you aren't the only person fighting the bad guys. You're not alone, being left to tackle an evil team because there's nobody else - it's just that things tend to fall into your lap, or they go after you in particular (the bad guys to deal with you, or the good guys for your help), and you've always got backup. You're not fighting this fight alone (really, every single gym leader and major character in the game has no issue with going out to get shit done themselves, and the Elite Four are the same). As discussed above, it feels like you are playing Pokemon Adventures: The Game. This is not even remotely a bad thing. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? Cain is pretty great, in my opinion. Honestly, I wish I was more outgoing like he was - and I hope his home situation gets better eventually. Adrienn is someone that I - well, when I first flew back to Reborn in Episode 16, my initial reaction was more or less "Holy F***, they really fixed up the place while I was gone!" I wish I could find the sort of motivation to do things that xe had in them to go around and start the movement to make the city "Reborn". And as noted above, neither Adrienn or Cain is really defined by their LGBTQ - it is, at most, a side part of their characters or backstory. They would still be recognizable as themselves without it (not that I am saying they should take that out or anything, they're both great as they are!) But honestly? I always identified more with Amaria than Cain or Adrienn. At first, I think it was because I had Water types as a personal favorite type myself, and because she was really nice (and saved your life, too). In hindsight, later on when I saw more of her story, I wonder if it was also because I've had minor issues with depression in the past myself. I never had it bad enough that I tried to kill myself, and my family has always been good to me, so perhaps seeing someone trying so hard to keep their head above water with only a few friends to talk to struck a note with me (I really took the Reshiram route somewhat hard, and I am not the sort of person who gets emotional that often).
  3. Now to wonder what the "additional bullshit" might be. Pseudo-Legendaries, perhaps? Actual Legendary Pokemon? Pokemon who fit the field's theme but aren't a part of that Leader's type? More than six pokemon at once? Stat boosts a la Totem Battles? Weather giving additional boosts? PULSE-2 Akin boosts for all major battles? Pokemon who have their base stats amplified or switched around to make a puzzle boss? So many options, so many of them horrible, so little time...
  4. True enough. But at the same time, I find myself thinking of fighting Adrienn on the Misty Terrain and Ryland in the Desert in Rejuvenation - and those were really fun battles, at least with hindsight. Hard, but fun. I... guess I wanted fields that just emphasized overwhelming firepower less? Like with the battles against Amaria and Charlotte and Hardy - basically, if you can somehow live through their attacks, it's not too hard, but they hit harder than anything.
  5. And I got thinking on this, so... well, here we go. Mysterious Fog Field Strengthens Dark attacks by x1.2 and Ghost attacks by x1.3 Lowers accuracy for Special and ranged Physical attacks by 67%. If a Pokemon with Illuminate or Dazzling is on the field, this effect is suppressed. Keen Eye pokemon do not have the accuracy drop applied to them. Double Team’s effect is doubled. Disable can now be used twice. Anticipation and Forewarn make the pokemon holding them incapable of being hit by the move they have warning about. Supersonic also increases Accuracy by one stage when used. Dazzling Gleam deals x1.5 damage, and also reduces the Accuracy of all pokemon on the field by one stage. Cursed Body now has a 100% activation chance if the opponent isn’t disabled and reduces damage taken from moves by x0.75 Perish Body doubles Defense and reduces the time before fainting to a single turn. Shadow Shield prevents all damage from being dealt on the first hit once per battle (after the first hit, further uses of Shadow Shield activate normally). Disguise now works at all times against Special moves. Prankster now works on Dark-type pokemon. Pokemon with the ability Mummy sharply lower the speed of any pokemon who hit them. The ability Wandering Spirit removes weaknesses to the Ghost type and Dark type for any pokemon who has it. Nature Power becomes Shadow Force. Magical Seed changes user’s type to Ghost and ability to Wandering Spirit. Can be created by using Night Daze, Shadow Force, Phantom Force, or Dark Void on the Corrosive Mist Field or the Misty Terrain, or by sending in a pokemon with Dark Aura on the same terrains. Turns into the Misty Terrain if a Pokemon with Fairy Aura is sent in. Lightless Cave Field “Can’t see a thing…” Dark Type attacks are strengthened by x1.1 and always hit. Rock-type attacks are strengthened by x1.25. Keen Eye is suppressed. Sound Moves damage all pokemon and cannot be dodged. All non-Dark attacks that don’t affect the entire field have their hit chance reduced by 50%. If a Pokemon with Illuminate or Dazzling is on the field, this effect is suppressed. Supersonic increases accuracy by one stage when used. Flash affects all pokemon and has its effect doubled. Infiltrator restores accuracy to normal for Physical attacks. The Telepathy ability restores accuracy to normal for Special attacks. Inner Focus restores accuracy to normal for all attacks. Anticipation and Forewarn make the pokemon holding them incapable of being hit by the move they have warning about. Intimidate does not activate. Nature Power becomes Night Daze. Telluric Seed increases Speed stat and Accuracy stat by one each. Can be created by sending in a Pokemon with Dark Aura on a Dark Crystal Cave or Crystal Cave field, or using Night Daze or Dark Void on a Cave or Dark Crystal Cave field. Turns into a Dark Crystal Cave field when Flash is used, and reduces the accuracy of all pokemon on the field by four stages. Combat Arena/Fighting Dojo “Everyone, you are welcome!” Attack and Defense stats are treated as the same stat, now referred to as the “PHYSICAL” stat. The higher stat, whether Attack or Defense, is now used for the Physical stat. All Punch and Kick moves, as well as Seismic Toss, Cross Chop, Karate Chop, Storm Throw, Force Palm, Flying Press, Submission, and Vital Throw are strengthened by x1.2. Focus Punch’s “flinch if hit” side effect is removed. Priority remains the same. Rage locks the user into the move and raises Attack every turn. Psychic moves deal Normal damage instead. All Punches, Kicks, Fighting, and Normal type moves act as if Foresight was applied to them. Detect can be used twice in a row before failing (it will fail without fail on the third attempt). Anger Point only raises Attack by one stage but activates whenever a hit lands. Competitive raises Special Attack by one stage when entering the battlefield. Defiant raises Attack by one stage when entering the battlefield. RKS System becomes Fighting type. No Guard affects all pokemon on the field. Iron Fist raises the damage of all physical moves by x1.2 Nature Power becomes Focus Punch. Vital Spirit prevents the holder from being affected by any status (statuses can be placed on them, but the pokemon acts as if there is no effect). Synthetic Seed applies Mat Block. Recycle cannot recover the Seed. Field turns into the Glitch Field if Conversion2 is used. Can be created on the Glitch Field if Conversion is used. Hive Field "Everything is buzzing..." Swarm is active at all times. Pokemon with Swarm gain the effects of Parental Bond on all Bug-type moves. First Impression can be used at all times. Tail Glow raises both Attack and Special Attack sharply. Sticky Web sharply lowers speed. String Shot lowers speed drastically. Defend Order raises Special Defense and Defense by two each. Heal Order and Pollen Puff fully heal the target. Pokemon with Honey Gather heal 1/8 of their health and their allies’ health every turn. Shield Dust raises Special Defense upon entering the battlefield. Compound Eyes raises Accuracy upon entering the battlefield. Tinted Lens ensures all moves are either of normal effectiveness x1.1 (x1.1 minimum base power damage to the enemy) or greater. Pokemon who use Rock, Fire, and Flying moves or AOE moves that hit all pokemon get hit four times by Twinneedle, acting as if it was used by a Beedrill. This effect cannot be avoided or dodged, and applies to both teams. If Explosion or Self-Destruct is used, the effect of String Shot is applied instead. Elemental Seed applies Sticky Web to the enemy team, Protect to the user, and makes the Seed pokemon have to recharge. Field cannot be created or destroyed.
  6. I was thinking about this yesterday, and it sort of dawned on me how few fields have a true "defensive" theme to them, instead of boosting just pure offense for the specific type(s) that field favors. And of the ones that do, they really stuck out to me a lot as being more difficult or interesting than the usual battles. For instance... The Mirror Arena Serra uses for both evasion and accuracy boosts, as well as the handicap that physical moves hurt their user if they miss. The Desert Field used by the Ground Gym Leader in Pokemon Rejuvenation. The Grassy Field, while not as prevalent as the others, gives all grounded pokemon a Leftovers like healing effect, and weakens some ground moves and water moves. The Wasteland makes using AOE Ground moves a lot less effective. The Misty Field, which gives a 50% boost in Special Defense to fairy types. And the Flower Garden Field, when we finally get to Laura, is going to be an utter nightmare if it's fully set up to Stage 5 (in which case, you're probably doomed). Just an observation, what do you think?
  7. For Victoria, I actually think that Sirfetche'd might be fitting for her, y'know? A Galarian Stunfisk would be pretty fitting for Terra, too (???/Bird type). Cramorant might be good for Amaria, since I think that the Gulp Missile ability would probably interact with the Water Surface and Underwater fields to some degree. And probably a Dracovish or Arctovish. Aya would totally have a Toxtricity. Luna might go for a Grimmsnarl, I think? And she seems sort of like the kind of person who would take in a Morpeko. Shade would have a Cursola, and maybe a Dragapult. And a Runerigus, too. Serra would likely have a Mr Rime (without Screen Cleaner, unless it changes what it does on the Mirror Field). Frosmoth would fit her too, and Galarian Darmanitan, perhaps. She got a lot of potential teammates from Sword and Shield. Hardy might get a Stonjourner... but the absurdly low special defense the poor thing has means that it might not be much good without something like Guard Split on a teammate. Rock got screwed again, it seems. Titania could have either Zacian or Zamazenta, in the postgame. Maybe Cain will have a Galarian Weezing... Adrienn totally has a Galarian Rapidash. Shelly might have an Orbeetle, do you think? Noel may or may not have a Dubwool, but it might run into competition from Bewear. Julia could have a Boltund... Cal has a Coalossal, I think. Laura has an Appletun or a Flapple, probably. I gave this a lot of thought.
  8. Currently, as I can recall they are there as a sort of cosmetic award for defeating a Master battle. Also, if you have enough of them (12 total, if I remember right), you can challenge an even harder version of the Glass Gauntlet.
  9. (Suggestions on the complaint above about Hardy's master fight, and Commander's response) Maybe you should switch the field for the Master fight to Cave, or Desert, or Mountain, then? I mean, the Rocky field can be kind of... well, I guess it's just not the best field. Actually, Florinia might be able to make better use of it strategically, I think, than Hardy did. Suggestions! A Desert field composed of Rock-Ground types (Double 50% Special Defense increase, maybe more with items) and a Sandstorm plus bulky pokemon would be a pretty tough nut to crack defensively, I think. The Mountain also boosts Flying types (Almost Hardy's second specialty type) and boosts Tailwind, and the Cave collapsing could be a good way of knocking only your pokemon out, with the right setup and pokemon abilities (Rock Head. Plus the Sound moves boost is fitting for Hardy's rockstar theme). If you actually gave Amaria a full 30 pokemon army and those videos on Youtube weren't just jokes, then (aside from the "Dear God this is going to be horrible when/if I get there..." exclamation (seriously, did you?)) well, giving Hardy Stealth Rock and Sandstorm at the start of the battle against you might not be the worst start, I guess. Or having Trick Room set up automatically for him, or something?
  10. (Cut and Pasted because I realized this would work better here, rather than in the general bug reports, since I can't progress because of it). This has been showing up recently for me, as I've been playing through V12 of Rejuvenation, and sometimes, the game shuts down and I have to reload because it's slowing down too much. Recently, after clearing the Mysterious Figures fight, and defeating Ryland, then having Adam fight the woman (Freya?) the game shut down because it was taking too long for the cutscene. And as it turns out, I'm now stuck inside the cutscene itself. I cannot move, or seemingly do anything except save. The animation is working fine. But I can't even open the menu. EDIT: Happy to announce that this has started working again! The issue is still there, but I got through the cutscenes without having to restart and getting stuck.
  11. Well, that's half the reason we play this game, isn't it? Seemingly-impossible challenges that we take the time and effort to figure out - and beat the shit out of anyways, whether through tactics or just cheesing it with stat boosts and weather (or both). I don't think the Reborn team has created any unique abilities or moves in the game, though - there's already plenty to work with. Though considering some of the stuff I have seen and what Mr. Mime is supposed to be doing, I'm expecting that the screens on the Mr Mime will be there at the start of the battle... and renew themselves every turn or something. Or that Mr Mime has a team consisting of backup Mr Mimes or such. If this is one of the last PULSES, there's no way it won't be hard... we have every non legendary potentially at our disposal, now.
  12. My crazy one minute ideas on this! The Lake Trio - Amaria, Florinia, and Julia are trying to find them to get additional help recovering their - (will to live, ability to normally feel emotions, knowledge on what she should do with life). As for where that'd happen... I have no idea. The Musketeers: The Fairy Tale Field boosts their signature move Sacred Sword. So... Maybe they'll show up at a place with that field, like Adrienn's or Titania's gyms. And their fighting type, well, maybe if they do go to the coral ward they'll take an interest in Victoria? She's in Reborn a lot and Apophyll could fit them. Victini: the Victory Star ability is fitting for the Starlight Arena we will probably fight Anna on. Maybe Anna will give us a lead on Victini?
  13. Minor issue of sorts, just so you know, Commander - one of the trainers in the grand hall that you fight on Sunday after beating Florinia has a late game team - (I reset after he sent out a level 83 Dragalge). Not a bug, just something you may have overlooked by accident.
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